Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/11/03

By Naila


Jeffrey reads the threatening letter sent to Eden and takes her along to find her escorts. He wants to find those who are on dates tonight in case the killer attacks.


Harley contacts Blake and gives her a play-by-play of the events going on: Alan and Ariana’s game of cat-and-mouse, Alex and her date from the “Bates Motel”, Frank on his first date in ages, a solitary Ben who is drinking alone, and Cassie and Edmund dancing closely.

Harley interrupts Cassie and Edmund’s dance and pulls Cassie aside for an update on her personal life. She is surprised to learn that Cassie and Edmund are on a date. Cassie tells her she’s having a really good time and she will call Harley tomorrow to give her the details. Cassie returns to Edmund and continues their dance.

Frank tears his eyes away from his date briefly and sees Harley. He and his date decide to have dinner at the bar instead in order to avoid prying eyes.

Ariana excuses herself and goes to the “ladies’” and Alan meets with Gus, who asks him why Alex is there. Alan tells him he thought Alex would be useful in checking on the males escorts. Gus is angry and tells him they have to follow protocol and Alan cannot continue to do whatever he pleases. Alan thinks Gus is more than capable of watching both him and Alex but Gus does not like splitting his focus. He asks Alan is Alex signed a release and when Alan says no, Gus chews him out, telling him that he is screwing things up! When Ariana returns, she and Alan head for the dance floor. Alan makes conversation, fishing for information on Vinnie Salerno. Ariana tells him she’s only been with Eden for a few months and has not worked with any other escort service. Alan continues to grill Ariana but she is not comfortable with it.

Gavin tells Alex about his alcoholic mother who died of food poisoning. Alex can easily remember nights that were more fun that this. Gavin invites Alex to “live in the moment” and take a twirl on the dance floor with him.

Gus goes back to Harley and tells her what Alan did. He tells her he may have to bag the operation, unless she is willing to help him. She could keep her eye on Alex while he watches Alan. Harley says she would but if Frank sees her Gus could be in a lot of trouble. Gus tells her he’ll watch Frank but he needs her to watch Gavin; he has a bad feeling about him... and everything else tonight. Gus and Harley sit down to dinner. He asks her if she can honestly live without the drama and excitement of being a cop. She thinks she’s more than capable of doing it. Jeffrey and Eden arrive and show Gus the letter. Gus wants to pull the undercovers out and put the Country Club under lockdown. Jeffrey wants him to keep things going so they can catch the killer. Gus makes it clear that it is his place to call off the op if he feels his people are in danger. Jeffrey thinks his motives are not quite so clear. He thinks Gus’ decision is personal and it is out of concern for his father. Harley tells Eden that Ariana is wired but that Gus does not know. Her date canceled at the last minute and she went out with Alan instead. Gus gets four units to come to the club. He’ll continue the op.

Cassie is annoyed to see Jeffrey at the Country Club. Edmund asks if it’s Jeffrey that bothers her or if it is his face. She tells him she isn’t really thinking about Richard. Edmund tells her that Jeffrey told him about Richard’s “message” but he is skeptical. In his experience, psychics haven’t had a real connection to the other side. “On the other hand,” Edmund says, “Nothing is what is seems to be.” Cassie asks if Jeffrey told him to say that and then tells Edmund that that was Richard’s message; now she is certain that Richard meant him... Edmund. He is not what he seems to be.


Frank feels completely awkward after he drinks out of Darci’s glass (checking to make sure it’s her drink). She says it’s fine and asks why he hasn’t been out on many dates. In one minute, Frank “vaguely insults Darci, brings up his ex-wife, admits to being a workaholic, implies that his 18 year old child gives him dating advice, and uses the words ‘desperate’ and ‘hopeless’”. Fortunately for Frank, Darci is understanding and is now looking forward to getting to the “good stuff”.


The evening is interrupted when the lights begin to flicker then completely shut off. Gus asks everyone to remain calm and stay put; they will get the lights on as soon as possible. He and Jeffrey rush off and Eden goes with them. Harley is left alone. Gus tries to keep the patrons calm and get them to stay put. He asks the manager for a complete guest list, complete with table numbers. The manager tells him the lights are out in the store room as well.

Eden is sitting alone and Ben approaches her and offers her a candle. She tells him she’s fine; he chuckles and says “for now”. Harley tells Blake to keep taping. Eden asks Harley not to leave her alone and Harley tells her they are not going to let anyone get to her. Gus comes back and asks Harley to stay with Eden; she’s afraid of the dark. Harley and Eden sit down and again, Harley assures her that no one will get to her.

Frank and Darci get more comfortable in the darkness. frank is concerned that the Emergency lights have not come back on and Darci tells him it is all right if he wants to go check things out; she understands that cops don’t stop being cops at the end of the day. Her dad was a cop, so she really does understand. She tells him she’ll wait right there for him.

Edmund tells Cassie he thinks the next time they are going to spend an evening together, he will make sure to bring a flashlight. They decide to leave the club and go somewhere else. Jeffrey sees them go but does not stop them.

Alan checks in with Gus to make sure that they don’t need any extra help. Gus tells him they have things under control. Alan tells Gus that every time he mentioned Salerno’s name, Ariana would get very uncomfortable. He thinks maybe Salerno is not part of the past as Eden has lead them to believe. He is telling Gus to talk with Eden again when Alexandra screams out. They all rush to her side but she tells them it was just a misunderstanding. Gavin says he tried to reach out and comfort Alex but his reach wasn’t so comforting. Alex tells them to forget it happened. When everyone else leaves she accuses Gavin of groping her and warns him that if he tries to touch her again, he’ll regret it. She leaves then tells Alan that she is ending the date and he can go to the DA if he wants to; she won’t spend any more time with that boy. Alan thinks Gavin fancies Alex but Alex is freaked out by him. Alan tells her if Gavin was going to hurt her, he would have done it when the lights went out. Alex warns him that he will pay for this!

Gus asks Eden if she is sure that Salerno isn’t at all involved in these murders. Eden does not think that the killings are mob-related but Gus disagrees and tells her about his conversation with Danny. Eden insists that she is not involved with Salerno. Gus tells her about Ariana’s reaction every time Alan mentioned Salerno and tells Eden to tell him the truth! Blake calls Harley again and Frank overhears Harley’s end of the conversation. He asks her what she is up to and she tells him she is just trying to help out. She admits that Gus keeps her up to date, unofficially, on the murder investigation and that Eden got a threatening letter tonight. Franks thinks the killer will strike at the club; he checked the power box and knows someone tampered with it.

Frank, Harley, Gus, Jeffrey and Eden are together when the manager comes by and tells them the lights will be on momentarily. When the lights come on Gus goes through the guest list to make sure everyone is accounted for. They are relieved to that everyone (except Cassie and Edmund) is present and accounted for. Alan tells Ariana he hopes the night was not too traumatic for her. When she does not respond he rushes over to her side and she falls to the ground.


Cassie and Edmund are outside enjoying the night air. Edmund asks her if she wants to dance again and she agrees, after she changes the music. She turns up some Latin music and tells him now she can dance. Edmund protests but Cassie encourages him to try. He does but Cassie ends up falling and break her heel [of the shoe]. Edmund picks her up to makes sure she’s all right. She tells him she’s fine and they kiss.

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