Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/22/03

By Eva

At Philip and Olivia's place, We hear a baby cry and Olivia asks Philip to see why the baby is crying. Philip gets up out of bed and goes to see the baby. We see Alan rocking the baby back to sleep. Then Philip screams no and sits up in bed startled. We discover it was a nightmare. Olivia hears Philip scream and comes out of the kitchen. Olivia asks if Philip had a nightmare. Philip tells Olivia he must have dozed off. 

At the Police Station, Alan arrives looking for Gus, Harley warns Alan today isn't a good day to try and buy Gus's love. Harley informs Alan that Gus found out that Alan used his influence with the Mayor to reinstate him. Alan says that Gus wasn't supposed to find out of his involvement with his reinstatement. Harley says word gets around and Gus's co- workers have been making his life miserable all day. Alan wonders why Gus hasn't quit his job and come to him (Alan) and thrown his badge back in his face. Harley says that Gus kept his job because he is a good cop who loves his job. 

In the interrogation room, A somewhat stunned Gus listens to Jeffrey as he tells him that a business card from Eden's escort service was found clutched in the hands of both murder victims. Jeffrey thinks Gus must have known his sister was running an escort service. Gus tells Jeffrey he had heard rumors about the escort service but he hadn't confirmed the rumors yet. Jeffrey tells Gus that under the circumstances Gus can't work on the case because after all what good is it being a cop if you can't protect one of your own. 

At Eden's place, Eden runs around getting things ready for the dinner party. After everything is perfect she sits on the couch to look at her photo Album full of pictures of Tony. Eden takes a small can of red paint in her hand and puts a red dot over Marah's face in every picture of Marah and Tony. 

At the Museum, Michelle jokes that she has never been in a bordello before and can't wait to see how Eden has decorated it Marah tells her that she is sure Eden has a perfectly nice home and they should stop joking and remember that Eden is lonely and has no friends. Marah thanks Danny ,Michelle and Tony for going with her because she knows it will be hard for them. Marah and Michelle leave to get ready. Danny says that he is less then thrilled about going to a cat house and having dinner with Eden. Tony says he is grateful for everything Eden has done for Marah . Tony says he is trying to do everything he can to support his girl. Danny asks Tony to be honest Marah twisted his arm didn't she? Tony tells him she twisted my arm everyday. Danny smiles and says his cousin is so whipped. Tony says and Michelle didn't twist your arm I guess that is why you are going too. Danny smiles and says you got me the only reason I'm going is because Michelle twisted my arm. 

At Philip and Olivia's place, Philip refuses to tell Olivia about his nightmare, Olivia asks Philip about his talk with Gus's mother. Philip says he discovered that when Alan was a young man he wanted to do something different with his life . Alan wanted to walk away from the family but in the end he couldn't walk away. Olivia tells Philip that maybe the reason thins didn't work out for Alan is because of the type of person Alan is. Philip wonders why he is staying in the family and running the company when he truly meant to walk away from them. Olivia says he stayed because he loves running the company. Philip says that he loves the idea of cleaning up the company and running it correctly. Philip admits he isn't sure what he wants to do. 

At the Beacon, Alexandra asks Lizzie why she took the car. Lizzie says she got in trouble because of Olivia. 

At the Police Station, Alan wonders how all three of his sons could have fallen for Harley. Harley says they all had very good taste. Harley warns Alan that she won't stand by and watch Alan do the same thing to Gus that he has done to his other two sons. Gus tells Jeffrey that if he finds out Eden was involved in the murders in any way he will lean on her so hard that he will break her in half. Jeffrey says that is all he wanted to hear. Jeffrey asks Gus to find the murderer for him. Gus asks Jeffrey if his sincere compassionate act that he puts on works when he is in front of the jury. Jeffrey says sometimes it does work. After Jeffrey leaves Gus asks himself what Eden is up to now

At Eden's place, Everyone arrives for the dinner party. The ladies make small talk while the guys drink their drinks and look tense and not at all happy to be there. Michelle whispers to Marah that she is dying to get a look at the bed. Everyone sits down to dinner and they find it very hard to find anything to talk about. Everyone just concentrates on cutting and eating the food. Marah says the food is great and she must have Eden's recipe. Eden says she can't give Marah the recipe because its from a famous Chicago chef who made her promise not to give the recipe to anyone. Marah asks was he one of your and stops herself . Eden finishes her thought and says that the chef was one of her clients. Eden says that it is perfectly alright to talk about her job. Eden says that there isn't any reason for everyone to be tense. Marah asks what kind of people use her escort service. Eden says that it is mostly professional people who are looking for suitable companions for the evening. Eden explains that both her clients and the men and women that work for her are carefully screened. Marah is surprised that Eden has men working in her escort service. Eden says her employees are mostly women but she has a few men working for her. Michelle asks Eden what made her want to run an escort service. Eden says she knew someone named Vinny Salarino in Chicago who ran an escort service that was less then reputable and she told herself if she ever got a chance she was going to run an escort service the right way. At the mention of Saline's name Danny gets tense again and demands to know what kind of game Eden is playing. 

At the Beacon, Alexandra asks Lizzie how Olivia caused her to steal a car. In her best Beth imitation Lizzie tells Alexandra that her mother has told her to take responsibility for her own actions. Lizzie explains that ever since Olivia has been in the Spaulding family they have had nothing but problems so she might as well blame Olivia for all her problems too. Alexandra agrees with Lizzie and promises that she will take care of everything. Olivia arrives and Lizzie leaves to talk to Tammy. 

At Philip and Olivia's place, Philip talks to Rick in between innings of the Cubs game they re watching. Philip tells Rick that he had a nightmare that the baby was his and Alan was trying to take it away from him. Rick says the nightmare could become reality if the baby turns out to be Alan's because Alan won't allow Philip to raise the baby as his own. Philip admits to Rick that because he was worried about Alan claiming the bay he ran a DNA test on Olivia's amniotic fluid without her knowledge. Philip says he had a lab technician at the hospital run the test. Rick says he doesn't want to know the technicians name. Rick asks what Philip will do if the baby turns out to be Alan's Philip says that he will cross that bridge when he gets to it. Philip tells Rick he has decided two things that he will raise the baby as his own and when the time comes he will tell the baby the truth. Philip says that he doesn't want the child to go through the things that he and Gus have gone through. Rick thinks Philip is with Olivia right now helping her with the baby because Philip is upset that Alan switched the birth control pills and tricked her into bed. 

At the Police Station, Gus sees Alan and tells him not to expect a thank you for talking to the Mayor to get his job back. Alan asks Gus to give him two minutes to talk. Gus reluctantly agrees to talk to Alan for two minutes. Before going into the interrogation room with Alan Gus asks Harley if she still has her service revolver. Harley says you know I do . Gus tells her good if I am not out in two minutes come in and get me. Harley stares at Jeffrey for a few minutes Jeffrey says I know what your thinking. Harley apologizes for staring but says the resemblance is remarkable. Jeffrey asks Harley what she is doing. Harley explains she is packing up her desk because she wants to spend more time with her family. Jeffrey asks Harley if she would like to give him a tour of Springfield sometime. Harley is puzzled and asks Jeffrey if he is hitting on her.

In the interrogation room, Alan asks Gus for advice about Chicago. Gus wonders why Alan would need his advice about Chicago. Alan explains that once he was feeling better he took a trip to Chicago to see Where Gus had grown up.. Alan says he got the idea to renovate a run down park and name it the Joseph Augustino Memorial park. Alan says he wants to honor a man who was greatly loved and respected and raised such a fine son. Gus is very touched though he is trying hard not to show it. Gus tells Alan that this father son thing isn't easy for him. Before Alan leaves Gus tells him the idea about the Park would be a good thing for him to do. Alan smiles and leaves.

At the Beacon, Olivia asks Alexandra how long it will take for Alan to draw up the paperwork naming Gus as his heir. Alexandra says that Olivia doesn't have to worry because as long as she has that bun in the oven she can go back to Alan anytime she wants and she will be safe. Olivia tells Alexandra never to call her child a bun in the oven. Olivia insists that the baby belongs to Philip several times. Alexandra says that Olivia knows that Alan won't stop hounding her until she gives into him and lives with him as his wife. If this baby is Alan's of course. Olivia says she is happy with Philip and won't leave him even if the baby is Alan's. Alexandra offers to help Olivia leave town. Olivia says if she leaves town Philip will go with her and Alexandra will be stuck with Gus and Alan. Olivia again says she is happy with Philip and will stay with him so Alexandra is stuck with her. 

At Eden's Place, Eden is offended that Danny thinks she is involved with Salarino and insists he is just an acquaintance. Michelle and Marah want to know who Salarino is and why Danny and Tony are so upset. Danny explains that Salarino is a mob boss and the guy that broke into the house and scared Marina worked for Salarino. Marah said that Danny and Tony already took care of that threat and they shouldn't worry about it anymore. Marah says everyone should give Eden a break. Michelle goes to get dessert from the kitchen before Eden can stop her. Michelle comes out with two boxes and asks which of the dessert boxes she wants to serve. Eden says both deserts and puts her head on the table in defeat. Eden admits to everyone she tried to cook dinner but everything turned out wrong and she had to order out. Tony tries to make her feel better by saying at least you made the salad right and it was good. Eden starts crying and says her dinner was ruined and everyone hates her because she knew Salarino. Eden runs to her room. Tony runs after her since he was the one who upset her. As Eden listens from her room she smiles. 

At Philip and Olivia's place, Philip tells Rick I know what you are thinking that I will leave Olivia if the baby isn't mine. Philip says he cares about Olivia and their relationship had some rough patches but they are fine now. Rick asks do you love Olivia ? Philip says a less then persuasive sure. Rick keeps pressing Philip for an answer and they start arguing. They are interrupted by Olivia and they both get silent . Rick says he has to leave to meet Mel. Olivia asks Philip if they had a good time . Philip says yes. 

At the Beacon, Alexandra wonders why Lizzie is crying. Lizzie says she has to go home know because she is running late. 

At Eden's place, Eden tells Tony that he and the others are free to leave if they want. Eden says this was her first dinner party because she never had any friends and she was very nervous because she wanted everything to go perfectly and it all went wrong. Tony tells her that he was so nervous the first time he went to dinner at the Lewis house was eat and not say anything because he was nervous. Tony says he didn't give up and now his relationship with the Lewis's is better. Tony tells Eden not to give up and keep trying to make friends. Tony smiles and tells Eden to go back to her guests. Tony leaves to let Eden fix her face. After Tony leaves Eden smiles again. 

At the Police Station, Harley lets Jeffrey down gently by saying the reason she wants to quit her jobs to spend more time with her kids two of which are still in diapers. Harley says she also wants to spend more time with her boyfriend whose name is Gus Aituro. Jeffrey apologizes and says he didn't know Gus was her boyfriend and thanks Harley for shooting him down gently. Harley tells Jeffrey she hopes he had a soft landing. Jeffrey says that Cassie could take some lessons on mothering from Harley. Harley says that Cassie is her best friend but also happens to have a lot of friends in this town so he better watch what he says about her. Jeffrey explains that if Cassie would spend more time with her daughter maybe Tammy could stay out of trouble. Harley says Cassie is a smart businesswoman and a wonderful mother who does a great job at both things. Harley says Cassie is very skilled at juggling family and career. Jeffrey asks Harley if she thinks women can handle both family and a career why is she quitting her job. Harley says its different when you are a cop. Jeffrey says he knows its very hard to be a cop and says good luck mommy and leaves. Gus comes out of the interrogation room and tells Harley good-bye because he has an interview. Harley wonders if its for a case. Gus says he will tell her about Alan and the case later.

At Eden's place, Eden rejoins her guests and they all toast to new beginnings. The doorbell rings and Eden goes to answer it . Gus explains to Eden that he is there on police business. Gus says that there have been two murders and rumor is she may be connected to both of them. 

At the docks, Alan calls his lawyer Randall and tells him not to transfer the stock to Gus right away. Alan orders Randall to find a park on the south side of Chicago and find out how much it would cost to name it after someone. Although we don't hear Randall's side of the conversation it is safe to assume he asks Alan if he has a particular park in mind. Alan says how should I know I have never been to the south side of Chicago. Alan also tells Randall that if he can't find a park he should find an abandoned building they can tear down to convert the space into a park.

At Philip and Olivia's place, The lab technician calls Philip to tell him the DNA results should be ready tomorrow morning so by tomorrow morning you will know the father of the baby. 

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