Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/15/03

By Hilary
Proofread by Lisa

Shayne prepares to practice for the All-Star game. He blows his "Mom Whistle," and Josh asks if he will remember him when he is a major-leaguer. Cassie, Tammy, and Edmund prepare to attend the game. Jeffrey laughs when he sees Edmund dressed for the game. As Marina is leaving for the game, Ben calls her cell. Shayne imagines seeing Marina in the stands.

Ben tells Marina he is lost in the hospital. She says she will help him. Shayne is upset that Reva is missing the game. Shayne asks Josh how he knew he was in love, then gets defensive when Josh realizes he is talking about Marina. Josh tells him that if he and Marina are meant to be, then Marina will not obstruct his dreams. Cassie is thrilled when Tammy tells her she has a date to the game. Edmund is concerned when he sees Tammy leave with her date. Alex says she recognizes Jeffrey from somewhere.

Jeffrey taunts Alex about Alan's amazing recovery. She says she's afraid that Jeffrey will come after her. Frank wants to start over with Darci. Frank admits he is worried about Marina. Darci says she thinks Frank should be proud of Marina. Tammy's date, Joey, flirts with her at the game. Josh gives Shayne a pep talk. Shayne is upset when Marina is late for the game. Lizzie calls Ben, and discovers that Marina is on her way to visit him. Lizzie spills the beans about Marina's whereabouts to Shayne.

Frank is irritated when Jeffrey alludes to Frank's incompetence. Alex and Edmund discuss their mutual threat from Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells Cassie that Tammy's date has a criminal record, and tells Cassie she's a lousy mother. Eden joins Tony at the game. Josh brags about Shayne to Buzz. Marina discovers that Ben has lied about trying to reach Holly all day.

Marina helps Ben get back to his room. Someone from the Cubs tells Josh that Shayne may be sent to the minor leagues if he doesn't learn to keep focused. This news seems to only fluster Shayne more. Cassie confronts Tammy about Joey's past, but Tammy begs her to give him a chance.

Frank complains to Darci about Jeffrey. Edmund tries to calm Cassie. She says that once someone you trust hurts you, you don't get over it. Shayne sees Ben's face, has he looks at the batter, and hits him with the ball.

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