Guiding Light Update Friday 5/30/03

By Eva

At The Police station, Jeffrey arrives and glances over and asks Gus if he is reading the autopsy report on Ramona Hendon. Gus nods his head yes and confirms that Ramona died from drowning rather then electrocution. Jeffrey says one murder was a coincidence, two murders may have been a copycat killer but now they have a serial killer. Jeffrey says the only link in all three murders is Eden.

At Gus and Harley's place, Eden says she has come to take Harley away from her boredom. Eden asks Harley for help and is about to explain why she needs Harley's help when Blake arrives for a visit. Eden tells Harley she won't tell Harley why she needs help until Blake leaves. Harley says that Blake stays so she can choose to tell her the reason for her visit or leave. Eden tells Harley that another one of her clients has been murdered. Harley says that she already knew that because Marina's ex-boyfriend Ben has been arrested for Ramona Hendon's murder. Blake tells Eden that Ben is her stepbrother. Eden says that Blake must really hate her because Ben worked for her escort service. Blake says that Ben is a big boy capable of making his own decisions. Eden asks Harley to be her bodyguard. Harley tells Eden that she needs a lawyer not a bodyguard.

At Philip and Olivia's place, Olivia is getting ready for her romantic day with Philip when there is a knock at the door. Lizzie arrives Olivia lets her in and tells her Philip isn't home but Lizzie can wait for Philip to come home. Lizzie tells Olivia she came to talk to her. (Olivia)

At the Beacon, Alan tells Philip that his relationship with Olivia must be under tremendous strain because he (Philip) doesn't know the paternity of the baby. Philip is about to answer when Alan says that he doesn't have to answer the question because he can see the answer on his face. Alan tells Philip he doesn't care about the paternity of Olivia's baby anymore since he knows now that Gus is his true first born son.

Also at the Beacon, The person who paid off the lab technician is revealed to be Alexandra. Alexandra tells the lab technician to wait for her when she see Beth arrive. Alexandra walks over to talk to Beth. Beth says she is looking for Lizzie to take her to her doctor's appointment. Alexandra says that Lizzie is just a good kid who has had a rough time and Lizzie doesn't need to see a psychiatrist. Beth says that she doesn't have time to argue with her and goes to the dinning room to look for Lizzie. Alexandra goes back to speak to the lab technician. Alexandra tells him there is a bonus in his pay envelope so he can make himself scarce and keep his mouth shut about the real test results. The lab technician says that as far as he is concerned the test results which he gave to Philip are true then he leaves. Alexandra tells herself those results are true because I have decided they are true. Beth comes back from the dinning room because she still can't find Lizzie. Alexandra and Beth continue to argue of Lizzie's need to have therapy. Beth explains that Lizzie has grown up in a world where people have done bad things and not faced the consequences of their actions. Beth uses Alexandra as an example saying that instead of going to jail for drugging Alan she is now living in a luxury hotel. Beth says Lizzie Knows the difference between right and wring but she keeps doing wrong. Beth thinks despite everything Lizzie, Alan and Alexandra still want she and Philip to get back together. Beth says Lizzie needs to learn to face her problems. Beth says that Philip is with Olivia and despite what they all want Beth thinks it is unlikely Philip and Olivia will break up. Alexandra tells Beth that anything is possible in Philip and Olivia's relationship.

At Philip and Olivia's place, Lizzie apologizes to Olivia for being so mean to her when she returned home from school. Lizzie explains she was just in shock because her step grandmother was living with her father and expecting a baby that may or may not be her stepbrother. Lizzie says that she and Olivia were good friends once and she wants a second chance to be friends with her again. Olivia asks Lizzie if she is okay with the baby. Lizzie says she is excited about the baby. Olivia accepts her apology and Lizzie leaves for her shrink appointment.

At the Beacon, Alan tells Philip that he wants to have an honest relationship with Gus and he won't try to mold Gus into his image. Philip is very skeptical that Alan won't try to make Gus into his image. Alan explains that ever since he was drugged his perspective on life has changed. Alan admits to Philip that he (Philip) was right about him (Alan) trying to take away his independence in order to mold him (Philip) into his own image. Alan tells Philip that he thought since he chose to adopt him he could make him (Philip) into a Spaulding. Alan says he and Philip never fit because Philip was never a true Spaulding. Alan apologizes for costing Philip his writing career. Alan tells Philip that he is going to give Philip Olivia and the baby. Alan wishes the three of them a good life. Alan leaves and Philip is stunned and sad.

At the Police Station, Jeffrey again asks Gus if he can handle the conflict of interest in the case. Gus assures Jeffrey he can handle things. Jeffrey asks Gus if he thinks Eden is capable of murder. Jeffrey tells Gus that if he is going to give him a sob story about Eden's rough childhood he had better back it up with some facts. Jeffrey is surprised when Gus tells him Eden is more then capable of murder.

At Gus and Harley's place, Eden wonders if Harley thinks she is capable of committing the murders. Harley says that she wasn't thinking that but also doesn't think Ben is their murderer. Eden says she doesn't think Ben is the murderer either because if he was she would fell safe with him being in jail. Eden says she is scared and jumps at every noise and that is why she needs Harley's help.

At the Police station, Gus explains to Jeffrey that although Eden is capable of murder these ritualistic murders aren't Eden's style. Jeffrey wants to know how Gus knows that these murders aren't Eden's style. Gus says nothing. Jeffrey wants to know what Gus will do if Eden has changed somehow and after the investigation she turns out to be the killer. Gus says he will handle it. Gus tells Jeffrey he wants to get a wealthy socialite to pose as one of Eden's clients so they can smoke out the killer. Jeffrey asks Gus if he has someone on the force who can do the job. Gus says he has the perfect person for the job. Gus takes his car keys gets up from his desk and leaves.

At the Beacon, Alan runs into Alexandra and informs her he doesn't care about the paternity of Olivia's baby. Alan asks her if she is comfortable at the hotel. Alexandra says yes. Alan says despite all she has done to him he still wants to come visit her once in a while. he says if she is good he might give her a job at Spaulding. 

At the hospital, Lizzie meets with Felicia and says her mother is being overprotective and that she did hate Olivia for a while but now she is used to her. Lizzie says she even went to Olivia's and apologized. Lizzie explains that allot of bad things have happened in her family but they just seem to roll off her back and she is perfect. Felicia asks Lizzie if she is upset that her father is in a relationship with another woman and is expecting a baby. Lizzie says she is fine with Philip and Olivia's relationship. Lizzie says she can't blame an innocent baby for anything. 

At Philip and Olivia's place, Philip stands outside his door and flashes back to the morning he found Alan and Olivia together at the Beacon, Olivia opens the door and wonders why Philip didn't come in. Philip says he just needed a minute to think. Olivia asks Philip if he is okay and if something happened at the office. Philip says he is fine and nothing happened at the office, Olivia explains to Philip that Lizzie came by and apologized to her. Olivia thinks Lizzie is trying to change. Philip says Lizzie is a good kid and he is happy she apologized to Olivia. Philip explains that he ran into Alan and Alan told him that he isn't interested in him, Olivia or the baby and his only concern is Gus. Olivia is thrilled and wants to celebrate. Philip looks sad and Olivia leans over to give him a kiss but Philip gets off the bed and says he needs a drink. A puzzled Olivia is still sitting on the bed. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Eden also wants Harley to pose as one of her girls to draw out the killer. Harley says chasing killers is not her job. Harley turns down the job for the sake of her children. Blake takes the job despite Harley's protests. 

At the Beacon, Gus asks for Alan's help with the murder investigation.

At the hospital, Lizzie tells her mother and Alexandra the session went fine. Beth goes in to talk to Felicia because she is worried Lizzie could develop a split personality. Felicia says its too early to tell right now. Felicia says she is worried that Lizzie has allot of repressed feelings that she hides behind a smile. Felicia says that she wants to dig deeper and find out what is hiding behind that smile. 

At the Beacon, Gus wants Alan to pose as one of Eden's clients and Gus would keep him under surveillance at all times. Alan eagerly agrees. Gus has second thoughts a few minutes later and says the job is too dangerous for a civilian. Alan says he will do it and asks Gus about the plan. Someone is watching as Gus and Alan talk to each other.

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