Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/28/03

By Naila


Tony finds a note among Eden’s belongings; it’s her meeting with Salerno. Tony asks her if she is still involved with him in spite of what she has told them. Eden admits that she is meeting with him but says that all she wants is to clear the air. She does not think that Salerno is involved in the murders. Tony is mad that she was going to go without telling them. Eden says she did not want to make it their problem and that she knew they would be against it. Tony tells her he is going with her. Eden does not think it is a good idea but Tony thinks it is necessary and Marah agrees. Both Tony and Marah tiptoe around Eden when she asks then if they believe her. On their way to the meeting, a car races towards Tony and Eden and she is injured when Tony pushes her out of the way. She tells them she recognized the driver; it was one of Salerno’s men. Tony says he is not going to let her out of his sight. He has made himself her personal bodyguard. Marah and Tony leave for a minute and Eden makes a phone call, thanking someone for her very convincing accident.


Harley finds Frank after Cassie fills her in. Harley tells him that he cannot blame himself for her mistakes or for Marina’s and he could not have locked Marina in away from life. He did all he could for both of them but he still can’t save them from everything. She offers to go to Marina but Frank reminds her that she cannot because the only civilians allowed at the Beacon are those who were present the night of the murder. He will call her when Marina comes home.


As Shayne watches Marina sleep, Reva walks in. He tells her that he could not leave Marina alone and she didn’t want to go home. Reva wants him to wake up Marina and take her home but Shayne wants to wait until she wakes up. Reva agrees, somewhat reluctantly, and leaves to find Cassie. Shayne grabs a table cloth and covers Marina. Her cell phone rings and wakes her up. She sees that it is Ben and throws the phone aside. She tells Shayne the phone may not be the only thing she takes her frustrations out on so he should probably leave. Shayne will stay with her. He tries to get her moving but Marina is stuck trying to sort out everything. She tells him she feels more empty than anything else. She thanks him for being such a good friend. Buzz comes by and thanks Shayne for being with her. She tells Buzz that Ben keeps calling her. She does not believe that he killed that woman but she still thinks that he’s a creep. Marina thinks she is partly at fault and asks Buzz what is wrong with her... what is so wrong that she was not enough for Ben. Buzz, like a great grandpa and guy, tells her that her only fault was that she thought Ben was good enough for her. She knows he is just dying to say “I told you so,” but Buzz won’t and tells her she did nothing wrong. Marina thanks her grandfather for nothing! When Buzz leaves, Shayne tells her she was too harsh with Buzz. Marina tells him that it is not helpful for her to simply hear that Ben was bad and she’s “a prize”. Shayne offers his own viewpoint. He tells her Ben took advantage of her because she let him; from the moment they met, she’d been throwing herself at him and she gave him too much; Ben knew he did not have to work to deserve her so he did not. Marina wallows in a bit more self-pity and Shayne tells her to stop! and take Ben off the pedestal she put him on and put herself up there. Maybe if she’d done that sooner, she wouldn’t be in this mess. Shayne apologizes for being so blunt but Marina accepts what he has told her. He is right. She gave and gave and Ben took and she cannot understand how Shayne could see it but she couldn’t. Shayne says it is because he was looking all the time... at her. The phone rings again... it’s Ben. Marina decides t put a stop to this and she takes off with Ben hot on her heels.


Cassie interrupts Jeffrey and his officers to ask him when he is going to clear out of the hotel. He tells her that it’ll take as long as it takes but Cassie can’t have that because she is losing business. He tells her things seem to be breaking up and leaves.

Cassie and Reva come into Ramona’s room as the officers are clearing out. Reva enters the bathroom and has a vision suggesting that Ramona was drowned and not electrocuted. She tells Cassie to get the cops because she KNOWS how Ramona died. Someone forced her under the water and she was struggling. Cassie reminds her that the vic’s hair was dry and the hair dryer was in the tub, fried. Perhaps her vision is wrong and she cannot guess on something as important as this. Jeffrey enters and asks them what is going on. Reva tells him about what she saw and he tells her that she hit the nail right on the head. Rick just called to let him know that they found water in Mrs. Hendon’s lungs. Ramona did, in fact, drown. The murderer put a wig on Ramona... her hair was dry underneath the wig. Jeffrey laughs and says that Reva is much better as this detective stuff than Cassie is and Cassie gets defensive. Jeffrey tells Reva if she can help him with the case to give him a call. He also asks her to meet with Reva so they can discuss her ‘gift’. Reva agrees but, when Jeffrey leaves, Cassie can’t believe that Reva can’t see he is interested in her. Reva suggests that maybe Cassie is so worked up because she is jealous. Cassie is not jealous of Reva’s visions nor is she interested in whatever O’Neil is interested in.

Holly meets with them and tells them she came from the police station and that they think Ben is guilty and may go ahead and prosecute. She wants to use reporters at the Journal to investigate the murder. Reva thinks it is a great idea and offers Holly her support. When Holly leaves, Cassie asks Reva why she didn’t tell Holly about the vision and Reva says it is because in her vision she saw a man who was Ben’s build and height and will not say anything to Jeffrey or Holly or anyone else until she is 100% sure because she does not want to make the situation worse for Ben.

Holly and Buzz run into each other and things are more awkward than usual thanks to the situation with Marina and Ben. Holly does not think they should let this situation become their problem but Buzz walks away.


Holly tells Ben she knows he did not kill anybody. She is there to help him and will get him a lawyer ASAP. She just wishes that he’d kept quiet when he was arrested because he’s done damage to his case by admitting that he wanted to stop Ramona from revealing his secret. Ben tells her as much as he tried to convince himself that he did what he did for Marina, he knows he really did it for himself. He was lost when he lost his trust fund and wanted to get the money back. Holly tells him that if Marina was special enough, his wallet-size would not matter. He didn’t think twice about what he was doing until Ramona became to demanding and her husband found out. He tells her he is scared but Holly promises to do whatever she can to help him.

Ben is surprised when Marina shows up. Shayne waits outside while she and Ben talk. Ben tells her he did not kill Ramona and he needs her to believe him. Marina says it should not matter what she thinks because he opinion has never mattered to him. Ben tells her he cares for her and wants her and needs her. Marina says she needs him too... like she needs a knife through the heart! She is about to leave when Ben tells her he needs her to be his alibi. She cannot believe his nerve! “Sorry” does not cut it! Ben understands that she is angry but she can still tell the truth. He was with her before he went to Ramona. She tells him she didn’t keep one eye on the watch because she was too caught up in the moment. She will not make something up; lying is his specialty.

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