Guiding Light Update Monday 6/30/03

By Hilary
Proofread by Lisa

Cassie and Edmund begin their romantic evening. He asks her if she's ready, and she insists that she is. Alan gives Lizzie a necklace for the prom. Alan asks her if there will be any special boys there. She starts to tell him that there is one, but when Beth walks in and asks about him, Lizzie says she wouldn't know him. Shayne tries to sneak out and change for the prom at school, but Josh stops him. Josh doesn't think Shayne's outfit is sophisticated enough and offers to help. Marina is mortified to hear that Buzz and Frank are chaperones for the prom. She says there will have to be ground rules. Ben confronts Eden.

Marina says if Buzz and Frank are going to chaperone, they must not make eye contact, acknowledge they are related, request Greek music, or dance. Darci brings Marina a shawl and purse. Marina wants Frank to invite Darci. Reva and Josh tease Shayne about his choice of clothing for the prom, and they then insist he wears a traditional tuxedo. Shayne agrees but says they cannot take pictures. Lizzie refuses to tell Beth and Alan who she has a crush on. Tammy arrives at the mansion to get ready with Lizzie. Tammy is horrified to discover juice has been spilled on her prom dress. Eden suspects that Ben planted Ariana's pin in her things, since he seems to know a little too much about it.

After making love, Cassie thanks Edmund for being patient with her. She says she never expected to feel happy again after Richard's death. Edmund says he is the lucky one. Tammy calls Cassie, hysterical about her dress. Ben continues to taunt Eden. She insists she isn't accusing him, but he doesn't believe her. He asks why he would want to hurt her, and then answers his own question by listing all the things Eden did to him, and telling her how he lost Marina. He hints that he may not be the killer, but could still be framing her.

Cassie apologizes for having to leave, but Edmund says he understands. Shayne, Lizzie, and Marina prepare for the prom while their parents look on.

Tammy apologizes for ruining Cassie's date, but Cassie says she is where she belongs. She offers one of her San Cristobel dresses to Tammy. Tammy says she is worried that she will never find love, but Cassie tells her not to worry. Beth is excited about Lizzie's prom and reminisces about her prom with Phillip. She and Lizzie say they love each other. The Lewis' arrive at Company, where Shayne and Marina are floored by the way each other look. Eden tries to give money to Ben, but he pushes her away and tells her to go home.

Tammy gets dressed for the prom. Edmund brings her a corsage and hires her a ride. Shayne gives Marina a corsage, and she gives him a boutonnière. Josh gets a call saying the draft is about to begin. As Ben downs another drink, Lizzie calls him and tells him he should come to the prom and talk to Marina. He refuses, but says he will meet her at the after party at the country club.

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