Guiding Light Update Monday 6/16/03

By Hilary

Outside Company, Marah and Shayne discussed their parents, and Shayne's choices: should he go to Stanford, or play pro baseball? Shayne said it was a disaster. Marah said that having no choices would be the disaster, and that he was lucky to have choices at all. Inside, Marina and Buzz discussed how much she was working lately. She said she was saving for alloy wheels for her car, but Buzz pointed out that Marina had barely left Company since Ben had been released from jail. Marina insisted it wasn't about him. Reva ran into Cassie at the Beacon, where Reva and Christopher Langham were scheduled to meet. Cassie told Christopher that the meeting a few nights before was interesting. Cassie and Jeffrey argued about the service at the Beacon. He then stated that he was going to apologize for interrupting her date with Edmund, but changed his mind. When she said she wouldn't discuss her relationship with Edmund, he blasted her for "keeping it in the family."

Shayne told Marah that he wasn't sure what he wanted. He said that he might want to just relax and have fun. She said he should have fun for the summer, but that he would get bored. She told him not to let their parents make him hate baseball, and that he needed to make a choice. She asked if there was something holding him back. Buzz told Marina to knock off and go have fun. When she saw Shayne, she told him to drop and give him fifty for missing baseball practice. Christopher told Reva not to doubt her abilities. He said he was merely perceptive, while she was gifted. When she didn't answer a cell call from Josh, Christopher asked if she was having problems at home. She said that thankfully they weren't her doing this time, and he asked if she was afraid that working with him would cause family problems. Cassie told Jeffrey that he could complain about the service, but that her personal life was off-limits. He said that she shouldn't flaunt it. When she referred to Edmund as her "friend," Jeffrey laughed and said he only played poker with his friends. She said she doubted he had friends. Jeffrey said Cassie was defensive because Arthur had let her know that Richard knew about her budding relationship with Edmund, and that must make her feel strange. She asked why he was always bothering her, and why he was the one that interrupted her date with Edmund, rather than the police. He said it was professional courtesy, but she didn't buy it.

Mel examined Jeffrey for a check-up. After her initial shock over his resemblance to Richard, she told him that her husband, Rick, was alive because he had Richard's heart. Jeffrey asked if she liked her job, because he knew she had applied for a job as a law clerk for the district attorney's office. He told her he knew all about her family history. Mel said she was surprised that she wasn't called for a traditional interview. Jeffrey said he wanted to see the applicants in their natural habitat. She said she wanted the job so she could help people. Jeffrey said maybe she should stick to medicine, because there is no place for "bleeding hearts" when dealing with hardened criminals. After completing a 10K marathon, Rick visited Richard's grave to thank him. Cassie also arrived at the grave, and told Rick she thinks Richard may be talking to them, too. Christopher told Reva that until she learns to control her gift, she should just keep her visions to herself. Just then, she saw a flash of Richard's grave.

When he seemed to guess what she had seen, Reva told Christopher what she had seen. He told her that it was only natural to be thinking of that so near the anniversary of Richard's death. Reva then realized that her vision wasn't of Richard's grave, but Cassie's. Christopher told her the vision was merely a symbol. They discussed Cassie and Edmund's relationship. They decided that maybe the vision symbolized Cassie burying the past. Cassie told Rick about Richard's message through Arthur, and told him that Richard would be proud of Rick for finishing the race. She then talked to Richard at his grave, telling him she needed some time alone with him. She discovered she had brought Jeffrey's lunch, and at first said he had bad taste, but discovered she liked it after tasting it.

Continuing to speak to Richard at his grave, Cassie asked Richard about Edmund, and if he was the right one for her. She decided she would learn to love again. Jeffrey offered Mel the law clerk position in his office. She assumed he was offering because she was an African-American woman, but he insisted otherwise. She mentioned that she still needed to pass the bar exam, and he took that as a yes. Marina lamented her decisions regarding Ben to Shayne, saying she looked like a loser in the end. Shayne disagreed, and took her hand. After she went in the kitchen, he told Buzz that the lights got dimmer when she left a room. Buzz wanted someone to make Marina happy. After saying goodbye to Christopher, Reva and Cassie discussed Cassie's date with Edmund. Reva said she doesn't want to know about it, but when Cassie pushed, Reva began to list things Cassie had done recently, like dating Edmund, and cutting her hair. Cassie told Reva she had wallpaper samples in the car that she wanted her to see, but walked into Jeffrey as she opened the door.

Shayne asked Marina to come over and help him write an essay for a recruiter, and she accepted. Rick expressed doubt over whether Mel should take the job with Jeffrey, because Jeffrey is such a pain. Mel said she is used to dealing with difficult patients, and at least with Jeffrey, she doesn't have to be nice to him if is he isn't nice to her. Rick relented, although he bets she will hate the job after a week. Jeffrey told Reva that he had interrupted Cassie and Edmund's foreplay the night of the murder. Reva listened in shock as Cassie explained that while nothing had happened yet, it had only stopped because of Jeffrey's interruption. She also blurted that it would happen because she wanted it to happen. Reva whooped that Christopher had been right: all she had to do was be quiet, and Cassie told her everything she needed to know. Jeffrey teased Cassie about Reva playing her, so she told him she ate his lunch, and stomped away.

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