Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/25/03

By Naila


Philip arrives to meet Beth but finds Lizzie instead. Hoping to keep them from talking, Lizzie schemes to get Philip out of the house before Beth can find him. She and Philip decide to go out for some quality father-daughter bonding time when Beth comes in. She tells Philip that it is time they talk. She tells him she called Lizzie’s old school and the head mistress is very concerned about Lizzie. Philip does not think the subject warrants a discussion because they’re already dealt with it. Beth tells him that pretending it did not happen is not dealing with it. Lizzie leaves and Philip tells Beth that there is no way their little girl would burn down a building. She tells Philip how Lizzie shoved her and that she thinks something is really troubling her. Perhaps when she was a child, they took it for granted that she would always bounce back because she seemed so resilient. Lizzie listens outside when Philip tells Beth that soon, she will have some peace because at least she will know who the father of Olivia’s baby is; Olivia ordered the test. Philip admits to Beth that he knows it is Alan because he had the test done on the sly. Beth cannot believe that he would do that but he explains that he had to know because it was driving him crazy. Beth understands and thinks that he should decide what he truly wants and what will make him happy. She understands that he feels he has to stand by Olivia but if he is not happy then he should not force himself to stay in this relationship. Lizzie is disappointed when Philip tells Beth that Lizzie needs stability and to feel as though she belongs. He wants her to feel secure with him and Olivia, as though she has somewhere to turn.


Olivia receives a phone call from Dr. Sedgwick who tells her that the paternity test results are in: Philip is Baby Spencer’s daddy. Olivia is thrilled and plans a romantic evening for her and Philip. When he comes home, she tells him Dr. Sedgwick called. Philip takes her in his arms and says it’s all right. She knows he said he would stand by her no matter what, but she was still very nervous when the call came. She happily tells him that he is the daddy. Philip laughs in disbelief, sure that she had the results fixed.


Meanwhile, Alex pays the lab technician a handsomely and persuades him to leave the country immediately. After some thought, he decides that that would be the best decision and he takes the money and leaves.


Gus and Frank discuss the murder investigation. Gus tells Frank that based on video surveillance, there are three possible suspects: Eden, Ben and Darci were all alone when the lights went out. Frank offers to interrogate Darci while Gus interrogates Eden and Ben. Darci and Harley walk in together. Frank sees Harley’s ring and says he knows that can’t be an engagement ring because someone would have had to ask permission first. Harley said someone did ask permission – HER permission. She begs Frank not to say anything negative. He congratulates them and he and Gus hug it out. Harley is not looking forward to telling Buzz but Frank tells her she is on her own.

Frank and Darci leave to have breakfast and soon after he begins his questions. Darci realizes what he is doing but she understands. She tells him that she was thinking about him that whole time she was alone… and hoping he would kiss her. She had a great time with him and she really likes him a lot. Frank asks her if she knew Adriana or Eden August. She hesitates before answering “no”. Frank does not pursue his questioning. They make plans for another date and Darci leaves.

Meanwhile, Harley convinces Gus to let her and Blake question Eden, unofficially. Gus agrees and Harley takes off.


Ben comes by and finds a note from Marah. She tells him that rent is due but she and the others would not mind pitching in and helping him out. She also mentions that Eden is leaving and thinks he might like to come back. Harley and Blake come by looking for Eden, but instead they find Ben. Harley asks a couple of questions and Ben says that, unlike Harley, he remembers that she is no longer a cop. Ben finds a letter someone slipped under the door for him. After reading it, he asks Harley where he can find Gus and then heads off to Company. Harley and Blake decide to search the house as two out of three suspects are living there.

COMPANY again…

Ben finds Gus and shows him the note he found. It is from the killer and insinuates that Ben will be more involved in the next kill. Ben is afraid that he is the killer’s new target. Gus tells him that everything will be all right; he will take care of things once he gets back to the station. He gets a call from Harley who tells him she found something at the museum. In a box of Eden’s things, she found the pin Adriana was wearing the night she was killed.

Ben is on his way out when he meets Lizzie. She tells him he should stop feeling sorry for himself and do something to change things; he should not act guilty otherwise that’s what people will think. She tells him she can help him and he should call her. Lizzie leaves and a frustrated Ben grabs a flowerpot and smashes it as Frank watches from inside.

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