Guiding Light Update Monday 6/23/03

By Sarah

Edmund walks in as Cassie and Jeffrey are fighting over a towel. Cassie apologizes sarcastically for falling asleep while her bath water was running. Cassie tells Jeffrey he can move to another room, but he's not thrilled about being inconvenienced. 

Harley is thrilled with her engagement ring. Gus asks her if she's happy, and she says that she's never been happier or more in love in her whole life. There's a knock on the door, and Harley goes to answer it even though Gus wants her to ignore it. It's Blake and she's overly excited about their engagement. 

Michelle and Danny are having dinner. Michelle seems to be trying to convince herself that they made the right decision not to get married. She says that the romance will stay alive because they won't be able to take each other for granted or let things get stale. They see another couple toasting to their first anniversary at another table. 

Eden thanks Bill for bringing over the food. She's feeling a little stir crazy being stuck at the museum. He tells her that as soon as Gus catches the killer, they can go anywhere they want. She wants to have dessert, but Bill says he has to do something first. Eden's not happy about him leaving, but he does anyway. Right after he leaves, there's a knock on the door and Eden opens it assuming that Bill forgot something. It's a photographer instead trying to snap her picture. Tony and Marah arrive just in time to catch the photographer taking pictures. 

Michelle and Danny talk about how their life together has never been easy. Danny assures Michelle that their lives should be calm from now on. She tells him that she's glad they aren't taking the traditional route, but Danny isn't sure that Michelle doesn't need the wedding. 

Blake is going on and on about how great the ring is, but she fails to notice the fact that she's intruding on their romantic evening. She apologizes and tries to leave, but there's a knock at the door. It's Bill and he wants to talk to Gus. The two men go outside. Blake and Harley remain inside and continue to gush about the engagement. Outside, Bill tells Gus that he's beginning to wonder if he's (Gus) doing everything he can to keep his sister safe. 

Back at the Museum, Tony is ready to break the photographer's camera. Marah pleads with him to just let it go. Tony lets him go with a warning not to show his face around there again. Tony lectures Eden about being safe and not opening the door to anyone. He goes on to tell her that it could've been the killer and she could be dead right now. 

Jeffrey is waiting for another room when Cassie tells him she's booked solid. Edmund suggests that he try the Regency since it's much closer to his office. Jeffrey assumes that Edmund's trying to get him out of the picture because he's (Edmund) insecure. Jeffrey tells him that she's not his type, and Cassie tells him that he's not her type either. Then she tells him that she doesn't have a room for him tonight, but she'll get one first thing in the morning. Jeffrey tells her not to bother since she's wasted enough of his time already. Edmund tells him not to let the door hit him on his way out. 

Gus assures Bill that he's doing everything in his power to keep Eden safe. Bill tells Gus that he needed to hear that. Bill suggests that he rent out a movie theater for the night so that Eden could get out of the Museum for a little bit. Gus says it's out of the question. 

Blake and Harley are inside discussing the murder investigation. They start listing all the people in the room that night. Frank's date was with him when the lights went off. Alex's date has alibis for the other two murders. Harley suggests Ben, but Blake doesn't think he's a killer. Blake suggests they keep Eden on the list, but Harley tells her that she can't do that since she's marrying her brother. 

Marah goes to get some tea for everyone. Tony and Eden talk about the "life" and how they don't like it. 

Cassie is very upset over what happened, but Edmund tells her to relax and forget about it and the jerk, Mr. O'Neill. Edmund tells her that he's going to take care of her. He asks if she's eaten today, and she tells him there wasn't time. He suggests that she get something to eat then. 

Danny suggests to Michelle that they get a room upstairs, and Michelle agrees. Danny tells her that he was miserable without her. She tells him that they are together now and she's nobody else's. 

Eden tells Tony that she's sick of everything being messed up. She says she was this close to having it all. Tony reminds her that she runs an escort service. She reminds him that it's a step up from what she was doing. He tells her that a change isn't a piece of cake and asks if she can cut it. She assures him she can. 

Bill tells Gus that he never dated anyone like Eden. Gus tells him that he proposed tonight. Bill apologizes for breaking up their evening. Gus tells him not to worry about it since Blake beat him to it. Gus says it's funny that him and Eden are both trying for a normal life, but it'd be better if she'd get out of the hooker business. 

Blake tells Harley that Eden was asking for trouble the day she opened the Garden of Eden. Harley says they have no proof, so they can't just go accusing Eden of murder. Blake tells Harley that she thinks Eden is trying to get Gus' attention. She also comments that Eden is the only person connected to all four people. Harley reminds Blake that Eden was having a dinner party when the girl was drowned. Blake suggests that Eden hired someone to do it for her. Harley tells her that she's not listening to anymore of this. Gus asks them what they were talking about. Harley asks Blake if she needs to get going. Blake takes the hint and leaves after telling them congratulations again. After Blake leaves, Harley asks Gus if Bill was satisfied with Gus' protection plan for Eden. Gus is curious why Harley is so concerned with Eden, and he tells her that she's going to have to work harder than that if she wants information out of him. Harley is trying to figure out if she should have Aituro or August as a last name. Gus suggests Augustino if she likes it better. She tells him that there's one name of his she's not going to take and that's Spaulding. Gus tells her that he's not either. 

Marah sees that Eden was crying. Eden tries to tell them that she wasn't, but that she was just mad that she was so stupid to open the door like that. Marah tells her not to beat herself up. Eden thanks her for making her feel better. Marah tells her that's what friends are for. 

Cassie tells Edmund that she's comfortable with him. Then she starts sneezing, but she blames it on her allergies. Edmund tells her that she's been wondering around in wet clothes and now she's feeling hot, so she has to get right to bed. He tucks her in, but as he goes to leave, she pulls him into bed with her. He holds her as she's falling asleep. 

Marah and Tony leave to go to bed. Eden assures them she'll be fine. After they leave, Eden fanaticizes about Tony telling her that he loves her. Bill startles her when he comes back. He's surprised that she didn't hear him come in. Bill sees that she didn't wait on him for dessert, and he teases her about it. 

Michelle and Danny dance to their song. Afterwards, she tells him that if their wedding was as unique as the song, she'd do it again in a heartbeat. 

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