Guiding Light Update Friday 7/11/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the Beacon, an employee brings Olivia another bouquet of flowers from Philip. Olivia tells the employee to put them in the employee bathroom with the rest of them. Olivia changes her mind and takes the flowers from the employee, goes into the bar, and throws the flowers on the floor breaking the vase and making a loud noise. Cassie and Edmund arrive, Cassie asks Edmund to leave so she can talk to Olivia. Cassie says Philip must have bought out an entire florist shop and the employees are loving the bathroom. Cassie says she has been in the same situation as Olivia - alone and with a baby on the way. 

At the Spaulding office, Philip tells his secretary that he told her to get rid of all of Alan's things. The secretary explains that the crew was just waiting for the office to be empty. Philip says that it doesn't matter if he is in there he wants Alan's things gone. 

At the hospital, Marina overhears Frank and Gus talking about the theory that Ben stabbed himself. Marina gets angry and stands up for Ben. Marina tells Frank and Gus that their theory is crazy because Ben is capable of a lot of things but he would never stab himself and then drag himself into the hot tub. Marina asks her father to show Ben some compassion because he is hurt. Shayne arrives and Marina asks him to give her and Frank a few minutes to finish their discussion. Marina thinks that her father is bias against Ben for hurting her and it may be keeping him from catching the real killer. Frank thinks Marina just feels sorry for Ben and is blaming herself for what happened to him. Marina admits that she thinks Ben began acting weird after she rejected him. Frank leaves to go back to the station. Marina agrees with Frank and tells Marina not to feel any sympathy for Ben after what he did to her. Shayne also thinks Marina shouldn't go in to see Ben. Marina wants to go into Ben's room alone. After arguing for a few minutes, Shayne agrees to wait for Marina in the hall. Marina goes into Ben's room. 

At Company, Blake tells Harley that if she had been a better stepsister to Ben maybe he wouldn't be in all this trouble. Blake thinks that Frank and Gus are only focusing on Ben and forgetting about their other possible suspect - Eden. Harley assures Blake that Frank and Gus are examining every angle. Blake wants Harley to accompany her to the hospital to question Ben without telling Gus. Harley reluctantly agrees, but says if they find out any important clues she won't hide them from Gus. 

At the Spaulding office., Alexandra , Beth, and Lizzie arrive, Alexandra tells Philip that she wants to give Lizzie a tour, since Lizzie wants to intern with the company for the summer. Alexandra thinks that Lizzie would enjoy working in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical division. Lizzie is excited about the idea and leaves for the tour while Beth stays behind to talk to Philip. Philip tells Beth he is excited about taking the company in a new direction. Beth tells Philip not to get so excited that he forgets about his children. Philip assures Beth he will always have time for his children. Beth wonders about Philip and Olivia's relationship. Philip thinks Beth is asking him that question because she wants to get back together with him. By the expression on Beth's face, the audience knows that is the real reason Beth asked the question. Beth covers and says she just wanted to know because Lizzie needs him to be a stable influence in her life right now. Beth says she worries that this limbo status of his relationship could affect Lizzie. Beth also says that she is afraid Olivia will hurt him again. 

At the Beacon, Cassie advises Olivia to find a way to work things out with Philip. Olivia says she doesn't want to be the kind of woman who needs a man to make her feel complete. Cassie assures her she isn't one of those woman. Olivia wonders why she keeps going from one relationship to another. Olivia is determined to put her baby first in her life. Olivia thinks she is being a bad mother if she doesn't give the baby a chance to grow up with two parents. 

At the hospital, Ben smiles when he sees Marina come into his room. 

At the Beacon, Cassie tells Olivia to think long and hard about her decisions and not to let Philip or anyone influence her. Olivia and Cassie remember Richard and realize that he saw something special in both of them. Olivia thinks Richard thought she and Cassie were two sides of the same coin. Edmund arrives and tells Olivia she should take Philip back. 

At the Spaulding office, Alexandra and Lizzie arrive back from their tour. Lizzie says goodbye to her father and she and Beth head for the door. Lizzie lies to Beth and says she forgot her purse in the office. Philip knows she lied so Lizzie admits she just wanted to talk with him about Olivia. Lizzie tells Philip she went to see Olivia on the 4th of July because she felt bad that Olivia was alone . Lizzie says she was just trying to be nice. Philip asks how things went between Lizzie and Olivia. Lizzie says the meeting didn't go as well as she hoped it would. Lizzie says she is concerned and doesn't want Philip to get hurt. Philip gives her a kiss and says he appreciates her concern. Lizzie leaves.

At the hospital, Marina tells Ben that she is sorry about what happened to him. Ben tells Marina that maybe this is his punishment for hurting her. Ben tells Marina he cares about her and wants her to be careful because the killer is still out there.. Ben says he couldn't live with himself if something happened to her because of him. Marina takes Ben's hand and says she believes he cares about her. Marina starts to say something else but is interrupted by Blake and Harley. Marina decides to leave without finishing what she was going to say. Ben tells Blake and Harley he has already spoken to the police and he doesn't see what good it would do to tell them what he remembers. Harley notices a bruise on Ben's neck. 

At the Beacon, Olivia wonders why Edmund wants her to get back together with Philip. Edmund explains that Philip hasn't done as many horrible things as he (Edmund) has and Cassie was kind enough to give him a second chance. Edmund thinks Philip deserves a second chance too. 

At the Spaulding office, Alexandra tells Philip she understands why he is angry with her. Alexandra asks Philip if she can run the cosmetics and pharmaceutical division of the company. Philip can't believe Alexandra has only been out of the company a few days and she already wants to get back in there. Alexandra says she is tired of being ostracized by the family. Philip agrees to think about her proposal. Alexandra says she did alot of things she shouldn't have done to make sure he was president of the company but he looks right sitting in the president's chair. 

At the hospital, Blake and Harley compare the size and shape of Ben's bruise to the autopsy photo of the bruise on Ramona. They discover that the bruises are identical. They are so excited they walk out of Ben's room, leaving a confused Ben behind. Gus arrives and wonders what Blake and Harley are doing coming out of Ben's room. 

At the Spaulding office, Philip walks around his office as he thinks about his realationship with Olivia. After a few minutes Philip picks up the phone to make a call. 

At Company, Marina is affected by her visit with Ben. Marina tells Shayne that Ben looked weak in that hospital bed. He worries that Marina will forgive Ben for what he did to her. Marina gets angry because Shayne isn't giving her enough credit. Marina gets up and walks away from the table. 

At the hospital, Harley tells Gus that the bruises on Ben and Ramona's necks are identical. Harley wants to question Mitch Hendon. Gus doesn't want her to do that because she is a civilian. Harley thinks it will be less intimidating for him and she can check and see if he has the ring. Gus reluctantly agrees to let Harley question Mitch Hendon. 

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