Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/2/03

By Naila
Proofread by Lisa


Josh learns that Shayne has been drafted and can't wait to tell Reva. He begins by reminding her how Shayne had said that one day he wished that someone would make the decision for him and that he had really listened to Shayne and decided to do something. Reva is troubled and also distracted by Gus and Jeffery’s presence. She excuses herself and goes to them; they tell her they are looking for Ben because he needs to be questioned again. Soon after, Shayne ditches Lizzie and learns that Ben is at the club. Shayne, Reva, Frank, Darci, Gus and Jeffery search for her.

Meanwhile, Ben surprises Marina in the garden. She tells him she doesn't want to speak to him but he won’t take no for an answer. All he wants to do is talk. Marina agrees to listen but she gets mad when he says, once again, that he did it all for her. She cannot understand how he could think that sleeping with someone else would make her happier! He said he did it so he could buy her things and make her happy. Ben starts yelling about how all girls are the same and he won’t let Marina discard him like others have done. Marina tells him she’ll talk to him another time. When he begins ranting about how she wasted no time picking up with Shayne, Marina backs away. Ben grabs her and shakes her… Reva rushes in and tells him to stop. Ben asks if she thinks she’s his mother! When Shayne rushes in, he and Ben come close to exchanging blows. Marina gets Ben to back off by telling him that she will call him the next day. Ben is leaving when Gus shows up. Gus tells him he has more questions for him but Ben refuses to go. When Jeffery arrives, Ben says he will get his reporter-step-mum to write about this harassment. Jeffery decides not to take him to the station but tells him that once again, he is a suspect and warns him not to leave town. Gus, Jeffery and Ben leave. Marina tells Reva and Frank that she is fine and they go back inside. She tells Shayne that she wants a moment alone with Lizzie, who showed up during the near-brawl. Marina tells Lizzie that she knows she was set up so she would meet Ben. Lizzie denies this and tells her that she was as worried as everyone else when they could not find her. Marina knows this is a lie because Lizzie was the one person who actually knew where she went. Lizzie says Marina is just looking for another way to make her look bad in front of Shayne. Marina decides not to waste time talking with Lizzie, she then returns to the dance with Shayne. Ben comes back and tells Lizzie that she is a liar. She told him that Marina still cared and she wanted to see him. Lizzie says that it is true; Marina is just too scared to admit how she feels. Lizzie encourages Ben to pursue Marina. Inside, Marina tries to act as though she is fine for Shayne and Frank’s benefit, but it is clear that her encounter with Shayne has left her shaken.


Alan asks Alex over to “give her fair warning”. He tells her he knows that someone changed the DNA results on the baby’s paternity test and he suspects that she is the culprit. Shortly after, Philip arrives and Alan tells him that he honestly believed that he was the baby’s father… until he spoke with Olivia and saw a copy of the results. Philip is certain that Olivia tricked Alan as well and Alan asks him why he is so sure that Olivia’s test is wrong. Did he run a test of his own? Philip says it makes no sense that someone changed his test results because they would have nothing to gain; Alan is not so sure. Meanwhile Alex, who is waiting for Alan to expose her, tells Philip she thinks he should just leave this whole situation alone and move on. Alan does not disclose Alex’s involvement but does succeed in planting a seed of doubt in Philip’s mind. When Philip leaves, Alex asks Alan why he didn’t tell Philip the whole truth. Alan thinks she’ll suffer more this way, especially if Philip decides to make it up to Olivia by devoting himself to her completely.


Philip goes to Dr. Sedwick in hopes of learning the truth. Dr. Sedwick does not disclose any details but does point out one very important fact: the technician who did Philip’s test was paid off by him and perhaps someone else could have paid him to fake the results. Supporting this theory is the fact that the technician has disappeared. Philip realizes that Olivia was telling the truth and feels terribly guilty for the way he treated her. He runs into Rick who advises his pal to go back to Olivia, apologize for his actions, and to do all he can to make it up to her. Philip heads over to the Beacon even though he is not sure Olivia will even want to speak to him.

Later, Buzz returns from the prom to find Beth helping herself to some coffee. They reminisce about their own [separate] pasts and share a dance.

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