Guiding Light Update Friday 6/6/03

By Eva

At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth is looking at pictures and other special memories of Lizzie and James . Philip arrives and they begin to argue because Philip thinks Lizzie is a normal teenager who doesn't need Psychiatric help. Beth thinks Lizzie needs professional help to deal with the many problems in her life. Philip thinks Beth is projecting her fears onto Lizzie. 

At the Beacon, Olivia assumes Cassie is leaving for her date with Edmund. Cassie explains that her date with Edmund is tomorrow night . Cassie tells Olivia that she is going to the physic demonstration at the country club. Olivia jokes that maybe the physic will tell Cassie not to date Edmund. Lizzie arrives and calls Olivia Grandma and then corrects herself and calls her Olivia. Lizzie says she wasn't sure where she was spending the night tonight. Olivia says she is supposed to spend the night with Beth. Jeffrey arrives with a shopping bag and bumps into Cassie. An annoyed Jeffrey picks up the shopping bag and gives it to Cassie.

At the Museum, Marah tells Eden that she is going to the physic demonstration at the Country club. Marah tells Eden that the doors and windows are locked and the alarm system is turned on then Marah leaves. Eden turns on the radio and Listens to Sandy and the mole for a few minutes. The Mole thinks the serial Killer is a good Psycho because he or she is killing prostitutes and their clients. Before listening to Sandy's response Eden turns off the radio. Bill arrives a few minutes later and Eden is relieved and goes to give Bill a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Eden wonders Why Bill never called her while he was gone on his two day trip. Bill tells Eden that he is angry that she recruited Ben to be a prostitute and then turned her back on Ben when he needed her. Bill and Eden begin to argue. Eden says Ben is a big boy and she wasn't his mother. Eden says that she never took a dime of the extra money Mrs. Hendon paid Ben. Eden says that Ben could have turned Mrs. Hendon down but he loved all the extra money. Bill thinks Eden should have made Ramona back off when Ben came to her asking for her help. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth tells Philip what Felicia told her about Lizzie repressing her feelings and trying so hard to pretend that she is okay with everything that is going on with her family. Philip refuses to believe that Lizzie's problems are that serious. Philip thinks Beth blames him for all of Lizzie's problems. Beth explains that everyone in the family is responsible in some way for Lizzie's problems. Beth wants to know what they will do as parents to help Lizzie. 

At the Beacon, Lizzie says she doesn't want to be a burden to Olivia and all she wants is to get along. Olivia insists that Lizzie isn't a burden to her. Lizzie tells Olivia she will do anything to help her when she is visiting Philip. Lizzie tells Olivia that Felicia thinks she is jealous of the baby. Olivia asks Lizzie if she is jealous of the baby. Lizzie says Felicia is wrong that she couldn't be jealous of a baby. Jeffrey explains to Cassie that he bought R.J. a track for his cars so he can play with them more quietly. Cassie is touched and asks Jeffrey to give R.J. his gift personally. Jeffrey refuses to do that saying its better she give the gift to R.J. for him. Jeffrey explains that kids to him are some weird alien life form which may become human by the age of 22. Cassie is puzzled and asks Jeffrey what he means by that remark. Jeffrey explains that some kids remain animals when they are grown and he encourages Cassie to visit any jail to see an example. Cassie gets angry and assures Jeffrey that her little boy is human. Cassie says she will give R.J. the train track but only when he gets out of school in to weeks and until then he will have to put up with the sound of plastic wheels scratching against his ceiling. 

At the Country Club, Reva arrives and speaks to Dr. Langham who is very glad she decided to come to the demonstration. Cassie arrives and Reva introduces her to the doctor. Marah and Michelle arrive and Marah wants to go say hello to the doctor but Michelle admits she is scared and nervous about physics. Marah tells Michelle that she is worried about Eden being alone at home. Michelle assures Marah that Eden is more then capable of taking care of herself. They both go find a seat and sit down. 

At the Museum, Bill wonders if Eden is willing to take responsibility for anything at all in regards to Ben's situation. The only thing Eden feels responsible for is hiring Ben and introducing him to Mrs. Hendon. Eden also admits she feels horrible that her clients and employees are being killed. Bill admits that Eden is right that Ben is an adult and he made some wrong decisions. Eden wonders why Bill is angry at her. Bill says he is angry Eden didn't tell Ben the truth about what Mrs. Hendon expected from him. Bill says the fact Eden didn't tell Ben the truth makes her a cold person. Eden tells Bill to leave because all men leave her and she uses her father and brother as examples. Eden says she doesn't need a man or anyone. Eden pushes Bill towards the door twice but Bill says he isn't leaving and grabs Eden's arm. The anger soon turns to passion when Bill and Eden kiss and start to make love. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth tells Philip that instead of arguing they should focus on Lizzie and what she needs. They share memories of when Lizzie was a little girl. Beth wants Philip to give Lizzie space to feel her feelings and she warns Philip he may not like the way Lizzie feels. Beth admits that even she sometimes has a hard time dealing with Olivia being a part of his life. Beth says he can't expect Lizzie to accept Olivia without some feeling of anger. Beth tells Philip she advised Olivia to get a paternity test. Philip looks concerned and then he starts to laugh. 

At the Beacon, Olivia apologizes to Lizzie because the situation is so hard on her and says she doesn't hate Lizzie. Lizzie says she is confused and doesn't know if Olivia is her step grandmother or her father's mistress. Olivia tells Lizzie that her relationship with Alan was over a long time ago. Lizzie tells Olivia that she must like being a mistress better then being a wife because a mistress gets more stuff. Olivia tells Lizzie to shut up because Lizzie is getting louder and people are staring at them. Lizzie continues to push Olivia's buttons by saying that if the baby isn't Philip's he will leave her Burt that is okay because Alan will take her back and probably give her a big ring. Olivia' pushes Lizzie twice telling her to shut up. Olivia trips over something and falls backward. Olivia is fine and asks Lizzie to help her get up. Lizzie says you hate me because you think I made you fall don't you? Olivia says nothing. Lizzie tells Olivia to find someone else to help her get up because if she helped her Olivia would probably fall again. 

At the Country Club the demonstration begins and doctor Langham explains that some imposters manage to fool people simply by watching people's facial expressions when they mention something. Dr. Langham explains that these imposters give true physic a bad name. Dr. Langham explains that the Physic who will be demonstrating his powers today will keep his eyes closed so that he can't read people's facial expressions. The Physic walls around the room and stops in front of Marah and Michelle to tell the lady behind them that her grandmother loves her very much and will always be with her. The Physic gets a very strong male energy who has a very deep love for someone in the room. 

At the Museum, Eden thanks Bill for holding her after they made love. Eden admits to Bill that when she is scared she acts more confident. Bill says he could tell that about her the first day they met. Bill admits he cares about Eden and he is scared for her. Bill asks Eden to shut down her business. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie arrives crying and tells Philip and Beth that Olivia got really angry at her when she tried to tell her that she was Okay with the baby and Olivia's relationship with Philip. Lizzie says Olivia began cursing at her and told her to shut up and practically kicked her out of the hotel. Phillip holds Lizzie and kisses her on the forehead and says he will talk to Olivia. Philip leaves and Beth wonders if Lizzie is telling the truth about what happened with Olivia. 

At the Museum, Eden tells Bill she thought he was turned on by her wild side. Bill admits he was turned on at first but now he is scared for her. Eden says she can't close down the business until the police catch the killer after that she and Bill will discuss shutting down the business. 

At the Country club, the Physic says that this man died recently and he loves this woman very much. Reva knows its a message from Richard but Cassie refuses to claim the message until Reva says that she will claim the message for her. Richard tells Cassie she has come to a fork in the road and there is a new man in her life. Cassie thinks the knew man is Edmund. Jeffrey who has been standing in the back of the room fins a seat and sits down. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie continues to Cry and is upset that Beth Believes Olivia over her own daughter. Lizzie pleads for Beth to Believe her. Beth stares at Lizzie for a long time then tells Lizzie that she ( Lizzie) reminds her of herself. 

At the Beacon, An angry Philip confronts Olivia and demands to know what happened between her and Lizzie. 

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