Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/3/03

By Eva
Proofread by Lisa

At the Beacon, Olivia speaks to two of her employees about rearranging things in her suite ready for the baby's crib. Olivia sees Philip and tells her employees she will speak to them later. Philip says he has been in the hotel since last night trying to pluck up the courage to speak to her. Philip struggles to find the right words to apologize to Olivia. Philip asks Olivia for another chance and says he has some things he needs to explain to her.

At the Lewis's house, Reva stares at Shayne's graduation invitation. Josh arrives and is terrified that Reva has opened the drawer and seen that the baseball contract is missing. Reva says she was just looking at Shayne's graduation invitation. Josh is relieved and asks where Shayne is on this very important day. Reva says that he is probably starting the day with his best friend.

Outside Company, Shayne brings Marina a coffee. As they drink the coffee, Shayne tells Marina that he wishes he could throw away both the letters and not need to make this decision. Marina says that she doesn't want Shayne to cry her a river because he has two great opportunities from which he can choose. Marina thinks Shayne is a moron for even considering throwing away his opportunities.

Inside Company, Tony and Marah wait for their roommates to arrive. Once everyone is there, Marah and Tony explain what happened between Marah and Ben at the after prom party. Tony thinks Ben should move out of the house. Ben has just arrived at Company and overhears what Tony was saying.

At the police station, Jeffrey meets with Frank and Gus. Jeffrey and Gus disagree about how to handle the situation with Ben. Gus thinks they have enough evidence to bring Ben in for questioning. Jeffrey thinks they should wait and build a strong case against Ben before they arrest him. Jeffrey introduces Frank and Gus to retired Detective Drummond - the man who will help them catch the big fish - Ben. Detective Drummond explains that he worked on the case of the missing girl, Bridget. Detective Drummond says that he always felt bad the case was never solved. He explains that Jed Simmons spoke to him because he found some bones in Springfield he thought might belong to Bridget. He says he was supposed to meet with Jed Simmons to discuss his findings further, but Jed Simmons was found dead on the day they were supposed to meet.

At Company, Tony explains to Ben that Gus made Eden move out of the house so that everyone would be safe. That is exactly the reason why he wants Ben to move out.  Marah tells Ben she told her roommates about what happened with Marina at the after prom party. Ben explains that he was just trying to talk to Marina . Ben tells everyone that the police haven't any evidence against him and they are just trying to solve the murders quickly, so they are trying to pin them on him. Tony says he doesn't care if the police have evidence against him or not, he isn't welcome in the house. Bill and Remy decide to leave the house if Ben moves out.  Ben doesn't want his friends to argue, so he says he will let them take a vote. Whatever they decide is fine with him. Marina arrives and Ben tells her he is about to leave and that she doesn't need to worry about him . Ben also says he is moving out of the museum so she can feel free to go there and visit everyone. Marah tells Marina that Ben isn't angry at her, he is angry at his roommates. Marah tells Ben they won't vote him out of the house, but he has to stop making things difficult for everyone. Ben tries to apologize to Marina but instead wishes her a happy graduation and leaves. Marina shows Shayne her acceptance letter to Northwestern University and says she can't go because they didn't offer her any financial aid. Marina says she will go to Springfield University and work at Company to pay her costs. Marina explains she doesn't want to tell her father and Buzz about the letter because she doesn't want to worry them about the finances. Shayne tells Marina he knows the decision he wants to make then rushes off to tell his parents.

At the Beacon, Philip explains about the first paternity test - a fact that Olivia has already figured out. Philip apologizes for running the test and doubting that Olivia was telling the truth. Philip also explains that they were both set up - by Alexandra. Philip tells Olivia she has every right to throw him out but he hopes she is a better person than him.

At the police station, Gus asks Detective Drummond if he thinks Ben murdered Bridget. Detective Drummond says that if Ben didn't murder Bridget, he knows the person responsible for her murder.

At the Lewis's house, Shayne tells Josh that he has decided to play baseball and skip college for the moment. Josh smiles and says he knew that he would decide to go pro, so he sent the agent the contract a few days ago. Josh happily tells Shayne that he was picked in the fifth round by the Chico Cubs. An angry Shayne asks Josh what he (Josh) would have done if he (Shayne) had decided to go to college. Josh says if that had been his decision he would have found a way to fix things. Shayne is angry at Josh for taking away his right to make his own decision.

At Towers, Reva meets with Dr.Langham and tells him how she used her gift to help Marina. Reva says she is also excited that Shayne is graduating, although she is worried about his decision. Dr. Langham says that Shayne realizes he has a gift. Dr. Langham asks Reva if she is ready to accept her gift. He also asks Reva to participate in a three week study of physic ability. Reva invites Dr. Langham to the Bauer barbecue and says she will speak to Josh and give him an answer at the barbecue. Dr. Langham accepts Reva's invitation.

At the Beacon, Olivia tells Philip she doesn't know if she can live with a man who always thinks the worst of her. Olivia decides to raise the baby on her own without any help from Philip. Olivia leaves to go back to work . Philip shouts after her that their discussion isn't over and waits for her in the lobby. Alexandra arrives and asks if Philip is okay because he looks pale. Philip tells Alexandra he is the father of Olivia's baby. Alexandra is stunned by the news. Philip tells Alexandra the story. He explains that he bribed a lab technician to run a DNA test on the baby. He says someone paid the lab technician more money to lie about the test results and the best revenge against the person that did this, is to do everything he can to make up for his mistakes with Olivia. Philip tells Alexandra he will build a family with Olivia. He congratulates Alexandra on becoming a great-aunt again.

At the Lewis's house, Josh apologizes to Shayne (who is very angry), for doing the right thing in the wrong way. Shayne is still angry at his father but can't hide his happiness at being drafted by the Cubs. Josh and Shayne hug. Josh tells Shayne that Reva doesn't know about what he has done. Shayne worries about Reva's reaction. Josh tells him not to worry and sends him upstairs to get ready. Shayne wants to be the one to tell Reva that he has decided to play baseball. Shayne also decides to tell Marina the news at the graduation. Reva arrives with Shayne's favorite ice cream and Shayne informs her of his decision. Shayne says he will go to college later, but he has to take this chance now. Although you can see the sadness on Reva's face she promises to support Shayne and be his biggest fan. Reva wants her, Josh and Shayne to go down to the mailbox together and mail the contract to the agent. Shayne goes upstairs to leave his parents to talk alone. Josh tells Reva he has already sent the contract to the agent and Shayne has been drafted by the Cubs.

At the park, Ben takes a knife and carves his and Marina's initials into a tree. Gus arrives and tries to pump Ben for information. Gus tells Ben that he has spoken to Detective Drummond and knows Ben contacted Jed Simmons. Ben denies he ever contacted him. Gus says all he needs to do is look at Jed Simmons notes to find out if Ben is telling the truth. Ben says Jed Simmons didn't have any notes. Gus wonders how Ben knows this information. Ben says if Jed Simmons had any notes which implicated him he would already be under arrest. As Ben is leaving Gus says he will be patient and wait for him to make a mistake.

At Company, Frank hugs Marina and tells her he is proud of her. Marina tells Frank she has decided to go to Springfield University and work at Company to pay her college costs. Frank wonders why she has decided to stay when she was so excited about leaving and had been accepted to so many colleges. Marina says she doesn't want to leave him and her grandfather. Frank tells Marina that he wants her to go to any college of her choice. Marina says she has chosen Springfield University. She puts her acceptance letter in the pocket of her graduation gown and goes to get ready for graduation.

At the Lewis's house, Reva thinks Josh broke their promise to trust each other and share their decisions. Josh doesn't think so and he truly thinks he made the best decision for Shayne. Reva thinks Shayne is just being loyal to Josh and they will never know what his real choice would have been if Josh hadn't made the choice for him. Josh asks Reva not to ruin Shayne's graduation. Reva says that she isn't the one ruining Shayne's graduation. She decides to wait outside for Shayne. He comes downstairs and wonders how Reva took the news. Josh says Reva is waiting outside and is sure she will come round - she just needs time. Reva calls Dr.Langham and tells him she will take part in his study. She also tells Dr. Langham she didn't ask Josh his opinion because it is her life and her gift.

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