Guiding Light Update Monday 5/19/03

By Eva

At the Museum, Marah is painting her garbage cans. Tony arrives and wonders why the door was open. Marah says its to let the paint fumes out. Tony wonders why Marah is painting Garbage cans. Marah explains it was a suggestion from Mrs. Gonzalez the next door neighbor to keep the garbage cans from being stolen. Tony says that the garbage cans look nice. Tony starts kissing Marah despite her protests that he will get paint all over him. They are interrupted by Eden.

At Gus and Harley's place, Philip and Gus talk as they each drink a bottle of imported beer that Philip brought over. Philip wonders why Harley isn't home. Gus explains that Harley had a hard day and she is staying with Buzz for the night. Gus says he is taking care of the boys. Gus wonders if Philip is trying to do some brotherly bonding. Philip tells Gus that he knows what he is going through . Philip tries to explain that when he first found out he was adopted he didn't want to be involved with his biological parents. Gus says that Alan isn't his father his Parents are Joe and Angela Augustine. Philip says that the reason Alan is so intent on making Gus his new heir is because he wants to Get even with him (Philip) for sleeping with Olivia. Gus tells Philip he has no intention of being a Spaulding and says Philip can have Alan and his inheritance is safe. Philip says it doesn't matter that Gus doesn't want anything to do with the family Alan won't stop until Gus is the head of the company. Gus says the reason Philip is there is because he (Philip) is scared Alan will cut him off from the family dough. 

At the Police Station, Lizzie changes her mind and refuses the deal with Olivia. Olivia walks away in exasperation and says that Philip and Beth can handle this. Olivia walks over to Frank and asks for his help because she still can't reach Philip

At the Beacon, Cassie looks at Jeffery and softly whispers Richard. Jeffery goes oh not him again and tries to explain his identity but before he can do that Cassie faints and falls forward into Jeffery's arms. Edmund arrives and sees Jeffrey holding Cassie. Jeffery gently places Cassie on the couch while he tries to awaken her. Edmund asks Jeffery if he told Cassie who he was? Jeffery says he tried but before he could say anything Cassie passed out. Edmund says she was Richard's widow. Cassie wakes up and says your still here its not a dream. Jeffery says that he isn't Richard and tells Cassie his name. A still stunned Cassie touches Jeffery's cheek. Jeffery apologizes to Cassie for having started her and gets up to leave . Cassie touches his arm and says stay. Jeffery sits back down. 

At the Museum, Eden apologizes for interrupting but she has good news. Eden says Adrian Pascal wants to buy her purse design. Marah is excited and walks around saying Adrian Pascal wants to buy my design. A suspicious Tony thanks Eden for helping Marah. Marah invites Eden to stay for dinner but Eden says she can't have dinner with them tonight. Eden invites them to come to dinner at her house and says she will call them later to set up a day and time. Eden asks Tony and Marah if she can take a picture of them together because she is starting to feel like she has friends. Eden takes a picture of Tony and Marah. After Eden leave Tony and Marah race to the bathroom to take a shower.

At the Beacon, A still stunned Cassie still thinks Jeffery is Richard despite the fact Jeffrey told her his name. Annoyed by Cassie's reaction to Jeffery Edmund tells Cassie that Jeffery is the new D.A. and is the man responsible for putting Tammy in jail. Jeffery asks Cassie which one of the girls is hers. Cassie says Tammy Winslow. Jeffrey says oh that one she is on probation for stealing a ring. Cassie says its the ring you then corrects herself and says my husband gave me. Jeffery says that Cassie should concentrate more on her daughter and less on running the hotel. Edmund defends Cassie and says she is a working mother and she does a wonderful job at both things. Jeffery tells Cassie the girls will have to stay in jail until tomorrow and then he leaves. 

At the Police station, Frank tells Olivia that he is to old to go through this again. Olivia says that Frank isn't too old and says she didn't know Frank had another child. Frank explains he raised Harley when his father left them. Olivia says that she did the same with her brother Sam. Frank can't believe that 18 years ago tomorrow he held Marina in his arms and promised to love and protect her no matter what happened and now she is spending her birthday in jail. Olivia says marina is a good kid who just wants more out of the world then she thinks she can have. Olivia advises Frank to go easy on Marina so he doesn't break her spirit and so Marina doesn't stop loving him. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus blasts Philip for not noticing his father was sick. Philip explains that Alan has faked two heart attacks and switched Olivia's birth control pills so its hard to tell when Alan is telling the truth. Gus says that Alexandra was drugging Alan so he would be incapacity so she could hand the company over to Philip. When Gus sees the stunned look on Philip's face he asks him you mean you didn't know anything about this. Philip says he had no idea what Alexandra was doing. Philip asks how Gus knows Alan was drugged. Gus says he and Harley ran a blood test on Alan and found heavy traces of a drug used to treat anxiety. Gus explains that this drug given in Large doses can cause hallucinations and irrational behavior. Gus again asks Philip how he couldn't see that his father was in trouble the man tried to jump of a bridge for god's sake. Philip tells Gus you think I don't love him don't you? Philip says why do you think I keep coming back to the family and the company. Philip says that despite not wanting to be a Spaulding he (Gus) helped Alan so he is being sucked in too. Gus says he isn't being sucked in and says he would have helped anyone in Alan's situation. Philip says despite the fact Gus doesn't want to be a Spaulding he is defending Alan right now. Philip says Gus doesn't have to explain himself Alan is very good at manipulation. Gus says Philip doesn't want o tell the world that he (Gus) is his brother because Philip is ashamed of him. Philip says that Gus is the one who doesn't want to claim the Spaulding name because if he did he would have told him (Philip) they were brothers. Philip again warns Gus that the harder he (Gus ) tries to stay away from the family the harder Alan will try to suck him into the family until Alan has made him the new Spaulding heir. Gus refuses to hear anymore saying that he isn't Philip and he will be able to stay away from the Spaulding's. Philip and Gus are arguing so loudly that Jude starts to cry and Gus goes upstairs to check on him. Philip gets a call from Olivia who tells him Lizzie is in jail. Gus comes back downstairs while Philip is still on the phone. When Philip hangs up he fills Gus in on the situation. Gus says I know I guess Lizzie was one of the girls arrested with marina. Philip is surprised that Gus knew about the situation and annoyed that Gus didn't tell him. Philip tells Gus that the knew D.A. is charging the girls with grand theft auto. Gus explains that the D.A. can't do that because the car was impounded illegally because frank just wanted to teach marina a lesson. Philip is ready to charge down to the police station with an army of lawyers until Gus offers to go down and talk to the D.A. and handle the situation. Philip is surprised Gus would do that for him and accepts the offer. Philip gives Gus an hour to handle the situation or he will go down to the station with his layer. Philip says he will stay with the boys until he can find a baby sitter for them. 

At the Beacon, Cassie is stunned that a man who looks like Richard could attack her mothering skills so harshly. Edmund asks Cassie if when she first saw Jeffery she thought for a few seconds that Richard was back. Cassie nods her head yes and says for a few seconds she thought things would be okay again. Cassie tells Edmund that she felt something happening between them in San Cristobel. Edmund says and then you come back home and see a man who looks like Richard. Edmund says that things will be okay again. Before leaving Edmund tells Cassie to call him if she needs any help with Tammy or if she sees any more iguana's under her bed in the middle of the night.

At Gus and Harley's place, Olivia arrives and Philip explains to her that he has been babysitting the kids while Gus went to talk to the D.A. to persuade him to let Lizzie and her friends out of jail. Olivia is surprised that Philip is trusting Gus with this situation . Philip says in this situation he does trust Gus. Philip tells Olivia that he talked to Gus's mother and it is true that Gus is Alan's son. Philip says he also found out some surprising things about Alan but he will tell her about that later. Philip explains to Olivia that Gus and Harley ran some blood tests on Alan which prove Alexandra was drugging him to set him up as Reva's stalker. Olivia is angry that Alexandra also set her up as Reva's stalker. Olivia hopes that Alan will make Alexandra pay for what she has done. Philip assures Olivia that Alan is busy right now thinking of ways to make Alexandra pay. Philip tells Olivia that right now Gus is confused and doesn't know what he wants one minute he says he wants nothing to do with the Spaulding family the next minute he is yelling at him (Philip) saying he should have known Alan was sick. Zach calls out for his mommy and Philip goes upstairs to check on him. Olivia tells herself Gus may be confused now but that won't last long. 

At the Beacon, Gus explains to Jeffery that he doesn't have a solid case against the girls because the car was impounded illegally because Frank wanted to teach his daughter a lesson. Gus explains that Frank was upset that Marina's much older boyfriend had given her a car. Jeffery points out the car wasn't registered in Marina's name. Gus says Marina's boyfriend was planning to sign the car over to her when she turned 18. Gus says that even if he presses charges against Marina and the girls Marina's boyfriend won't testify against her. Gus says that he doesn't want Jeffery to look like a fool on his first case. Jeffery tells Gus he appreciate his help. Gus tells him to remember this favor the next time he (Gus) needs him. Gus tells Cassie that he got O'Neil to drop the charges and the girls will be out in an hour. Cassie thanks Gus and says she has to call Frank and Philip. Gus tells her that she should call frank and he will tell Philip. . Jeffery overhears their conversation and has a displeased look on his face. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Philip thanks Gus for his help and leaves with Olivia to pick up Lizzie.

At the Museum, Marah surprise stony by making a rose con polo (chicken and rice) for dinner. Marah asks Tony to try and be friends with Eden because they have so much in their lives and Eden has no friends. Despite his better judgement Tony agrees to become friends with Eden for Marah's sake. They both toast to becoming Eden's friends. 

At Eden's Place, Eden looks at pictures of Tony which she keeps in a photo album as we hear Wynn's one man woman play. Eden, inks out Marah's face and body from a picture of Marah with Tony and she sketches in a picture of herself over Marah's face and body. 

At the police station, Frank asks Marina for a fresh start Marina says yeah whatever, Philip arrives and takes his daughter out of jail, Lizzie asks him where Beth is and Philip says she is in Chicago. Lizzie tells Philip that she knew things would be alright when he arrived. Philip puts an arm around Lizzie and walks with her out of the jail as Olivia follows them. Frank opens the door to Marina's cell and says let's go home. 

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