Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/17/03

By Hilary

Phillip and Olivia prepared to leave for the Bauer cabin. Beth and Lizzie arrived and informed Phillip that there was an open house at the Springfield Academy the following evening. Josh told Reva that Shayne was missing. Frank and Darcy told Buzz about their plans for a second date, but after receiving a phone call, Buzz told them they'd have to change their plans. Marah and Tony prepared for a party, but ended up in bed instead. Shayne planned a surprise birthday party for Marina in his family's pool-house, which he had filled with balloons.

Buzz told Frank, Darcy, and Harley about the party, and Darcy decided to go. Marah and Tony reminisced, and Marah told Tony she was very happy. Shayne gave Marina a rare baseball card and a hat for her birthday. Reva tried to convince Josh that Shayne was fine, and then talked about her meeting with Christopher Langham. Josh continued to complain about Shayne, telling Reva that Shayne was breaking his 8:00 curfew. She told him he needed to lighten up, and that he sounded like his father. Josh said he didn't care. Reva asked if he wasn't thinking more of himself instead of Shayne.

Lizzie continued to explain why she wanted to go to the Springfield Academy, and why her parents needed to go to the open house. Phillip said he would go another time, because he had already planned the trip with Olivia, but Lizzie insisted this was the last chance. Olivia said they could reschedule their trip. Reva and Josh continued to argue about Shayne. Reva said Josh was trying to get Shayne to live the life that he wanted. Frank, Darcy, Buzz, and Harley arrived at Marina's party, followed by Marah and Tony. Frank and Harley went outside to discuss the "Garden of Eden" murders. Eden walked around Marah and Tony's empty bedroom, then picked up and sniffed Tony's discarded shirt.

Philip decided that Beth should go to the open house and fill him in. After Beth and Lizzie left, Phillip thanked Olivia for offering to give up the trip. Josh insisted to Reva that he had no doubts or regrets about their life. Reva said that she said she should take care of him. Josh noticed people in the pool-house. Marina apologized to Frank for ruining his date with Darcy, but he said it wasn't ruined. Marah said they should play the Ouija Board game to solve the "Garden of Eden" murders. Josh was angry that Shayne threw a party without their permission, but Reva convinced him not to break it up.

At Company, Beth and Lizzie talked about Lizzie's feelings. Beth said it would be normal to be upset, but Lizzie insisted she was fine. Beth tried to get Lizzie to talk about other things, especially boys. Lizzie then noticed she had cell messages from Shayne, asking her to go to Marina's party. She ran out, while Beth tried to ask her if she had a crush on Shayne. While Phillip got the car, Olivia left a message for Dr. Sedwick to call her cell phone as soon as she got the results of Olivia's paternity test. She then wished on a star that the baby would be Philip's. 

At the museum, Eden destroyed one of Marah's drawings, and then curled up in Marah and Tony's bed. As Marina's party wound down, Frank tried to stay, but Harley convinced him to leave her alone with Shayne. Marina asked Shayne to a concert as a thank-you for the party. Though he knew he had an 8:00 weeknight curfew, he agreed to go.

Marah, Tony, Harley, Frank, and Darcy began to play poker at Company. Eden asked Darcy to go to a movie, but she turned her down. She told Eden that she really liked Frank and wanted to keep seeing him, which upset Eden. Reva and Josh danced, as did Phillip and Olivia. Shayne and Marina broke her piņata. Shayne kissed Marina. She returned the kiss, just as Lizzie arrived. Lizzie ran off, visibly upset.

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