Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/29/03

By Eva

At the Museum , Eden flashes back to how her plan went yesterday. Tony and Marah arrive with tea. Tony tells Eden he will stick closer to her then her own shadow. Tony leaves to get Eden some honey for her tea. Marah thinks Eden has ties with Salairno and is in over her head. Marah says she understands the feeling of not being able to get out of a situation. Marah says she and Tony want to help her (Eden) but she has to tell them the whole truth.

At the Police Station, Gus looks over paperwork on the murder case and sings softly to himself. Harley arrives and comes up behind him. Harley startles Gus who tells her she shouldn't come up behind him when he is concentrating on work. Harley apologizes for scaring him and says she brought him lunch. Harley puts Gus's lunch on the desk and glances quickly at the murder case file Gus is reading. Harley excitedly begins discussing possible murder suspects and theories. Gus wonders if Harley didn't use bringing him lunch as an excuse to come to the station because she misses her job.

At Philip and Olivia's place, Olivia answers Philip's cell phone but the caller hangs up. Philip arrives home from his run. Olivia tells him the phone has rung a few times but each time she answered the caller has hung up. Olivia explains to Philip that the Beacon won't be back to normal for a few weeks so she wants to take some time off. Olivia says since the murder at the Beacon she has felt like she wanted to stop and appreciate life. A distracted Philip says that sounds like a great idea. Olivia goes to the kitchen to get breakfast. Philip calls the lab technician and asks if he has been calling and hanging up the phone. The lab technician says yes but a woman kept answering so since Philip wanted to keep this private he couldn't think of anything else to do but hang up the phone. The Lab technician explains he has a meeting at the hospital and can't meet with him today. The Lab technician says that he will have to meet with Philip tomorrow. Philip is annoyed and tells the lab technician he can't wait that long to see the test results. The Lab technician says he can meet with Philip in 0 minutes at the Beacon. Philip agrees to the meeting and hangs up the phone. Olivia arrives with their breakfast of French toast and puts it on the table. Philip tells Olivia he has to meet with the Spaulding lawyer in ten minutes to discuss if Alan has the right to kick him out of the company. Olivia is puzzled but says okay just hurry back because I have lots of plans for today. Philip gives Olivia a quick kiss and leaves.

At the Police Station, Harley is annoyed that Gus assumes she misses her job. Gus says he isn't assuming anything he has evidence and points to the lunch she brought him. Harley wonders what her bringing him lunch has to do with anything. Gus says that Harley knows he never eats lunch at his desk but that he always eats lunch on the run. Harley admits that she is curious about the case but insists she doesn't want her job back. Gus tells Harley he knows what she is going through and it isn't a bad thing to admit she misses a job she loves to do. Gus thanks Harley for bringing him lunch and opens the bag and starts to eat the food. Harley moves toward the door to leave just as Alan arrives. Alan asks Harley what she is doing at the station because he thought she quit. Harley is annoyed that everyone is so interested in her job or lack of it. Harley leaves.

Gus thanks Alan for the pictures of the park that Alan sent him which is now named after Joe August. Gus also apologizes for not calling but he has been a bit busy with the case. Alan is also curious about the murder case. Gus wonders if everyone is going to read the file over his shoulder today. Alan says he had some ideas about the coroner's murder. Alan hands Gus a file with a long memo detailing his ideas on the case. Alan says he would be happy to discuss his ideas with Gus.

At the Museum, Eden tells Marah she was a business associate of Salairno but insists their business was over a long time ago. Tony arrives from the kitchen and gives Eden the honey just as the doorbell rings and Danny arrives. Tony tells Danny Salairno is back in town but is surprised to learn Danny already knew about Salairno. Danny explains Salairno came over to the house yesterday. Tony explains that Eden was almost run over by a car driven by one of Salairno's men. Danny tells Tony Salairno told him he knew nothing about the murders. After Eden and Marah go to the kitchen to get ice for her leg Tony tells Tony he has offered to be Eden's bodyguard. Danny gets upset and says he doesn't want Tony anywhere near Eden. Eden listens to their conversation from the hallway near the kitchen.

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley comes down the stairs and is relieved the kids are finally asleep. Harley sits on the couch and turns on the TV to a detective show. Harley flips the channel and catches a newswoman saying that the Springfield police department could use a few extra detectives as they work hard to solve the murders in Springfield. Harley is annoyed that she can't seem to get away from her old job and she turns off the TV.

At the Police Station, Gus politely listens to Alan's ideas although from the look on his face you can tell he is thinking I don't have time for this right now. Gus and Alan are interrupted two separate times by two cops wanting to shake Alan's hand and offering their services if Alan should ever need them. Gus catches on to what they are doing and stands up and announces to everyone that he knows they are wondering what Alan is doing at the station. Gus tells everyone Alan is my father I am his son it is perfectly normal for a father to visit his son at work. Gus tells everyone to get back to work. Gus sits back down. Alan tells Gus do you realize that is the first time you have publicly called me your father? Alan says you know what that means there is no turning back now. Then Alan smiles a great big smile.

At the Beacon, Philip meets with the lab technician, Philip asks how accurate are the DNA tests? The lab technician says they are 99.9% accurate and he has checked the results three times. Philip looks at the test results which say Alan is the father of Olivia's baby. A look of sadness comes on Philip's face. Philip tells the lab technician that he has the job at Spaulding he was promised provided he keeps quiet about the test results. The technician nods his head yes and leaves. Alexandra arrives to talk to Philip. Alexandra tells Philip she is worried Philip will be squeezed out of Spaulding by Alan. Alexandra says Alan appears to be bonding with Gus and that could only mean trouble for Philip. Alexandra blames Olivia's baby for the problems with the family and the company. Philip gets upset and says that Olivia's baby isn't to blame for the problems in the family or the company. Alexandra again tries to pressure Philip into finding out the identity of the baby's father.

At the police station, Alan continues to talk about his ideas for the case. Alan says he needs to eat something sweet so he can think of some more ideas. Gus gives him a cookie from the lunch Harley brought him. Gus gently tells Alan not to interfere in the investigation. Alan apologizes for pushing too hard and starts to leave but not before telling Gus to take a look at the memo. Alan takes another cookie from Gus's desk and leaves with one look back at Gus as he works at his desk. Alan smiles again and then walks out.

At the Museum, Danny is very freaked out about this Eden, Salairno situation. Danny thinks Salairno is playing with him and trying to drag he and Tony into this situation with Eden to make it appear that Danny and Tony are back in the mob. Danny says he and Tony will take care of things in their own way at the right time. Danny wonders why Tony is so eager to protected Eden when Eden has a cop for a brother. Danny says protecting Eden isn't a smart idea. Eden comes out and agrees with Danny. Tony wonders how much of the conversation Eden overheard. Eden says enough and says she is a big girl who can take care of herself. Marah comes out of the kitchen. Eden thanks Marah for everything and says she is leaving. Both Tony and Marah think Eden should stay but Eden insist on leaving and leaves. Danny gets a phone call and excuses himself to take the call. Tony is upset that once again Danny got his way. Tony says there is nothing he can do because Danny is the boss and he is just the bosses man.

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley talks to herself saying she has no regrets about becoming a stay at home mom. Harley tells herself that she misses her job a little bit. Harley tells herself she made the right decision. Harley tells herself that being a stay at home Mom isn't right for her.

At the Beacon, Alexandra tells Philip that if the baby is Alan's Alan won't stop until he controls the baby. Alexandra says if the baby is Philip's Alan will never forgive Philip. Philip says he doesn't care what Alexandra thinks.

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley practices her spin art which she will do with the boys when they wake up. Harley is doing well until she makes the wheel spin too fast and spills paint all over her shirt. The doorbell rings, Eden arrives and says she wants to take Harley away from all this whatever it is she is doing.

At Philip and Olivia's place, Olivia lights candles and sets a romantic mood.

At the Beacon, Alexandra wonders if Philip Values Olivia more then his father. Philip says Alan isn't my father. Just then Alan arrives and Philip gives him a dirty look.

On the docks, The lab technician talks to some who the audience doesn't see and tells the person its done I gave Philip the test results just like you wanted me to do. We see the person hand the lab technician money. The lab technician says thank you and hands the person the real test results which say Philip is the father of Olivia's baby.

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