Guiding Light Update Wednesday 6/4/03

By Naila


Ross and Holly do all that they can to get Ben released on bail. Ross tells Frank to charge Ben or let him go but Frank tells him they are still waiting for lab results from the other murders. Until then, Ben will remain in custody unless Ross wants to fight it. Ben thinks Frank is just trying to get back at him and Ross says that whether that is true or not, Frank can continue to hold him. Holly decides to try to get through to Frank. She asks about Marina and Frank says she’ll be fine as long as Ben stays away from her. By keeping him in jail, he is keeping Ben away from Marina and Eden... “and that’s a good thing.” Holly asks him how he would feel if, hypothetically, Ben agreed not to go anywhere near Marina. She understands that Frank is worried that despite everything that Ben has done, Marina may still go back to him. Holly asks him if he’ll take Ben’s word that he will not go to Marina. Holly asks Ben if he’ll promise to stay away from Marina and Eden if it gets him out. Ben is against it but Ross tells him to be grateful for what Holly has done and agree to it. Ben does not want to crawl to Frank; besides, he thinks Marina will see things differently once she calms down. Holly says that is up to Marina, but Ben has to respect Frank’s wishes and stay away from the teenage Cooper. Ben agrees and goes to Frank, promises him that he will stay away, if he is released.


Shayne and Josh practice a little baseball outside as Marina looks on. When Shayne sees her, he forgets about Josh and tells Marina how happy he is to see her smile again. Marina does not intend to wreck her life because Ben turned out to be a creep; as far as Shayne is concerned, Ben can rot in jail for a long time.

Reva meets Josh and is thrilled to tell him that Stanford University has sent a letter to Shayne and it is quite possibly a scholarship. Josh is not as enthused as Reva is.

Reva and Marina are thrilled to read that Shayne was offered a full athletic scholarship to Stanford. Shayne is disappointed that he has to put off going pro. Reva rushes off to tell Marah and plan a celebration dinner for Shayne. Josh tells Shayne he should be proud because this is a great accomplishment but that the final decision is still his to make. Shayne does not want to make anyone unhappy but Josh tells him that it is not his responsibility to make everyone happy. Shayne tells Josh they’ll talk more later; right now he wants to finish his conversation with Marina. Marina can’t see the downside to Shayne’s options: 1) go to Stanford and still play ball on their great team or 2) play pro-ball. Shayne tells her there is also a third option: Springfield U. Marina thinks it’s ridiculous to even consider S.U. when he has Stanford as an alternate. Shayne asks her what she would do if it were up to her and she says she won’t answer that because he has enough people telling him what they think he should do. He needs to answer the most important question: What is it that he wants? Marina agrees to help him decide; she tells him to close his eyes and try to see where he is in a year. Shayne can’t seem to keep his eyes off Marina and concentrate. When she asks him what he wants more than anything else he opts for one of Buzz’ burgers. Marina is not alone for long though because Ben [who must have forgotten the promise he made] shows up. He makes a move toward her, and Marina backs away. He asks her if she’s scared of him but she says she isn’t; she is disgusted with him. Ben tells her the released him and did not press any charges. He tells her he did not kill Mrs. Hendon. He wants to make things up to her but Marina is fine and does not need him; she knows she was a fool for thinking he was a good guy. Ben says that he does love her and because of her, he was become a better guy but Marina has realized that he is just not good for her. She tries to walk away from him but he grabs her and tells her to hear him out because he risked everything to come see her. He explains his promise to Frank and Marina isn’t too impressed that he broke that promise the first chance he got. He says he had to ... for her. Marina asks him to let go of her because she is done listening to him but he won’t let go. Shayne comes out and tell Ben to take his hands off her. Marina tells Shayne not to bother because Ben is not worth it. Ben accuses Shayne of making a move on Marina and shoves him. Shayne shoves back and the two of them get into a scuffle. Marina begs them to stop and Shayne [who was set up for a nice clear shot] steps back. Ben tells Marina he knows she still cares and is not giving up. After he leaves, Marina cleans up Shayne’s bloody lip. She praises him for being the adult and not giving in to Ben but he tells her it wasn’t about being noble; he just didn’t want to hurt his pitching arm. She says he was doing the adult thing by protecting his assets. Josh spots them and, surprisingly, does not intrude. Instead, he contacts the Athletic Department at Stanford, and tells them the family has decided not to make any decision too quickly.


Gus drops by to see Eden and tells her he’s found a man to go undercover. Eden tells him she knows; Alan was there. Gus is mad that Alan came to Eden after he specifically told him that he, Gus, would be calling the shots. Eden tells Gus to let her know if she passed Alan’s test. Gus wants to know if Alan threatened her but she says he did not and by he end, he was really sweet; he even said she was part of the family. Eden says now he has the chance to work together with his father... just like he wanted to as a child, with their father. All that matters to her is that she has him.

Reva tells Marah about Shayne’s news and about the dinner she is planning. After talking to Marah for a bit, Reva realizes that she completely ran Shayne over with the news and didn’t even give him a chance to respond. Reva thinks she’s a lousy mother. She explains her intentions to Marah and her encounter with Shayne. Reva thinks Marah knows Shayne better than her and Josh do sometimes and wonders whether she thinks he should go pro or go to school. Marah refuses to choose sides and tells Reva Shayne needs to make this decision himself and if he fails, then he will cope with the repercussions. Reva realizes that she needs to stop coming on so strong. She needs to be able to give her children advice and then back off so they can make their decisions. She also needs to go out there and get herself a life! and Marah has an idea on how she can do that: a psychic demonstration at the country club. Reva tells her she knew about the demonstration but she’s still not sure she wants to pursue it. Marah thinks she needs to explore her gift. Eden passes through and Marah invites her to join them. Reva has a vision of Eden, dealing cards. Eden goes out for a bit and Reva tells Marah she get the feeling that Eden creates danger for herself and for other people. She asks Marah to stay away from Eden but Marah says she thinks Eden is honestly trying and she needs people to support her.


Ben waits for Eden and blames her for the mess his life has become. She says all she did was give him a job when he was desperate. It’s not her fault her screwed up! Ben more or less tells her to watch out... he’s gonna make her pay.


Blake is surprised that Harley has decided to help her catch the killer but Harley tells her that she has to because Gus is not only watching Eden but he’s also decided to work with Alan. Harley can’t stand that these two manipulators will each be trying to work Gus. Blake however, does not buy it. She thinks Harley’s just bored and itching to get back in the game. Harley says she still does not want to return to the force because she cannot risk leaving her children without a mother. What she does want is to work in the background and help follow leads while Blake doe the leg work [never mind her three babies!]. Blake agrees and asks Harley to get her a copy of the police report but Harley can’t do it but she tells her where she can get one. She advises Blake to wear a short skirt and some heels ... it’ll make it a lot easier to distract the cop who has the report.

Gus comes home and tells her about his visit with Eden. Harley is uneasy. She and Gus try to spend a romantic evening together but Harley keeps looking at the phone, waiting for Blake to call. Harley tells him he needs to know that she can be objective and he can talk to her about anything, even Eden or Alan.


Blake, dressed in a cute little black number, seeks out detective Harry and tells him that a man, George, is harassing her and she wants protection. She uses her “assets” to get the officer to divulge some secrets. He tells her that all the murders are linked to the Garden of Eden and also that the case is focused on these three murders alone. Blake is not too happy when Ross spots her and asks her what she is doing at the station. She excuses herself and then quietly tells Ross she was looking for him and asks how things went with Ben. Ross updates her then asks her about her new look. She tells him she got a room for them at the Beacon and wants him to play hooky. When Harry sees Ross move in for a kiss he barges over and asks if this is the guy. Blake tells him Ross is her husband and he is a wonderful man. Harry asks about George and Blake tells Ross Harry was hitting on her and she made up a violent boyfriend. Ross promises to find out what she’s up to by the end of the day. He takes off and Blake waves good-bye to Harry.

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