Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/10/03

By Brandon

At the Beacon, Edmund and Jeffery argue after Jeffrey accuses Edmund of putting the moves on his dead brother's wife. Edmund tells Jeffrey that he may look like Richard but he needs to stay out of his personal business. Jeffrey informs Edmund that Richard talked to Cassie from the grave. Cassie and tells her hairdresser that she is giving Edmund a second chance because Richard always believed their was good in Edmund. Edmund is stunned to see Cassie with her new haircut as they leave for their date. At the Spaulding mansion, Gus prepares Alan for the night ahead and informs Alan that the killer may not be an escort, but Salerno the crime lord. Alan asks Gus if he has a woman going out with any of the male escorts, Gus says no because they are severely understaffed. After Gus leaves the mansion Alan phones his big sister Alex, and blackmails her into helping Gus (his real son as he refers) by going out with a male escort from the Garden of Eden, Alex reminds Alan that she does not pay men to sleep with her and when she tries to leave, he tells her everything is arranged and if she doesn't do it he will send her to jail, because he owns her now. Marina and Buzz help Frank prepare for his date unaware that Darcy is actually working for Eden. Eden warns Darcy that she needs to be aware that the killer may be after her next. Ben sneaks up on Eden and warns her that he will get revenge on her for costing him Marina. Harley is stunned to learn that Alan is the male going out with the escort she and Blake are working with. After acting extremely nervous Gus says he understands that she just misses the business. Jeffrey questions Eden on who she thinks is out to kill her. Eden later receives a warning saying that the killer will be sending her another message tonight. Alexandra is embarrassed and later freaked out when the escort she is set up with is acting extremely creepy and tells her he will give her a night she will never forget. Gus and Harley notice Frank arriving to at the country club and also notice Edmund and Cassie have also just arrived and looking quite stunning, they agree that the room and the town just got too small.

End show
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