Guiding Light Update Friday 5/23/03

By Eva

At the Beacon, Marina pays Olivia for her room .Marina tells Olivia that she is having a slumber party for her birthday with her two best friends. Marina assures Olivia that they won't disturb the other hotel guests.

At the Police Station, Harley continues to pack her things from her desk and gets ready for her good-bye party the rest of her co-workers are going to throw her. Frank arrives and tells Harley she is a very good cop and he doesn't want her to leave. Harley thinks that is funny since he is the reason it is impossible for her to stay on the force. Frank thinks Harley still blames him because he doesn't won't Gus and Harley to be partners on the force anymore. Harley explains to Frank that his decision to split her and Gus up professionally is what gave her the courage to quit the force. Philip arrives and Harley is surprised that he knew about her going away party. Philip says he just came because he wanted to get out of the house. Philip offers to increase Harley's support payments since she will be one paycheck short. Harley wonders if there is a catch. 

At Eden's place, Eden's guest wonder why Gus interrupted her dinner party.

Outside Eden's place, Gus shows Eden a picture of the latest murder victim.. Eden says oh my God Renee. Gus explains to Eden that both murder victims had a business card for the Garden of Eden. Gus asks Eden how she knows the victims. Gus asks Eden not to lie to him this time because she is going to need his protection. Gus fears that Eden may become the killer's next victim. Gus tells Eden to be straight with him. Eden swears she doesn't know anything about Renee but her name. After some coaxing from Gus Eden admits that she lied to Frank and the medical examiner (Jed Simmons) was a one time client. Eden also tells Gus that Renee worked for the escort service. Gus promises Eden he won't let anything happen to his kid sister. Eden says I thought I wasn't your sister anymore. Gus tells her she will always be his sister. 

At the Police Station, Philip explains to Harley that he just wants to help her so she doesn't have to worry about getting a job right away and spend more time with the kids. Philip explains that since his life is so crazy right now he is glad she will be spending more time with Zach. Harley tells Philip if she needs money she can do some shifts at Company. Harley says she doesn't need an endowment from the Philip Spaulding foundation. Philip explains that this is a limited time offer because Alan is trying to kick him out of the family and the Company. Harley thinks that Philip offered her the money so she and Gus could live more comfortably so that Gus won't need or want to go after the Spaulding money. Philip admits that Harley is right and that is part of the reason but he mostly offered her the money for her and Zach's sake. Harley refuses to take the money and Philip drops the subject. Harley jokes that Philip and Olivia could work at Company if they ever need money because they would both look good in the uniforms. 

At the Beacon, Olivia figures out the real reason for Marina's slumber party. Olivia asks Marina if she is sure she is ready to take the next step with Ben. Marina says yes because she loves Ben and he has been wonderful and patient with her. Olivia advises Marina that no man can give her self worth and to make sure that she isn't looking for Ben to do that for her. Marina says that she feels worthwhile and she doesn't need Ben to make her feel that way. Marina insists she loves Ben Olivia wonders if she isn't making love to Ben to prove to Frank that she is independent. Marina says that she loves her family and her father but she is 18 now and no one can stop her not her father or Olivia. Marina heads upstairs to her room. 

In a room at the Beacon, Ben meets with Ramona, Ben asks Ramona not to talk because he just wants do get this over with quickly. Ramona says she won't be rushed just so Ben can go help his little lolita blow out the candles on her cake. Ben tells Ramona not to talk about Marina in that way. Ramona says she is going to draw a bath and she will call Ben when the bath is ready. Ramona wants things to progress naturally because after all they have all night. Ramona goes into the bathroom.

At Eden's place, Eden explains to her guests what she and Gus were discussing out in the hall. Eden wonders who would want to do this to her and her business. Danny thinks Vinny Salarino is the man who is responsible for the killings. Eden says that he runs a major prostitution ring all over the country and he wouldn't concern himself with an escort service in a small town like Springfield. Danny points out that Salairnodoesn't like anyone invading his territory. Marah says she thought Danny and Tony made it clear that they wanted Salairno out of Springfield. Tony and Danny both explain that Salarino is a very stubborn man who doesn't always respond to clear messages from anyone 

At the Beacon, Ben tells Ramona that he is going to get some ice and leaves.
Marina gets things ready for her and Ben's big night by putting on some music and setting the mood. Marina gets a candy bar from the minibar and waits for Ben. Ben arrives with an ice bucket in his hand . Ben tells marina he brought the ice bucket because he thought they might order some champagne later. Ben gives Marina a kiss and says happy birthday. Marina tells Ben there is no one in the world she would rather be with tonight. Ben says he feels the same way.

Downstairs, Frank arrives and asks Olivia is he has seen Marina because he wants to give her a special birthday surprise. 

At Eden's place, Everyone fears that if Salarino is involved Eden's life may be in danger. Bill says Eden should n't be alone and offers to stay with her until the danger has passed. 

At the Police station, Philip tells Gus that Alan is working him trying to figure out what gives Gus his independence so he can take Gus's independence away from him. Philip advises Gus he better have a good plan. Gus says that his plan is to stay one step ahead of Alan's plan. 

At the Beacon, Frank shows Olivia the car keys that go with the car he is giving Marina for her birthday. Olivia nervously tries too keep Frank from going upstairs. Olivia gets Frank to take her outside to see the car. Frank says he is worried that Marina won't appreciate his gift because the car needs to be fixed up. Frank explains to Olivia that he had to get a car for Marina because a father should be the one to give his daughter her first car. Frank says that a daughter's first car should not be given to her by her older boyfriend. Olivia says boy you really don't like Ben do you? Frank admits he doesn't think Ben is the right guy for Marina. Olivia assures Frank that Marina will appreciate his gift. They go back inside and Olivia tries to stall Frank but is unsuccessful. Frank asks Olivia if there is a reason she doesn't want him to go upstairs. 

Upstairs, Marina shows Ben her bag of snacks and food she bought for their night. Marina also says she brought a special nightgown which he can't see yet. Ben notices a special stuffed animal Marina brought with her. Marina explains that it is a special stuffed animal that Frank won for her at the fair when she was little. Ben tells Marina she is a very special girl who makes him feel special and independent. Ben tells Marina he isn't good enough for her. Marina says that Ben is good enough for her. Marina tells Ben that when she is with him she feels like she can do or be anything she wants to do or be. Marina says she wants Ben and she is ready to make love. They share a kiss.
Ben and Marina begin to make love but Ben stops himself because he says he can't do this to Marina because the moment isn't right. Marina thinks he is just nervous and assures him the moment is right and she is ready to make love. Marina tells Ben she loves him. Ben says he feels the same way but he has been stupid and he has to fix something before they can make love. Ben leaves and says he will be right back. Marina smiles because Ben told her he loved her. 

Downstairs, Olivia says she needs his advice on how to handle Lizzie. Olivia wants to know Franks secret for raising teenage girls. Frank is puzzled because Olivia told him she raised Sam Olivia says boys are different then girls. Olivia admits she is worried she won't be a good mother and says she doesn't have any friends and can't share her worries with Philip. Frank says Olivia will be a great mother. Frank tries to go upstairs again but Olivia says she has one more question to ask him. 

At the Police Station, Harleys finishes packing her things. Harley puts her arms around Gus and tells him she will never regret being his partner. Gus tells Harley he hopes she means that about being his life partner as well because he isn't going anywhere. Gus picks up the box with Harley's things and they start walking towards the door. Harley wants to know how Eden is involved in Gus's new case. Gus explains that Eden is in so deep with her escort service that he is worried he may not be able to help her this time. Harley takes one last look back at her desk before she and Gus walk out the door. 

At Eden's place, Marah suggests that Eden come stay at the Museum because she will be surrounded by people and they have a state of the art security system. Eden pretends that she doesn't want to make Bill uncomfortable because their relationship is so new. Eden also says she doesn't want to make Tony and Marah uncomfortable because of their past history. Bill and Tony both agree that Eden should stay with them so she can be safe. While everyone goes to help Eden pack, Danny asks Tony if he is comfortable with this arrangement. Tony says he has to protect Eden and if she is lying about being in business with Salarino he needs to keep an eye on her. Danny says if Salarino is involved he will handle the situation. Tony corrects him and says we will handle the situation. 

At the Beacon. Frank says that all she needs to remember about raising children is to say yes to the small things and no to the big things. Olivia goes to order Frank a drink. While she is gone Frank walks over to the hotel registry and looks up Marina's room number. Olivia comes back and sees Frank is halfway up the stairs. Olivia tries to call marina's room to warn her Frank is on his way upstairs but the line is busy because marina is talking to Tammy telling her how perfect her special night with Ben is going to be. 

Ben goes to Mrs. Hendon's hotel room and knocks on the bathroom door. The door is still closed so he tells her he quits and he doesn't care if she tells her husband Ben says he can't be with her anymore because he loves Marina and he can't ruin his relationship with her. (Marina) Ben gets worried when Ramona doesn't respond to what he has told her. Ben opens the door to the bathroom and fins a dead Ramona sitting in the bath tub with her eyes open..

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