Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/26/03

By Eva

At the Museum, Tony gently wakes up Marah by blowing on her face and kissing her on the shoulder. When Marah starts to stir Tony pretends to be asleep so Marah can wake him up. When Marah wakes him up Tony says that he was dreaming they were making love on the beach. Tony tells Marah that she really looked beautiful. Marah says that maybe Toy wasn't dreaming and they make love.

In the Museum living room, Gus stares at the pin Harley and Blake found and says that it is exactly the way Alan described it. Eden arrives home with Bill. Gus asks Eden if she has ever seen the pin. Eden says she hasn't seen the pin. Gus tells Eden that that pin which he is holding belonged to Ariana and he explains that they found the pin in her suitcase. Eden says that Gus thinks she killed Ariana.

At Philip and Olivia's place, Philip is still in shock that Olivia told him the baby belongs to him and not Alan. Philip asks Olivia to repeat her words. Olivia tells Philip the baby is his and not Alan's. Philip demands that Olivia stop lying and tell him the truth. A confused Olivia tells Philip that doctor Sedgwick called with the results of the tests. Olivia keeps repeating that the baby belongs to Philip. Philip gets even more angry because h e thinks Olivia is lying. Philip takes some plates off the table and throws them against the wall.

At the Museum, Eden is angry and hurt that Gus could even for one second think that she killed Ariana. Bill is angry at Gus because he (Bill) thinks Gus is trying to railroad Eden. Bill leaves to look for Ross because its clear that Eden will need a lawyer. Bill tells Eden not to say a word until he comes back. Eden insists that someone planted the pin in her suitcase because it wasn't there when she was packing her things earlier. Gus and Harley both have skeptical looks on their faces. While they are talking Eden notices Harley's engagement ring and is even more angry Gus didn't tell her about the engagement. An angry Eden throws Gus and Harley out of the house. Marah and Tony arrive in the living room and asks Eden why Gus and Harley were doing there. Eden tells them that she will be out of the house soon because they wouldn't want to live with a killer. Marah sends Tony to talk to Eden.

At the Beacon, Lizzie tries to work on Alexandra so she (Alexandra) will persuade Beth that she (Lizzie) doesn't need therapy. Alexandra catches on to Lizzie's game. Alexandra encourages Lizzie to stay in therapy because it may do her some good. Alexandra also says she has a feeling things in the family may get better soon. Lizzie tells Alexandra she heard Philip tell Beth Olivia's baby belongs to Alan. Alexandra pretends to be surprised at the news.

At Philip and Olivia's place, Philip asks Olivia if she wants their relationship to end on a lie. Olivia is surprised at Philip's words. Philip struggles to understand why Olivia is lying to him. Philip again asks Olivia to tell him the truth . Olivia says that the baby belongs to him. Olivia cries and says Philip is making a horrible mistake. Philip says he is going out to get some air and he wants Olivia gone when he returns home. Olivia cries and screams don't leave me as the door slams behind Philip.

Outside Company, Rick runs into Philip who says he is in a lousy mood and doesn't want to talk. As usual Philip tells Rick everything. Philip admits to Rick that even though he has tried his best he can't live with the fact Olivia's baby belongs to Alan.

At Philip and Olivia's, Olivia continues to cry as she blows out the candles and leaves the house.

Outside the Museum, Eden tells Tony she is angry that her brother could think she is a killer. Tony tells Eden to sit down so they can talk. Eden tells Tony that she and Vinny Salairno had a past relationship. Eden wants to go talk to Salairno so that he can stay away from her. Tony offers to go with Eden so he can persuade Salairno to stay away from her. Eden refuses to let Tony do that because he has worked so hard to change his reputation. Eden also says she couldn't stand it if something happened to Tony because of her. Tony says they will come up with another plan. Tony assures Eden she won't be alone because he and Marah are on her side. Tony gives Eden a hug.

At Company, Gus and Harley eat as they try very hard to rule out Eden as a suspect. They try to focus the investigation on Ben but he is quickly ruled out when they realize that Ben only knew one of the murder victims and not the other three. Harley leaves and Gus writes something down on some napkins.

Outside Company, Rick says maybe someone switched the test results and Olivia doesn't know Alan is the father of the baby. Philip says what makes him most angry is that Olivia told him she thought about changing the test results but changed her mind. Rick says that Alexandra would be proud of Olivia for manipulating Philip that way. Philip tells Rick he didn't tell Olivia he had already run a paternity test on the baby. Rick suggests they go into Company and have a drink and talk. Philip declines the invitation saying he is in no mood for anything right now and just wants to go home.

At the Beacon, Olivia arrives in a horrible mood and demands that her suite be ready now . Olivia tells one of her employees to send someone to pick up her things. Alexandra and Lizzie smile when they see her arrive. Alexandra goes to try to find out what happened between Olivia and Philip. An angry Olivia tells an employee that if Alexandra comes near her again she is to be thrown out of the hotel. Olivia stomps upstairs to her room. Alexandra tells Lizzie that it appears Olivia is moving to her room alone. Alexandra and Lizzie smile and Alexandra says good things come to those who wait. Lizzie thinks you need to push things a little bit.

At the Museum, Marah tells Bill they have no reason to be jealous because its just easier for Eden to open up to Tony.

Outside the Beacon, Alexandra advises Lizzie to give Philip time to adjust to the new situation. Lizzie runs into Ben. Lizzie tries to persuade Ben to go to prom and try to reconcile with Marina . Lizzie tells Ben Marina still loves him. Ben says he has decided to give up on his relationship with Marina.

Philip arrives home to an empty house.

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