Guiding Light Update Friday 6/27/03

By Eva

At the Beacon Parking lot, Cassie walks as she goes over the list of things she has to do today. Edmund arrives and pulls Cassie into the bushes and gives her a kiss. Edmund tells Cassie he couldn't wait to see her. Edmund asks Cassie how she is feeling. Cassie says she is feeling fine and they kiss some more. Jeffrey clears his throat loudly and Edmund and Cassie stop kissing.

At the Lewis house, Josh talks to Shayne's agent on the telephone . Josh ask the agent if Shayne could get picked high in the baseball draft. Josh asks the agent to make it clear that Shayne will turn pro and skip college. Josh says good-bye to the agent when he hears Reva arrive. Reva tells Josh she went for a walk because she had another vision about Shayne. Reva thinks the vision is connected to Shayne's decision. Josh tells Reva to let her visions go because Shayne isn't going to base such an important decision on one of her visions. Reva thinks that if she can hold both of Shayne's letters in her hand she can make sense of her vision. Reva heads to the drawer where the letters are and starts to open it but Josh stops her from opening the drawer.

At the hospital, Dr. Sedgwick hands Olivia the test results on paper. Olivia reads over them to confirm to herself that Philip is the father of her baby. Dr. Sedgwick tells Olivia that she wanted to talk to her personally because she (Dr. Sedgwick) discovered that there was another DNA test run without her knowledge. Dr. Sedgwick says that whoever ordered the test has known the results for weeks.

Outside the Country club, Alan arrives with Gus. Alan proudly introduces Gus as his son to some businessman while Philip watches from another table. Philip pulls Alan aside to tell him he (Alan) is the father of Olivia's baby. Alan tells Philip he appreciates hearing the news from him. Philip asks Alan not to ruin another innocent child. Philip tells Alan this could be his last chance to be a real father. Philip tells Alan to be the man Lucia always thought he could be. Gus walks over after Philip goes back to his table. Alan tells Gus Philip told him Olivia's baby belongs to him.

At the Lewis house, A skeptical Josh asks Reva not to use her so called powers to try and figure out what Shayne will decide. Josh says whatever Shayne's decision is he will be following his dream. Reva wonders what Life will be like without Shayne in the house. Josh jokes that they should turn Shayne's room into a sauna. Reva goes to meet Cassie at the Beacon.

At the Beacon parking lot, Cassie asks Jeffrey why he is always following her and Edmund. Jeffrey says its because they were walking ahead of him. Jeffrey compares Cassie and Edmund to two little bunnies. Edmund pulls Cassie aside and tells her he has made reservations for them at a romantic inn. Cassie says she can't wait and she will get Reva to watch the kids. Edmund gives Cassie a kiss and leaves to pack. Cassie wonders what Jeffrey is doing in the parking attendant's booth. Jeffrey says he was just trying to eat a bagel in peace because he saw the mayor inside with some people and he wanted to avoid a glad handing session. Jeffrey says he was enjoying a peaceful breakfast until she and Prince charming came and interrupted him. Jeffrey tells Cassie that Edmund threatened him and suggested he find another place to live. Jeffrey says he is very happy living in the hotel now that he has been moved to another room and he has no intention of moving. Jeffrey tells Cassie just to stay out of his way and he will do the same with her. Cassie says Jeffrey is like a rash the more you scratch it the worse it gets.

At Towers. An angry Edmund talks on the phone with Dax. Edmund is angry because Dax has no new information about the gap in Jeffrey's work history. Edmund says that he is too close to getting what he wants and he has no intention of letting Jeffrey ruin it.

Outside the Country club, Alan tells Gus that Philip is trying to protect the baby from him. Gus asks Alan what he is going to do now. Alan says he is going to get ready for the birth of his child. Gus wonders what Olivia will do now. Alan says he doesn't care about Olivia this is his child and she has no right to keep the child from him. Gus tries to make Alan understand that Olivia is the child's mother and like it or not she and Philip are in a relationship. Gus says that Alan should put his hurt and pain aside for the sake of the child. Philip gets a call and when he reads the caller ID and sees Olivia's name he lets the phone ring a few times then he turns the phone off. Olivia leaves a message for Philip saying that they have been set up by Alan and if he calls her back she will prove it to him. Philip deletes Olivia's message without listening to it. Alan says Gus doesn't understand what its like to have a son turn on him and break his heart. Gus says that what should e important is the child. Alan wonders why this is so important to Gus. Gus says that he wants Children to be important in his family. Alan gets up from the table and tells Gus to order whatever he wants and put it on his tab. Alan leaves to go see Olivia.

Outside the Beacon, Olivia continues to stare at the test results.

At the Lewis house, Josh and Shayne watch a cubs game they taped. Josh remembers how much Shayne loved baseball when he was six years old. Shayne wonders if he will be a first round draft pick in the baseball draft. Josh says his agent thinks that is a possibility and he could also be offered a pro contract worth millions. Josh reminds Shayne that the money shouldn't make him happy that he should be happy playing baseball because he loves the game. An uncertain Shayne says he guesses playing the game should make him happy.

In the Beacon, Parking lot, Jeffrey tells Cassie that he told Edmund she wasn't his type and he wasn't interested in her at all. Cassie wonders why Jeffrey isn't interested in her. Jeffrey doesn't want to answer the question but Cassie keeps pushing him to answer the question. Jeffrey explains that Cassie is harsh. Cassie repeats what Jeffrey said and wonders what that is supposed to mean. Jeffrey explains she is somewhere between uptight and abrasive. Jeffrey compares Cassie to a pit bull. Jeffrey explains that he likes women who can smile and have some fun once in a while. Cassie gets offended and says he hasn't seen her fun side because he brings out the worst in her. Jeffrey advises Cassie to loosen up. Jeffrey says maybe Edmund can help her loosen up although he doubts Edmund is Capable of helping her loosen up. Jeffrey says Cassie should take a lesson from her sister Reva who has just arrived. Cassie tells a worried Reva she is going away for the weekend with Edmund. Edmund calls Cassie and tells him she must meet him in his room at Towers because its an emergency. A worried Cassie hangs up the phone and rushes to Towers.

At the Lewis house, Josh explains to Shayne that his father H.B. always wanted him to be in the oil business. Josh says he did everything possible to get away from the plans H.B. had for him. Josh says it took him a long time to realize H.B. was right all along. Josh advises Shayne he only has one shot to do things right and he shouldn't waste it.

Outside the Country club, Gus orders another bloody Mary and puts it on Alan's tab. Philip walks over and wonders if Gus is celebrating something. Gus tells Philip he and Harley are engaged. Philip congratulates Gus on his engagement. Gus offers his sympathy about the baby being Alan's. Philip says everything worked out for the best because Alan got what he wanted and he (Philip) finally found out the type of person Olivia is.

Outside the Beacon, the baby kicks just as Alan arrives. Olivia accuses Alan of hiring a lab technician to change the test results. Alan tells Olivia Philip told him the new 20 minutes ago and he has no idea what she is talking about. Olivia gives Alan the test results to read. Olivia is surprised at Alan's attitude after reading the results. Alan accuses Olivia and Philip of tricking him to once again break his heart and make him look like a fool. An angry Alan throws the results at Olivia and leaves. Olivia wonders how Philip could tell Alan that he was the father of her baby. Olivia figures out that Philip already knew the test results.

Outside the Country Club, Philip tells Gus that now Alan will leave him alone because with the new baby Alan has someone to mold from birth. Philip says Gus has become obsolete to Alan. Philip raises his glass and welcomes Gus to the family.

At the Lewis house, Josh and Reva kiss after Josh returns from playing catch with Shayne. Reva says she trusts Shayne to make the right decision. Josh wonders how Reva will feel is Shayne decides to go pro and skip college. Reva says she will be fine as long as it is Shayne's choice.

At Towers Edmund surprises Cassie with a romantic dinner in his room.

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