Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/21/03

By Naila


Michelle and Danny get together with Tony and Marah. Marah and Michelle talk about Eden’s surprising dinner invitation. Michelle and Danny both try to make Marah and Tony see that Eden may still be interested in Tony and that is why she is being so nice to Marah. Despite how worried they are, Michelle and Danny won’t agree to go to dinner. Marah promises not to push but she is still hopeful that Michelle and Danny will change their minds. Marah and Michelle discuss Danny and Tony’s run in with the thug who roughed up Marina. Things have improved since then but they wonder when the next creep will show up to hassle them. They just think that despite their good intentions, Danny and Tony always seem to get sucked back in. Michelle and Marah agree to just their men a chance. Michelle reconsiders the invitation and convinces Danny to go.


Blake and Harley have a girls’ night out. Harley tells Blake what Alan did for Gus. She knows Alan is trying to suck Gus back in so she hasn’t told Gus what she knows. Blake thinks she should put aside her insecurities and tell Gus the truth. Harley cannot because she knows how much Gus hates it when people throw their weight around and seek Alan out. She does not want there to be contact between them. Blake shares her wisdom, telling Harley she needs to trust Gus and let him trust her.


Gus questions Marina about the body she stumbled upon. Jeffrey shows up and, as expected, both Marina and Rick are shocked! Gus introduces Marina to Jeffrey and “the innocent child” is not pleased to meet the man who intended to prosecute her. Jeffrey asks the ME to bring him up to speed but Rick is overwhelmed and cannot speak. Jeffrey is annoyed but Gus takes him aside and explains that Rick received Richard’s heart when he died. Jeffrey returns and they are able to discuss the case. While Marina waits in the car, Gus tells Jeffrey he thinks the victim was a working girl. Rick examines her and finds a crumpled piece of paper in her hand; a phone number is written on it.


Gus returns to work and is hassled by the other officers about the fact that Alan pulled strings to get him back on the force. Harley walks in just then and admits that she knew about Alan. She tells him she was on her way to tell him and Gus tells her she’s too late ‘cause someone already told him the truth! She apologizes and tells him she was afraid he would get mad at Alan and quit the force. She was also afraid that it would draw him back to Alan. Gus is surprised by how insecure Harley is and she tells him Alan has meddled and successfully destroyed her relationships with Alan Michael and Philip. Gus needs her to have more faith in him and herself. Jeffrey O’Neil walks in and Gus introduces him to Harley. Jeffrey manages to avoid Harley’s questions and pulls Gus aside to discuss the case. Jeffrey tells him that the victim drowned and was brought to the alley. He then tells Gus that he is off the case because the number found in the victim’s hand was for The Garden of Eden. Jeffrey cannot risk Gus compromising the case because things have gotten too personal.


Gus takes Marina home and fills Buzz in on what happened. Marina tells her grandpa that Ben dropped her off earlier and she went shopping. Buzz cannot believe that Ben would leave her alone in that part of town! Shayne interrupts them and gives Marina her birthday present - a baseball glove (nice platonic gift). Marina is less than enthused and Buzz tells Shayne that Marina really needs a friend right now. Marina tells Shayne about the body she found then excuses herself because she is sick. When she returns she tells Shayne she has plans with Ben tonight and asks him not to let her family know. Shayne tells her about the scouts who have come to meet him and Marina is thrilled for and proud of him. She leaves to get an article she saved for him and Buzz thanks him for putting a smile on her face.

Alone, Shayne takes out his real birthday present to Marina -- jewelry. When she returns, Shayne is about to give her the gift when Marina takes off to see if Ben called her. Buzz points out that Shayne is somehow, always there for her unlike her boyfriend Ben.


Ben tells Eden he wants out of the escort service because Ramona’s husband has been following him and he is worried that he wants him dead. Eden thinks he’s blowing things out of proportion but should go away for a little bit if he really is spooked. Ben refuses her money and quits. He is on his way out the door when he runs into Ramona, who wants to know why he missed their ‘appointment’ earlier. Ben knows she lied and told him that her husband knew about them and was al right with it. He wants nothing more to do with her. Ramona says Ben still owes her a date and she is free tonight. Ben tries but Ramona refuses to let him leave. Ramona asks Eden to leave her and Ben alone. Eden listens as Ramona tells Ben she has already booked their suite but Ben tells her it’s over. Ramona reminds him that it’s over only when she says it is. Ben says that was the deal before Mr. Henderson started stalking him. Ramona warns him that he will pay if her turns her down. Ben tells her to go ahead and tell Marina; he is sure that she loves him and she will forgive him. Ramona wonders if Frank would be as easy to forgive. Ben reluctantly agrees but tells her it will have to be another night because he has plans with Marina. Ramona tells him to find a way to squeeze them both in.

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