Guiding Light Update Monday 6/2/03

By Eva

At the Beacon, Edmund tells Cassie she looks fantastic. Edmund asks Cassie why she hasn't called or talked to him since Tammy's arrest. Cassie says that she has been very busy after Ramona Hendon was murdered at the hotel. Edmund asks Cassie if the fact they almost made love in San Cristobel has ruined their new friendship. 

At Philip and Olivia's place, Olivia stares at herself and tells the baby to suck it in for a little while so that mommy can look better. Philip comes out and says that the baby needs all the room she can spare right now and she shouldn't tell the baby to suck it in. Olivia wonders why Philip has been so distant and distracted lately . Olivia tells Philip that he is acting like he is on auto pilot. Olivia wants to know what is bothering Philip but he says he is fine he has just got allot on his mind. 

At Company, Marina tells Buzz that she will glaze the Baklava for him when it has cooled. Buzz wonders why Marina is offering to do a job she hates doing. Marina says she will do anything because she wants to keep her hands and mind busy. Marina also tells Buzz she is very glad she didn't have to go to school. Buzz is puzzled because Marina has always loved school. Marina explains that she has tons of messages on her voice mail from her friends and people she hardly knows telling her how sorry they are about her finding the dead bodies . The phone messages also say how sorry they are about Ben being arrested. Buzz sends Marina to bus the back tables. Buzz tells Frank he made a good decision keeping Marina home from school. Frank says he is happy he finally made one good decision. Blake meets with Eden to discuss a protection strategy. Blake asks Eden how many people in this town want to kill you? Just then Marina spots Eden and lunges for her Buzz and Frank hold her back. Frank carries an angry Marina outside to cool off. Marina asks Frank how Eden can be free while Ben is in jail and people are being murdered. Frank explains that Eden hasn't been charged with a crime and she has every right to do whatever she wants to do. Blake apologizes to Buzz for causing Marina any pain but she thought Marina would be at school.

Outside Company Frank shows Marina the car he got her for her birthday. Frank explains that he will fix it up for her. Marina gives her dad a hug and takes the keys to the cart so she can look at it. Marina says that Frank is the only man she can trust. Frank tells her that not all men are bad. Marina goes to look at her car and Frank says he knows its no as fancy as the car Ben gave her but he will fix it so it will be something she likes to drive. Marina comes back and gives her father a big hug and says that she doesn't want Ben's car because it comes with strings attached. Marina explains she loves the car Frank gave her because its a cooper car. 

Inside Company, Blake asks Eden how she got the money to start her escort service. Eden tells her she used the money Alexandra gave her to leave town. Blake asks if anyone in Chicago has a grudge against her. Eden says nothing but gets very nervous and fires Blake and starts to leave because Blake is being too personal. Eden says Blake is just doing this because she is bored. Blake stops her from leaving and tells her to sit back down.

At the Beacon, Cassie blames herself for what almost happed between her and Edmund in San Cristobel. Edmund tells her that he is willing to be her friend or her punching bag or whatever she needs him to be because they are the only two people who understand what it is like to live without Richard. Edmund says he will do anything to see a smile on Cassie's face again. 

At Philip and Olivia's place, Philip asks Olivia if they can postpone their discussion until tonight because its just Olivia's hormones and she will feel better tonight. Olivia says if it makes him feel better she thinks Lizzie is determined to make her therapy work. Philip says he has a meeting with Felicia and he can just make it if he leaves now. Philip gives Olivia a quick kiss and tells her not to work too hard at the hotel. Philip is almost out the door when Olivia says that the baby can her voices now and asks Philip if he wants to say good-bye to the baby. Philip says good-bye to the baby without moving from his spot and leaves. tears well up in Olivia's eyes as she talks to the baby. Olivia reassures herself and the baby that Philip loves it. Olivia explains to the baby that Philip has allot on his mind and the distraction will pass. Olivia tells the baby that they will have to remind Philip how good it is to be with them. 

At the Beacon, Edmund and Cassie sit down to talk. Cassie admits that she is confused by Edmund and doesn't know what course she wants their relationship to take. Edmund suggests they just be friends for now. Cassie agrees with him to just be friends. Edmund invites Cassie to dinner at Towers and she accepts his invitation.

At the hospital, Philip gets angry that Felicia is in a session. Philip angrily asks Rick how Felicia cold be so irresponsible that she didn't tell him she would be in session. Rick says maybe Felicia had an emergency. Philip says he cancelled two important meetings to meet with her. Philip sits down to wait for Felicia. Rick sits down to talk to Philip because Rick can always tell when their is something bothering Philip. Philip says he can't talk to him about what is bothering him. Rick immediately figures out that Philip got Olivia's test results back. Philip says he can't tell anybody about his problem. Rick immediately figures out that Olivia's baby is Alan's Rick asks Philip what he is planning to do now. 

At Company, Blake tells Eden to get the chip off her shoulder and let her (Blake) help her. (Eden) Blake says in order to protect Eden and her girls they will have to get a little dirty. Blake asks Eden to close the business until the killer is caught but Eden refuses to do that. Blake tells Eden to meet her at Harley's with her girls and her little black book. Blake leaves. Marina lets Eden have it. Marina says that Eden is the reason Ben is in jail because she turned him into a tramp. Marina also says that Eden is the reason 3 people are dead. Marina goes on to say that one her father finds enough evidence he will put Eden in jail where she belongs. Marina calls Eden a vile disgusting person and she wants Eden gone. Frank and Buzz stop Marina from saying another word. 

At the Beacon, Olivia arrives and Cassie tells her the wine shipment is stuck in New York but they are still undersold so it should get here before they run out. Cassie says things are pretty much back to normal at the hotel. Olivia tells Cassie she caught part of Cassie's conversation with Edmund. Olivia warns Cassie that she should keep her guard up with Edmund because if she lets her guard down he will stab her in the back and leave her bleeding. Cassie tells Olivia she and Edmund are just friends. Cassie says hating Edmund was eating her up inside so they are trying to be friends now. Olivia says Edmund wants to be more then friends with her. Cassie gets annoyed and says Olivia is the last person who should be giving her advice about men. Olivia agrees with Cassie and walks to the other side of the room. 

At the hospital, Philip tells Rick there isn't anything he can do about the test results but he promised Olivia that he would protect the baby from Alan. Philip admits to Rick that he doesn't know what he wants and says at one time he did want Olivia and their relationship was very intense. Philip says that every time he sees the baby growing inside Olivia all he can think about is the night Olivia went back to Alan and he can't let that night go. 

Outside Company, Eden calls someone and asks them to keep someone very very busy. 

Inside Company, Marina cries as Frank holds her . Marina wonders how Ben could hurt her. Frank says he can't understand how Ben could hurt her. Marina wipes her tears and apologizes for her breakdown. Frank gives her a hug and says she had every right to break down. Marina goes to the kitchen to peel potatoes. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Blake asks Harley to help her with her plan to protect Eden. Harley agrees after allot of pleading from Blake. 

At Company, Buzz congratulates Frank on his talk with Marina. Frank admits he is just hanging on by his fingernails waiting for whatever comes next. A woman arrives talking on her cell Phone. After she hangs up the phone the woman starts hitting on Frank as Buzz and marina watch.

At Gus and Harley's place, Eden and her girls get self defense classes from Blake and Harley. The girls choose partners and Eden is paired with Harley. 

At the Beacon, Cassie apologizes to Olivia. Olivia says she is depressed and feels like crying all the time. Olivia also says that she fears Philip is losing interest in her romantically. Cassie says that Olivia is beautiful and all these feelings are from pregnancy hormones. Cassie says when she was pregnant with R.J. she would cry everyday at 3:00. Edmund sends Cassie flowers with a card that says looking forward to tonight your pal Edmund.

At the hospital, Philip remains distracted even as he talk s to Rick. The two best friends recall their past relationships with women. Rick says he is happy now with Mel because he loves her. Rick asks Philip if he is happy with Olivia because he was talking about her in the past tense earlier. Philip says he is just in shock and needs some time to figure out what he should do. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley tells the girls what they should do if they are approached by someone wanting to attack them. Eden calls someone on her cell phone saying she wants Frank so distracted that he doesn't have time to investigate her. Eden thanks the girl whose name is Darcy. At Company we see Darcy say you got it boss and then hang up the phone. Darcy introduces herself to Frank and they shake hands as Frank smiles. 

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