Guiding Light Update Thursday 6/5/03

By Eva

At the Museum, Tony invites Marah to play hooky with him and go to the lake. Marah says she has a lot of things on her to do list. Marah asks Tony if he saw the message she left him which said Tony called and needs to meet with him. Tony tells Marah he saw the message but he would rather play hooky with her

At Michelle and Danny's house, Michelle feels like making love and asks Danny to stay home from work. Danny says he has a meeting and he has to leave. Michelle tries to persuade him to stay home by kissing him for a long time. Danny has a hard time resisting Michelle but he decides to go to the meeting. Danny tells Michelle he ordered breakfast in bed for her . The doorbell rings and Danny goes downstairs to answer it thinking it is breakfast but it turns out to be Ed. Michelle tells Danny from upstairs that if he won't come back upstairs she will have to go down and get him. When Michelle gets downstairs Danny tries to warn her not to say anymore because someone is at the door. Michelle sees Ed and is very embarrassed. Danny tells Michelle that her father arrived before the breakfast order. 

At the Beacon, Tammy and Cassie talk but Tammy gets distracted when she sees Jeffrey. Cassie tells Tammy to try and ignore him although its hard because he looks like Richard. Tammy doesn't think Jeffrey is anything like her father and says that all he cares about is himself and the law. Cassie explains to Tammy that Jeffrey was just doing his job and after all she did break the law. Tammy thinks Jeffrey doesn't have a heart and he isn't human. Cassie is determined to prove her daughter wrong and walks over with Tammy to talk to Jeffrey. Jeffrey looks up from the papers he is reading and ask Tammy what she is doing home from school. Tammy explains it is a school holiday. Cassie says she wants to give Jeffrey a chance to prove he isn't a total jerk. 

On the docks. Edmund meets with Dax who gives him a file with information on Jeffrey. Dax says that he will find it very interesting. Jeffrey accuses Cassie of having rats in her hotel. Cassie is very offended and wonders how Jeffrey could think such a thing. Jeffrey explains that every night at 8:00 when he is ready to study his files he hears scratching noises that don't allow him to concentrate on his work. Tammy asks what room he is in and when Jeffrey tells her the number she figures out that R.J. is in the room right above him. Tammy explains to Jeffrey that R.J. always plays with his cars before he goes to sleep and those are the scratching noises he has heard. Jeffrey asks Cassie to make her son stop playing with his cars because when he comes home he has important work to do. Cassie explains that her son is only 4 years old and he loves cars. Cassie tells Jeffrey that car is the first word R.J. ever spoke. Jeffrey says that the story is very touching but she will have to make her son play with his cars in the daytime and have him in bed by 8:00 at night. Jeffrey closes his briefcase and proceeds to give Cassie a speech on how it is her job to see that her customers are satisfied . Jeffrey says that like it or not he is a customer and leaves. Cassie is very angry and in the end admits that Tammy was right Jeffrey is a jerk. Lizzie arrives to apologize to Tammy . Tammy doesn't want to speak to her at first but then she tells Lizzie what a jerk Jeffrey was to Cassie . Tammy says that people who act like Jeffrey should be taught a lesson. 

At the Museum, Tony says he needs a break from everything and everyone except Marah and that is why he wants to go to the lake with her. Marah encourages Tony to talk to his cousin and explain to him how he feels. Marah thinks he shouldn't fight with Danny because he is family. Marah agrees to go to the lake with Tony but only if he meets with Danny . Marah has some errands to do but she will meet with him after he has spoken to Danny so they can play hooky. 

At Michelle and Danny's house, Danny invites Ed to stay and have breakfast with Michelle but explains he has to go to a meeting. Michelle walks Danny out and asks him if Ed heard what she was telling him earlier. Danny nods his head yes and smiles. Michelle is embarrassed and wonders how she will go back inside . Danny kisses her good-bye and says that he thinks Ed knows he and Michelle make love and if he hasn't figured it out Robbie should be his first clue. Michelle walks back inside and Ed says next time he will call before he comes over. Ed asks Michelle if she has started making wedding plans yet.. Michelle asks Ed if he is concerned because she and Danny are living in sin. 

At the Beacon, Cassie looks through a magazine and considers getting a new hairstyle. Reva arrives and is surprised her sister is considering a change. Cassie says she feels its time for a change. Reva explains that every time she and Josh had a fight she would change her hair. The sisters continue looking through the magazine and discuss which hairstyle would look best on Cassie. An employee arrives to tell Cassie Edmund wants to meet her at 8:00 for dinner instead of 7:30. 

At Michelle and Danny's house, Ed says that he isn't upset that she and Danny are living together after all she is an adult. Ed says he has accepted that Danny is the man she loves and wants to marry. Michelle says she thinks she wants to have a small informal wedding this time. Michelle thinks Ed is trying to help her with wedding plans so he can make up for the fact Maureen isn't there. Ed admits she is right and says that he also wants to help because he wasn't around the other times she got married. 

At the Beacon, Tammy says getting revenge on Jeffrey isn't worth getting grounded for life . Lizzie coaxes Tammy and Tammy decides to get revenge on Jeffrey. Lizzie asks Tammy if she can get Jeffrey's room key. Reva says that the reason Cassie wants to make these changes is for Edmund. From the way Reva looks at her Cassie guesses Reva thinks she has lost her senses going out with Edmund. Reva asks Cassie if she has forgotten everything Edmund has done. Cassie gets angry and says that with everything she has been through she isn't the same Cassie anymore. Cassie explains that she believes Edmund has changed and is willing to give him a chance. Cassie also resents Reva not trusting her to make her own decisions. Cassie accuses Reva of trying to control her life. 

On the docks, Edmund reads the file on Jeffrey. Edmund notices that there is a three year gap between Jeffrey's job in Chicago and his job in New York. Dax admits he found that strange too. Edmund orders Dax to investigate this job gap. Edmund tells Dax that right now Cassie finds Jeffrey repulsive but he is worried that with Jeffrey's resemblance to Richard she might change her mind. Edmund says he doesn't want Cassie's feelings for Jeffrey to change. Edmund thinks Jeffrey is not worth Cassie's time. Dax thinks Edmund wants Cassie to think he (Edmund ) is worth her time. Edmund gets annoyed with Dax and says that all he has done to Cassie he just wants to make sure she doesn't get hurt. Edmund says its a way to make up for all he has done to Cassie in the past

At the Beacon, Reva explains to Cassie that she trusts her but she doesn't trust Edmund. Reva apologizes for trying to control her life but lately she just feels so out of control. Reva tells Cassie she has been having more visions and doesn't know what to do about them. Cassie persuades Reva to go to the phycic seminar at the country club. Cassie says she will go along for moral support. 

At Danny and Michelle's house, Ed says he wishes Maureen was there for Michelle. Ed starts to apologize for taking her mother away from her but Michelle says she doesn't blame him for Maureen's death. Ed leaves just as Marah arrives. Marah is about to invite Michelle to go to the seminar at the country club but Marah notices Michelle is distracted. Michelle tells Marah she and Ed were talking about her mother. Marah says Michelle must miss her mother. 

At Towers, Tony leaves a message for Eden reminding her to check in with him. Danny arrives and explains to Tony that he wants him to get in touch with some of their old contacts to keep tabs on Salairno's operation. Tony gets angry because Danny gave him an order. Tony demands to know if they are still in the business and once he hears the truth from Danny the he will decide if he is still interested in being Danny's partner. Danny says he has been doing everything possible to give them a fresh start but guys like Salairno who rise to power quickly would love nothing better then to ruin the good reputations that he and Tony are trying to build. Danny says they need to stay one step ahead of him just in case he tries to harm the people they love. Danny wants to know if Tony is in or out. 

At the Beacon, Jeffrey knocks on Cassie's door and demands to know where Tammy is because he wants to arrest her again. Tammy and Lizzie are very happy they pulled of their prank.

At the docks, Reva advises Edmund not to take advantage of Cassie's vulnerability or he will be very sorry.

At the Beacon, Jeffrey tells Cassie she should stop her daughter's delinquent behavior. Cassie says she only put a stuffed animal in your bed get over it. Jeffrey admits he may have overacted. Cassie says everyone would be afraid of a stuffed cow. Jeffrey smiles.

At Michelle and Danny's place, Michelle admits she wishes there was a way her mother could know how happy she is with her life.

At Towers, Tony apologizes and admits he has been feeling like an outsider. Tony asks Danny if he meant what he said and if they will really be partners. Danny says he meant every word and they are partners. Tony agrees to help Danny keep tabs on Salairno.. 

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