Guiding Light Update Monday 7/7/03

By Hilary
Proofread by Lisa

Independently, Reva and Josh begin to suspect that Marah and Tony may be planning to marry at the barbecue. Cassie attempts to get Tammy's approval about her relationship with Edmund, but Tammy doesn't think she can ever completely trust him. Shayne tells Marina he will hate to leave her when he goes to play for the Cubs. Rick, Ed, Marah, and Tony wonder what is keeping Danny and Michelle. Rick fears that Mel will become a workaholic if she works for Jeffrey. Alan tells Phillip he is turning out to be just like his father.

Gus and Buzz decide to team up for the egg toss contest against Frank and Darci. Gus breaks up Alan and Phillip's argument. Jeffrey tells the mayor that he is going to keep his beard whether the mayor likes it or not. Tammy doesn't understand how Cassie can forget all the horrible things Edmund has done. Cassie asks her to just keep an open mind. Tammy asks her to please discuss major decisions with her first.

Lizzie is disgusted by the way Shayne is fawning over Marina. Beth and Lillian discuss Lizzie's happiness. Josh and Reva try to get more information about the surprise wedding. Mel decides to bring Jeffrey to the barbecue and Cassie brings Edmund. Phillip asks Alan when he will start to ruin Gus's life. Phillip and Alan sign themselves up as a team for the egg toss. Eden and Bill also sign up, as well as Josh and Tony, Reva and Marah, Cassie and Edmund, Beth and Lillian, and Shayne and Marina. The egg toss begins.

Josh and Reva try to weasel information out of Marah and Tony. Marah worries that Danny and Michelle won't arrive, but Tony assures her they will. Josh suggests that he and Reva give Marah and Tony their blessing.

Cassie teases Edmund that he is uptight. Edmund laughs that she is actually the uptight one. Rick is irritated that Mel brought Jeffrey to the barbecue. Josh tells Reva that they should not try to control Marah's life, just as she said before about Shayne. Lizzie tells Marina she wouldn't be surprised if Shayne stayed home for her; Marina says she would never forgive herself if he did. Beth catches Lizzie calling Ben, and makes her promise not to contact him again. Frank sees Eden talking to Darci.

Cassie says she has only been uptight since Richard died, and she wanted to stay busy. Edmund says she should just let life happen. Fearing Lizzie's words may be true, Marina won't let Shayne miss a practice to stay out late with her. Reva and Josh give their blessing to Marah and Tony, who laugh and tell them the wedding is for Danny and Michelle, not for them. Ed tells them that Danny and Michelle left a note that they won't be returning until late evening. Marah and Tony fear the wedding plans are ruined.

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