Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/20/03

By Sarah

Frank and Buzz try to get Marina’s birthday bash off to a good start, but she’s still upset about being stuck in jail yesterday. Ben shows up and she gets in a better mood. She keeps talking about what a wonderful, magical night it’s going to be for them, but Ben seems a bit nervous.

Eden is working on making dinner for Tony and Marah when Bill arrives.

Lizzie tries to tell her parents and Olivia that she was just trying to fit in with Marina & Tammy when she agreed to be the look out. Olivia tells them that the officer last night painted a VERY different picture of how things went down. Beth tells Olivia that her and Phillip have this under control. Olivia tells her that obviously they don’t because she was the one that had to go bail Lizzie out last night. Lizzie agrees with her.

Edmund and Alex are at the Beacon talking. She tells him that she had been meaning to call him because she saw this man. Edmund interrupts her and tells her that the man that looks like Richard is the new DA, Jeffrey. He also says that he’s the exact opposite of Richard in all aspects. Tammy shows up, and Edmund asks her how she’s holding up, and then asks about Cassie.

Cassie is looking for Tammy. She asks the man behind the desk (who is supposed to be Stan) if he’s seen her, but Jeffrey is really the one back there. She tells him that he’s not supposed to be back there, but he tells her that he was expecting a package and was looking for it. Just then, Tammy turns around and sees him and calls him Dad.

Frank and Buzz are talking about how everything seems to be messed up. Frank feels like he’s done everything wrong with Marina, but all was trying to do was the right thing. Buzz tells him that even the best parents mess up. Marina and Ben are alone at a table talking. He asks her about the car escapade last night, but she tells him she’d rather talk about tonight. She tells him that she’s telling her dad that she rented a room at the Beacon for a slumber party (like he’s not going to catch on to that???). Ben excuses himself to make a phone call. He calls Ramona, and he tells her that her husband is following him and that she needs to call him off. He also cancels on her for that night. He goes back to Marina. She tells him that she knows he’s been with other girls, so tonight probably isn’t as special for him as it is for her, but he tells her that she’s sharing something with her that is very special.

Beth asks Olivia to give the three of them (Beth, Phillip, & Lizzie) a minute alone. Then she asks Lizzie to start from the beginning and tell them everything. Lizzie makes up a story about how the girls were already planning on stealing the car, and she just joined in to fit in.

Alex asks Edmund to join her, but he says he has to go. She deduces it’s to watch after the “little Winslow girl.” He informs her of last night’s happenings, and Alex has no idea that Lizzie was arrested too.

Tammy is shocked to see Jeffrey, but Cassie tells her that it’s not Richard. She tells her that he’s a new guy in town that just looks like him. Tammy is still in shock and asks Jeffrey where he got his face. Jeffrey is very crass with her, but then he tries to apologize and crack a few jokes. He’s not the most sensitive guy in the world.

Eden is happy to see Bill. She tells him about her dinner party for Danny, Michelle, Marah, & Tony, and then she suggests that Bill will be her date. Bill tells her that it would be weird to be there with Danny & Michelle, so he can’t come. She tells him that she’s fine with that, but he has to at least help her with dinner. After they discover the roast is toast (sorry—couldn’t resist), Bill suggests that it’s a sign that she shouldn’t be hosting this dinner party after all.

Edmund assumes that Cassie is thanking Jeffrey for letting the girls off the hook when he sees them talking. Tammy is furious that he was the one that wanted them in jail in the first place. Jeffrey makes a comment about Cassie being the “cuddling mommy” which infuriates her. She tells him to apologize or leave the hotel.

Phillip goes easy on Lizzie and tells her that she has to promise to come to him or Beth in the future. She agrees that she will. Beth doesn’t think they should let her off this easy and suggests that she might need more help than they can give her. Then Alex arrives and plays the concerned aunt to a “T” Phillip asks to speak to her privately. He bluntly asks her to stay out of this because Lizzie’s family will take care of her. Alex tries to argue that she is her aunt and wants to help. Phillip tells her that she’s no longer a part of this family and that he knows what she did to Alan. He tells her that since she came back to Springfield everything has gone wrong with the family. Olivia asks Beth is she can speak with her alone. She tells Beth that she really wants to be a part of Phillip’s children’s lives, so she hopes they can get along. Olivia suggests that maybe Lizzie needs professional help. Beth tells her that she isn’t going to take advice from her about her own daughter.

Jeffrey tells Cassie that her threats don’t bother him. He goes on to tell her that she’s a bad parent, and that Tammy’s ‘file’ will be back on his desk within two months. Cassie tells him that he has no right to talk to her daughter that way no matter who he looks like, and then she tells him to get out!

Marina is trying to tell Ben about some lingerie she bought for tonight, but he’s a bit spacey. She notices that Mr. Hendon is sitting at a table across the room and suggests they invite him to join them. Ben says that’s a bad idea, and they should give him some space. Then Buzz recognizes Mr. Hendon, and we find out that they are old service buddies. Buzz introduces him to Frank as the “toughest guy he’s ever met.” Then he introduces Marina, but she already knows him. She tells Buzz that Ben works for Mrs. Hendon. Mitch (Mr. Hendon) asks Ben what he did for Mrs. Hendon. Ben says he’s an assistant. Buzz is surprised he’s married since he wasn’t just a year ago when they last saw each other. Buzz and Mitch go off to talk. Marina asks Ben if he’s ok because he’s sweating. He tells her it’s hot in there. She suggests they take off, and he can drop her off at the lingerie store so she can pick up a few more things for tonight (how much lingerie does one night take???). When Mitch sees them leaving, he makes his excuses to Buzz and takes off too.

Bill asks Eden why this dinner party is so important and why she is trying to be a fifth wheel with Danny, Michelle, Marah, & Tony. She tells him that she has a way of screwing things up no matter what, and that things are finally falling into place for her, and she just really feels like if tonight is a success, it will be icing on the cake.

Jeffrey tells Cassie that she can’t throw him out because the hotel is a public place. He also tells her that she wouldn’t do it (insinuating that she wouldn’t because he looks like Richard). Edmund talks to Tammy about how weird it is to see someone that looks so much like her dad. They go on to talk about her being in jail. She tells him she knew it was wrong, and she tried to talk the others out of it, but she’s tired of being the goody-two-shoes. Edmund tells her that doing the right thing will always be a good thing to do. She tells him that he’s the last one that should be giving advice like that. He tells her that she’s right. She tells him that he doesn’t treat her like a kid. She asks him if the trip to San Cristobal was really just to scout for library sites.

Lizzie gives Beth a long spill about how they moved around and how she disappeared and the whole Lorelei scandal really messed her up, but she knows now that she has to come to her parents first. Beth tells her that’s not enough and that she wants her to see her psychologist. Beth tells her the appointment is already made.

Alex is still trying to convince Phillip that she did all this for him because he is the future of the family. She tells him that he has to get rid of Olivia for it all to work out though. He tells her that he and Olivia are together, and there’s nothing that she can do about it. She tries to get him to see that if the baby is Alan’s he will do everything to make sure that they are miserable. Olivia comes in, and Alex tells her to drop whatever it is she’s doing and meet her at the Beacon. Olivia tells her that she’s not meeting her anywhere. Alex tells her that she WILL.

Edmund assures Tammy that there’s nothing going on between him and Cassie. She thanks him for being honest. Then he goes over to check on Cassie. He asks her how it went with Jeffrey. She tells him he’s rude, infuriating, and living under her roof… He interrupts her and asks her to go to dinner. She asks him if it’s a date. He tells her to call it whatever she wants. She agrees to go to dinner.

Bill and Eden are covered in gunk from something exploding while they were trying to cook it. They end up rolling around in the bed, and she tells him that he is coming to her dinner party. He tells her that he’ll be there.

Frank comes out of the kitchen looking for Marina to give her a present. Buzz tells him that she took off with Ben, but she did say thanks for the cake. Buzz tells Frank that his buddy, Mitch, that was just in there owns a string of car lots, so he could probably cut him a deal. Frank says he’ll call him because Marina could use a nice surprise.

Marina is on a street that looks deserted, and she sees a young lady lying on some garbage bags. She yells “Miss? Are you okay?” When she gets closer to her, the body rolls over and Marina screams. I don’t think it was a character on the show, but I didn’t get a good look. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s one of Eden’s girls.

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