Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/24/03

By Hilary

Cassie wakes up next to Edmund. He apologizes for falling asleep, and insists nothing happened. She still has a fever and nearly faints in his arms. Beth tries to make small talk with Lizzie, asking her about Marina's party. When Lizzie snaps at her and walks out, Beth calls the headmistress of the boarding school. Alan offers to buy a special congratulatory breakfast for Gus, then reveals that he has invited Gus's mother to join them. Gus hates the idea. A tabloid prints an article about Eden, saying she is living with a mobster. The article also mentions that Tony greeted the tabloid's photographer with his fists. Danny arrived at the museum, visibly upset about the article.

Danny berates Tony for trying to protect Eden. Danny wants Tony to kick her out, but he refuses. Alan insists to Gus that he is not trying to replace Gus's adoptive parents. Danny calls Gus and tells him he needs to see him about Eden. After Gus leaves, Lucia/Regina arrives, telling Alan that she is leaving town. Cassie has a fever, and Edmund tells her she needs to stay in bed. Tammy arrives, and accuses Edmund of making Cassie sick. Cassie insists Edmund was in fact taking care of her. Edmund says he will take care of Cassie's duties for the day. Beth tells Lizzie that the boarding school headmistress told her she had been leaving messages for Beth for weeks. Lizzie at first became defensive, then hugged Beth and said she was sorry, begging Beth not to hate her.

Edmund tries to take care of Cassie's kids. Though Tammy insists he doesn't have to, Edmund promises to help her find a prom dress. Lizzie insists she is fine, but Beth doesn't buy it anymore. Beth says the headmistress still says she set the fire at the school, but Lizzie continues to deny involvement. Danny tells Gus that Eden is putting everyone at the museum in danger. Gus thinks Danny's concern is more about his new image than anyone's safety.

Danny insists he is worried that people's lives are at stake. Gus says he will see what he can do to help. Lucia/Regina wonders if Gus will ever forgive him. Alan tries to reassure her, and insists that he wants to give Gus the family he is missing. Edmund has a rack of dresses brought to the hotel for Tammy to peruse. She picks a dress that Edmund fears may be too revealing, and he worries that Cassie will kill him. Gus asks Eden if Vinnie could be behind the murders. When she insists that he couldn't be, Gus asks if she had a relationship with Vinnie in the past. She admits that she did. She tells him that when she first opened the Garden of Eden, she had some strange letters. As she goes to retrieve them, Gus nearly opens her Tony scrapbook, but she stops him just in time.

Eden lies and tells Gus that the scrapbook is actually full of Marah's designs. Gus suggests that Eden move back home. When she argues, saying she is afraid, he insists. He says it is safest for everyone at the museum. Cassie is worried that Edmund can't handle the kids, but he insists everything is handled. Tammy shows Cassie her prom dress, and Cassie loves it. Tammy thanks Edmund and gives him a big hug. Beth tries to reassure Lizzie and tell her she will be there for her, but Lizzie shouts that Beth is not listening, because she is fine. She then tries to leave, then pushes Beth when she tries to stop her. She tells Beth and Alan that she has plans, and then rushes out.

Tony is upset that Eden is leaving, but she insists that it is for the best. After Danny and Tony leave, she circles a picture of Danny in her scrapbook with a red marker. Lucia/Regina is glad to see Gus return to Company. She tries to apologize to him about lying to him before about his father's identity. He tells about his engagement to Harley. They begin to bond over the story of his proposal. Beth tries to tell Alan about Lizzie's problems, but Alan insists it's just normal teenage rebellion.

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