Guiding Light Update Monday 7/14/03

By Hilary
Proofread by Lisa

Danny and Michelle lie in bed and promise that they are married for keeps this time. Tony goes to the Beacon to pick up Danny and Michelle, but Eden pulls him away. Alan tells Phillip he must now have everything that he wants. Olivia starts her birthing classes alone. Harley prepares to question Mitch Hendon, despite Gus's objections.

Mitch tells Buzz that people give his suspicious looks. Harley notices that Mitch's military ring is missing; he says he must have lost it. Eden takes Tony to Danny and Michelle's house, saying they should decorate it for their homecoming. Tony wonders why Eden wants to do that for Danny and Michelle, but she says she knows what women like. Alan taunts Phillip about Olivia, wondering how he could give up so easily. He says Phillip's standards are too high. Phillip overhears that Olivia is attending her first birthing class.

Olivia's birthing instructor is worried that Olivia doesn't have a partner. Olivia says she is fine on her own. Phillip arrives and asks if he is too late. Michelle is alarmed when Danny tells her about Ben's attack, but Danny convinces her that there is nothing she can do right now. Tony and Eden begin to decorate Danny and Michelle's place. The house is very warm, so they both remove their shirts. They reminisce about their old neighborhood, and wonder why they didn't know each other back then. Harley calls Gus to tell him she has some information, but is startled when Mitch appears behind her.

Harley leaves her phone on as she makes up a story about a missing bear. Mitch asks Harley to tell Gus to find his wife's killer. He tells her he won't be forgotten, and that he thinks that Ben is the killer. Olivia is angry at Phillip for horning in. The instructor praises Phillip's technique, which irritates Olivia. Danny and Michelle are surprised to find a half-dressed Tony and Eden in their home.

Danny and Michelle thank Tony and Eden for their decorations. Danny tells Eden he knows that she is trying to get near Tony. Harley jumps in the Bauer hot tub, looking for Mitch's ring. Phillip continues to irritate Olivia by telling stories to the class. She squeezes his hands extra hard to get back at him. After class, she says she wants to wring his neck.

Phillip admits he was pushing, but says she gave him no choice. She says she doesn't want anything to do with him and that she would always be waiting for him to leave her. He says he thinks they can fix things, but she doesn't agree. Phillip insists he wants to be part of her and the baby's lives. He says he will be a part of the baby's life, even if she doesn't want him back. Eden insists that she was just trying to be nice, but Danny insists otherwise. She says Danny can't tell Tony who his friends are. Harley finds Mitch's ring in the hot tub drain.

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