Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/8/03

By Hilary
Proofread by Lisa

Marah is disappointed that Danny and Michelle are so late for the barbecue. Frank wants to know how Darci and Eden know each other. Marah asks everyone at the barbecue if they have seen Danny and Michelle, but gets no response. Danny and Michelle are at a wedding chapel.

Darci admits her past to Frank. She also admits that Eden set up their meeting, but swears that she really does like him and doesn't want to lose him. The justice of the peace tells Marah and Tony that he has to leave. Mel reminds Jeffrey that he is qualified to perform weddings, but he says he won't do it. Michelle and Danny mull over their decision to marry at the hokey little chapel.

Ray is irritated that Tony asked a justice of the peace to perform the wedding instead of him. Reva teases Jeffrey about his beard. Rick apologizes to Harley about not letting her see the autopsy photos. Harley admits to Blake that she took the photos and made copies. They leave to look at them, while Gus takes Eden to Jeffrey's office to talk. Ben arrives at the barbecue, startling Marina. Darci explains that she grew up having to lie, but that she finally has a reason not to now that she has Frank. Shayne starts a fight with Ben, and Bill pulls him away. Ben thanks him, but Bill says Ben should leave. Michelle and Danny's ceremony begins, but Michelle stops it.

Bill says Ben just needs to lay low until his image recovers. Holly thinks she wasn't a good enough parent to Ben. Gus shows Eden the pictures of the bones they think belong to Bridget Waters, trying to convince her to give him more information about her clients. Harley and Blake believe that the bruise on Mrs. Hendon's neck was caused by a man's signet ring. Michelle says she can't get married at the chapel, so she and Danny decide to head back to catch the end of the barbecue.

Gus thinks Eden may have the right information to help solve the murders. Eden says she doesn't have any records. Gus says she is going to get herself killed. Harley remembers that Gus has a signet ring from his veteran's group, and therefore, so does Mitch Hendon. Michelle and Danny tell Marah and Tony about their 'almost wedding'. The family then surprises them with the wedding they have prepared.

Harley tells Gus that Ben may not be guilty of the murders. Jeffrey performs Danny and Michelle's wedding ceremony.

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