Guiding Light Update Friday 6/20/03

By Eva

At the Lewis house, Reva is looking at the mail when there is a knock at the door. A messenger delivers a letter for Shayne from a baseball agent. Josh arrives and asks Reva who was at the door. Reva explains its a letter for Shayne from a baseball agent. Josh quickly calls Shayne downstairs because he is dying to know what is in the letter. Shayne opens the letter and is excited when he sees a full professional baseball contract ready for him to sign. Reva points out to Shayne that he also has a full scholarship to Stanford to consider because the school will not hold his place forever. Josh also makes his case for a baseball career. Josh tells Shayne its time for him to make a decision. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Alan arrives for dinner and gives Harley some flowers. Harley tells Alan its time to set some ground rules. 

At the Beacon, Cassie is very tired after a long day but is determined not to cancel her date with Edmund. Edmund arrives and stands behind Cassie knows its him but pretends she is expecting someone named Raul. Cassie tells Raul that they agreed not to meet in public. Edmund goes along with the game until Cassie invites Raul to her room. A shocked Edmund says Cassie and Cassie turns around and says she knew it was him. Edmund says that he has made reservations for them at a romantic restaurant. Cassie asks Edmund to cancel the dinner reservations because she wants to have a romantic dinner with him in her suite. Edmund happily agrees to Cancel the dinner reservations. Jeffrey interrupts Edmund and Cassie's conversation because he needs her help with something. Cassie walks with Jeffrey to where Danny is standing. Jeffrey wants Cassie to settle a bet he made with Danny. Danny explains that they need Cassie to tell them if the Mayor paid for his last dinner at the hotel by using his expense account or his personal credit card. Cassie says the Mayor paid Cash for his meal. Jeffrey pays Danny ten dollars. Edmund tells Jeffrey they need to have a talk so they go to the bar. Cassie is concerned that Danny is associating with such a cruel person as Jeffrey. Danny is worried that Cassie is going to get hurt by Lex Luther aka Edmund. Cassie asks Danny to be happy for her because for the first time in a long time she is happy. 

At the bar, Jeffrey wonders if Edmund is still mad because he interrupted his romantic evening with Cassie. Jeffrey explains that he had a murder to investigate. Edmond asks Jeffrey if he is intent on ruining his ( Edmund's) relationship with Cassie or if all these interruptions are a mere coincidence. 
Jeffrey assures Edmund he has no interest in he and Blondie's relationship. Edmund says that is good to know because if Jeffrey were interested in his relationship with Cassie then they would have a problem. 

At the Lewis house, Reva makes a suggestion to Shayne. Reva thinks Shayne should sign both letters ( the baseball contract and the college scholarship acceptance letter) and put them in the drawer so he can make a decision after the prom. Josh and Shayne agree to the idea. Josh and Reva agree to abide by his decision because it is Shayne's life. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley thinks Alan is looking down on her and Gus's simple life. Alan assures Harley that was never his intention. Harley informs Alan that he is more then welcome to be a part of her and Gus's life but she will not allow him to change their lives in any way, shape of form. Alan tells Harley he has no intention of changing her and Gus's life. Harley says that if he tries to manipulate or change their lives in any form she will call him on it right in front of Gus and then Alan will be out of their lives. Harley tells Alan this time he is the outsider not her. Gus arrives home and wonders if he missed anything. 

At the Beacon bar, Jeffrey says that Cassie is the one who is always bugging him because she is a klutz who always bumps into him. Jeffrey says that R.J. is always racing go carts on his ceiling and not letting him sleep. Jeffrey also adds he is sick and tired of everyone in town thinking he looks so much like Richard. The discussion between Jeffrey and Edmund gets loud as Edmund defends his family against Jeffrey's verbal attack. Edmund calms down and reminds Jeffrey that since he is ambassador he has diplomatic immunity which means he can do all kinds of awful things to people and the law can't do anything to him. Jeffrey takes Edmund's comment as a threat. Edmond says he isn't threatening him but he will make one suggestion. Edmund suggests that the next time he has a complaint to give to Cassie he should tell him ( Edmund) about it and he will relay the message to Cassie. Edmond also suggests that Jeffrey do everyone a favor and find some place else to live. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus and Alan are having a good time laughing and talking at dinner while Harley is very serious. Gus tells Harley that he thought Alan's lawyer was an escort. Alan politely asks Harley for seconds and Harley puts on a fake smile and goes to the kitchen to get the food. 

At the Beacon, Jeffrey and Cassie almost bump into each other again in the hall. Jeffrey suggests they call a truce and agree to stay out of each other's way. Cassie agrees to the truce. Jeffrey tells Cassie that if there is a murder in the hotel tonight she will be the last person to know about it. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley spoons macaroni and Cheese onto Alan's plate and tells him she appreciates his concern for their future very much but she and Gus are happy with their simple life. Harley sits back down at the table and says that Alan shouldn't fight for the company because he thinks Gus will run the company in the future. Gus stops Harley and says he and Alan have already had this discussion and Alan is clear that Gus is happy with his life. Alan says he understands that Gus is happy with his lifer and he is fighting for the company because Gus may have children in the future. Harley says she and Gus haven't even discussed marriage. Alan says that they may get married and have children someday. Alan gets up from the table to get himself a beer. 

At the Lewis house, Shayne dissection with Marina . Shayne asks for her advice on what he should do. Marina says that she shouldn't base his decision on her opinion Shayne wonders if Marina will miss him when he leaves. Marina says she will miss him very much. Shayne says he should be happy with his opportunities but he is miserable because he has to make this decision. Marina tries to take his mind off things by taking out two pairs of shoes and asking Shayne which shoes she should wear to the prom. 

At the very tired Cassie runs water in the bathtub for her bath. While she waits for the tub to be ready she goes back to her bed and lies down and closes her eyes for a few seconds. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus and Alan share cigars as they talk on the porch. Alan says since he has gotten to know Gus. Alan says Gus has taught him how to be a real man one who is respected and loved by his friends and family. Alan also says it has meant allot to him that Harley and Gus have accepted him into their family. Gus tells Alan that it has been a special night for him too because he finally feels like he has a home and doesn't need to be alone. A worried Harley listens to their conversation. 

At the Lewis house, Shayne and Marina eat chips and salsa as they talk about how much their lives have changed . Shayne and Marina throw corn chips at each other and almost kiss but are interrupted by Josh and Reva. Reva invites Marina to dinner and Marina and Shayne both go to help Reva with the preparations. Shayne tells Josh and Reva he wishes someone would make this decision for him Shayne tells Josh and Reva he is going to the prom together. While Reva Shayne and Marina are in the kitchen Josh takes the baseball contract out of the drawer and has a messenger deliver it to Shayne's agent. Josh tells himself that someday Shayne will thank him for making this decision.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey loudly knocks and Cassie's door and Cassie wakes up from her nap. Jeffrey screams that his room is being flooded with water falling from the ceiling. Cassie remembers the bath tub and she and Jeffrey run to the bathroom to turn it off. A soaking wet Jeffrey and Cassie come out of the bathroom. Cassie is angry because Jeffrey is always ruining his special days. Jeffrey is angry because Cassie accidentally pulled him into the tub when her hand slipped on a bar of soap and she fell into the tub. Jeffrey takes off his shirt and asks Cassie for her towel . Cassie refuses to give him the towel. They play tug of war for the towel and Jeffrey finally wins but Cassie and Jeffrey end up very close together just as Edmund walks in the door. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Alan leaves and an annoyed Harley wonders if Gus is going to skip the ice cream too. Tears well up in Harley's eyes as she admits to Gus she thinks she is losing him . Gus assures Harley she will never lose him. Gus tells Harley that he was explaining to Alan that when he ( Gus) met Harley he felt like his heart had found a home where he could rest. Now he doesn't have to be alone anymore. Gus pulls out a small box and opens it to reveal a beautiful ring. Gus proposes to Harley and a tearful Harley accepts his proposal and gives Gus a hug. 

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