Guiding Light Update Tuesday 6/3/03

By Sarah

Beth and Lizzie are having a girl’s day out. Beth offers to get ice cream for lunch, and Lizzie calls her on what she’s doing since she used to take her for ice cream after shots when she was little. Beth tells her that she’s very proud of her for starting therapy, and that it took a lot of courage. Lizzie continues to put on a front of happiness.

Olivia is trying out different names for the baby when Phillip comes in. She suggests Phillip Jr. for a boy, and he tells her that he wants the baby to have an identity of his own. Their talk turns to Alan and how it’s very uncharacteristic of him to just leave them alone. Phillip is very distant with her and ends the conversation with him claiming that he’s sick of everyone trying to tell him how to live his life.

Alan and Gus meet at Company to discuss the undercover act to flush out the killer. Gus tells Alan to keep it simple and honest (suggesting that he not try to have a fake identity). Gus tells him that he’s going to Eden with the plan, but Alan questions whether she’s trustable. Gus asks Alan if he can handle all of this, and Alan calls him son and tells him that he’s (Alan) got him (Gus) covered.

Eden, Harley, and Blake are working on the case, and Harley wants Eden’s little black book. Eden hesitates, but finally gives it to Harley because she doesn’t want the police involved. Harley discovers that Blake is carrying a gun. Blake tells her that she still has a permit, and that she’s been keeping up on things at the shooting range. Harley isn’t pleased, but Blake tells her that she has to have it since they are dealing with a killer. Harley suggests they bring Gus into the plan, but Eden and Blake are adamant about not involving the police.

Gus and Alan continue their conversation about the case. Gus admits that Eden is still a suspect even though he’s convinced that she couldn’t do something like this. Then Gus deputizes Alan, and he signs on to the force. Alan tells Gus that he’s proud to have a son that is gutsy and determined. Gus tells him that he doesn’t need to put Phillip down like he has been doing. Alan tells him that he thinks this is the beginning of a wonderful partnership.

Olivia tries to get Phillip to open up about what’s bothering him. He just tells her that he doesn’t want to get into it. Olivia concludes that it’s about him and Alan fighting over her and the baby. Phillip tells her that the fight between him and Alan was going on long before she ever came into the picture and it’ll be going on ….. but then he stops himself before saying “after you’re gone.” She is very hurt, and leaves to go to work.

Lizzie and Beth are talking about Phillip and Olivia. Lizzie tells Beth that Olivia isn’t her first choice or even in the top ten, but you can’t pick your relatives, so she’s dealing with it. She just wants Phillip to be happy. Beth tells her that she’s very noble about the situation. Lizzie turns the tables on Beth, and Beth ends up telling her that as crazy as their life was, she still gets angry that they aren’t still a family.

Alan is waiting for Eden, and he scares her when she realizes he’s there. He tells her that the door was open. She’s very suspicious of his intentions and can’t figure out why he needs her to get closer to Gus. Alan tells her to pipe down, and he’ll tell her.

Gus comes home to find Blake and Harley talking. He assumes it’s a play date, but the kids are at the zoo with Blake’s nanny. They tell him that it’s a Mommy play date. They make up some fake talk about turnovers and glue guns. Blake goes to leave and tells Harley to call if she changes her mind about that partnership. After Blake leaves, Harley asks Gus why he’s home early. He tells her that he’s got naughty things on his mind since they are home alone. She keeps trying to ask about the case, and he keeps trying to seduce her. She tells him that she has to tell him something, and he tells her the same thing. Gus lets her know that he has a new partner. Harley thinks that was fast. He tells her that Alan is working with him on a new undercover project.

Olivia sees Beth and Lizzie having ice cream for lunch, and comments on it. Lizzie tells Olivia that she’s looking pale and that she’ll call Phillip to come get her. Olivia tells her that she’s fine and not to call Phillip. Beth sends Lizzie home and tells her that they’ll finish their day later. Beth offers Olivia a chair and an ear. Olivia thinks that she’s just trying to gloat, but Beth is just trying to be a friend since Olivia took care of Lizzie when she was in jail and Beth couldn’t bail her out. Olivia is not buying it, but ends up spilling her guts anyway. She says that Phillip just doesn’t look at her the same way anymore. Beth tells her that she needs to find out who’s the father of her baby. She tells her that no matter how much she wanted James to belong to Jim, it didn’t change the fact that he was Phillip’s baby. Olivia tells her that she can’t find out and that Phillip said he didn’t care whose the baby was. Beth tells her that she’s kidding herself thinking it won’t matter, and tells her that she HAS to get the test done.

Lizzie shows up at the loft and finds Phillip writing. She asks to see it and figures out that he’s writing all the stories that he made up when she was little. She thinks it’s great. The talk turns to Olivia and the new baby. Lizzie asks him if he’s happy Olivia is pregnant, and he replies that a baby is a joy and blessing. Lizzie tells him that’s a great line for a greeting card, but that he didn’t answer her question.

Eden wants to know what Alan wants from her. Alan tells her that he can help her out of her little mess. She wants to know how he knows that, and he starts listing bad stuff from her past. She tells him that’s enough. She asks him how she’s supposed to trust him. He tells her that he is about to become her most important client, so he needs to know if he can trust her.

Gus wants to know why Harley is mad at him and figures out that it’s because he’s still on the force and he is. She tells him that it’s about Alan and how he’s barging his way into Gus’s life.

Olivia tells Beth that her and Phillip decided together not to get a test. Beth tells her that it’s one thing to say it, but another to live it. Olivia is scared she’ll loose Phillip, and Beth reminds her that a few minutes ago, she said she was loosing him already. Olivia thinks that Beth is doing all this for selfish reasons. Beth tells her that if she loves Phillip as much as she says she does, then she’ll get the test done.

Alan tells Eden that he wants to spend time with each and every one of her escorts one at a time starting with the one that has worked for her the longest. Eden tells him that it’s going to be a very pricey project, and Alan tells her that they’re keeping money in the family.

Gus and Harley make up after bickering about Alan and his involvement. She tells him that she misses the force, but doesn’t want to go back because it’s too risky for the kids. Harley tells Gus that she’ll trust him to handle Alan’s involvement in the case.

Olivia calls her OB to schedule the paternity test.

Lizzie asks Phillip again what’s bothering him. He tells her it’s complicated, but he and Olivia have some issues, but that’s normal in a relationship. Lizzie calls him on calling their situation normal. Phillip tells her not to worry about him because everything will be fine. Lizzie asks him if he would be with Olivia if there wasn’t a baby. Phillip tells her that there is a baby, and the baby and Olivia are going to need him, so that’s that.

Eden reminds Alan that she’s not Gus’ sister. Alan tells her that she is, but she tells him that she’s messed up a lot, and she’s lost a piece of Nicky every time. He tells her that the ties that bind are a lot looser than they appear and that sometimes you discover unexpected family that you didn't know that serve you well.

Gus and Harley both have a phone call to make, so Gus goes outside. Harley calls Blake and asks if she’s still on the market for a partner. Blake wants to know who she has in mind, and Harley tells her, “Me.”

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