Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/1/03

By Hilary
Proofread by Lisa

The Bauer's discuss plans for their annual barbecue. Ed suggests canceling altogether. Rick and Michelle say no way; the town expects the barbecue. Marah tells Tony they should throw a surprise wedding for Danny and Michelle at the barbecue. Tony protests, saying Danny doesn't like surprises. The Springfield teens party at the prom. Josh receives a call saying that Shayne didn't make it through the first-round draft picks. Lizzie is jealous as she watches Shayne dance with Marah. Tammy's pleas with Lizzie, to give up on Shayne, fall on deaf ears. Gus brings a woman named Caroline Boyle to Jeffrey, claiming she has information on Ben Reade.

Caroline tells Jeffrey that she knew Ben when she was in high school. She says her best friend, Bridget, had been dating Ben but had vanished two years ago. She says there were clues that made her afraid that Ben had done something to Bridget. Marina asks Shayne if he has made a decision about his future. He says no, and she warns him that he'd better not be indecisive in front of others, or someone may make his decision for him. Josh is upset when the agent says there is a rumor about Shayne going to college. He assures Devries that Shayne will go pro. Michelle promises that they will take a trip to the cabin, as a family, by the end of the summer, if Ed stops trying to kill the barbecue. Marah panics when she hears that Ed wants to cancel the annual holiday event.

When Marah offers to take over the barbecue Ed relents and says he won't cancel. Caroline tells Jeffrey she wonders now why Ben was interested in high school girls. She says that Bridget and Ben were not sleeping together. Gus and Jeffrey wonder if maybe Ben wanted more. Tammy is happy when a boy asks her to dance. Lizzie dances with Shayne while Marina uses the restroom.

Marah continues to plan Danny and Michelle's wedding. Ed can't see why Mel would want to work for a guy like Jeffrey. Rick asks Ed if he'd consider coming back to work at the hospital. Ed says he will consider it. Gus and Jeffrey discuss whether the new information about Ben means anything. They decide there could be a connection between the way Bridget disappeared and the serial killings. Gus leaves to bring Ben in for questioning. Lizzie gets a call from Ben.

Rick tells Marah they will take over the barbecue again despite her protests. Danny offers to give Ed more money for the clinic but Ed declines. Josh gets a call that Shayne was drafted in the fifth round for the Chicago Cubs. Reva tells Marina she is glad to see Shayne and Marina spending time together. Marina feels cornered and asks Lizzie where she can be alone. Josh tries to tell Shayne about the draft, but Shayne feels pressured and begins to get upset before Josh can reveal the news. Lizzie "rescues" him, and lies when Shayne asks if she's seen Marina.

Tony and Marah again defend Eden to Danny. Danny donates $20,000 to Ed's clinic and hopes they will get publicity. Michelle and Danny mull over their decision not to have a wedding. Tony makes a call while holding a flyer for a Daniel Bedingfield tour. Gus and Jeffrey arrive at the country club looking for Ben. They fill Frank in on their new information. Out in the garden Marina waits for Shayne, but finds Ben instead.

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