Guiding Light Update Friday 5/16/03

By Eva

At the docks , Philip is pacing and talking on the cell phone to a secretary at Spaulding. Philip insists that no papers are to leave the office without his signature no matter what Alan has told her. Philip hangs up the phone and tells Olivia that Alan has even gotten to the secretaries at Spaulding. Philip says he almost wants to let Philip and Gus run the company because the company isn't worth all the gray hair. Olivia says that his gray hair was already there and there is no proof that Gus is Alan's son because she doesn't think Alan has run a DNA test. Olivia says that despite all his complaining she knows Philip loves running the company. Philip says he hopes he can find out the truth soon because he hates all the uncertainty. Philip tells Olivia he knows how he can find out the truth. Philip gives Olivia a kiss and says he will meet her at home.

At Gus and Harley's place. Gus is laying on the bed and drawing a mustache and funny Glasses on a picture of Alan that is in the newspaper. 

At the Police Station, Frank tells Lizzie and Tammy that he was unable to reach Cassie but was able to reach someone for Lizzie. Lizzie asks if it was her mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Aunt Alex. Frank says it wasn't either of those people and Olivia walks in. Lizzie says? You? Olivia says any port in a storm I guess. The arresting officer pulls Olivia aside and tells her he thinks that Lizzie was the one who instigated things and egged on the other girls to steal the car. The officer says that he thinks Lizzie is the type of girl who likes to pull strings. The officer advises Olivia to nip Lizzie's behavior in the bud. Harley begs Frank to let Marina and the girls out now. Frank refuses because he can't play favorites. Frank says sometimes he feels it would be better if he was running the chop shop. Harley says he was born for this job and he is a good cop. Harley says that he is a great father too except when he loses his head because his daughter has an older boyfriend. Harley says he should have just given Ben a ticket for parking illegally instead of impounding the car. Frank says he feels like he is losing his little girl. Harley again begs Frank to let marina and the girls out. Frank refuses because marina needs to learn their are consequences to her actions. 

At the D.A.'s office, The Mayor arrives to speak to Jeffery. Jeffery explains that he just got a call saying that some well connected young girls stole a car from the impound lot. Jeffery tells the mayor he has to go down and make sure the paperwork hasn't been lost. The Mayor thinks the situation is just a teenage prank. Jeffery gets upset because he thinks the mayor has a problem with the way he is handling the situation. Jeffery also tells the Mayor that one of the girls is the Police chief's daughter. Jeffery asks the mayor if he has a problem? The mayor shakes his head no but says he does have another problem he wants to discuss with him. The Mayor says he has a problem with Jeffery's appearance. 

In San Cristobel, Edmund and Cassie stare deeply into each other's eyes for a few minutes and then share a kiss.. Cassie goes from sitting on the bed as she and Edmund kiss again. They are interrupted by the phone ringing. Cassie answers the phone and Frank explains the situation. Frank says they have buried the paper work and are waiting for the parents to pick up the girls. Frank asks Cassie if she wants Reva or someone else to pick Tammy up. Cassie says she will fly back to Springfield herself to get Tammy out of jail and hangs up the phone. Cassie explains the situation to Edmund who offers to fly back to Springfield with hr. Cassie wants Edmund to stay and tour possible library locations but Edmund insists on going with her and they get ready to leave. 

At the D.A.'s office , Jeffery is offended that the Mayor calls his beard scraggly and says he Knew who he hired when he hired him. The Mayor tells Jeffery that he knew what town he was coming to and he knew the town's values when he accepted the job. The Mayor wants Jeffery to shave his beard and wear a suit and tie. The Mayor also wants Jeffery to wear real shoes instead of those hippy dippy shoes. Jeffery agrees to shave his beard and do his best to dress middle of the road. Jeffery tells the mayor he chooses his battles and its the last one he intends to lose to him. From outside his office Jeffery calls the police Station and says he needs to talk to the chief.

At the Police Station, Frank offers the girls some food or something to drink. The girls shake their heads no. Frank admits to Harley that the Mayor pressured him to reinstate Gus. Frank says the mayor was pressured by a very well connected person related to Gus. Harley says that Gus hates it when big shots throw their weight around. Harley wonders if she should tell Gus that Alan was responsible for reinstating him. 

At Company, Philip sees Regina (Lucia) . Regina gives him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and they sit down to talk. Philip asks Lucia if its true that Alan is Gus's father. Regina says yes its true. Philip is relieved because he thought she left because of something he had done. Philip assumes that Regina was one of Alan's many one night stands. Regina tells Philip she and Alan truly loved each other and Gus was born out of that love. Regina tells Philip that she thinks Alan will try to make up for lost time with Gus. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley tells Gus about Marina's situation. Gus is surprised that Frank let his daughter sit in jail. Gus says fathers are supposed to bail you out no matter what you have done. Harley tells Gus Frank told her something she thinks he (Gus) has a right to know. 

On the Private plane, Cassie again thanks Edmund for coming with her back to Springfield. Edmund says there is no need to thank him again because he wasn't going to look at possible library sites without her. Edmund offers to use his influence as ambassador to pull some strings with the Springfield Police department. Cassie accepts and thanks him again. Edmund thinks Tammy has become a modern day Robin hood because this is the second time she has gotten in trouble for stealing something to return it to its rightful owner. Cassie Laughs. Cassie is not looking forward to sitting down with the D.A. and hearing a speech on being a bad mother. Edmund says maybe she won't have to do that at all. Cassie says she did the last time. Edmund gets a worried look on his face because he doesn't want Cassie to meet Jeffery.

In his hotel room at the Beacon, Jeffery is shaving his beard. Jeffery looks even more like Richard once his beard is shaved. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley tells Gus the Mayor pressured Frank to reinstate him. Harley is about to tell Gus the part about Alan but stops herself when she sees that Gus is so proud that the Mayor himself reinstated him. Harley says the mayor reinstated him because he needs Gus to work on the Jed Simmons homicide case. Harley gives Gus a kiss and says she is going to Company to talk to Buzz so that Maybe Buzz can talk some sense into Frank about Marina. 

At Company, Regina tells Philip that Alan never wanted to be in the company. Regina says all Alan ever wanted to do was be a singer but Brandon told him that he had better get those foolish ideas out of his head or he would disinherit him. Philip laughs saying that he never imagined his father as a singer. Regina says that Alan has a beautiful voice and he could have been on Broadway. Regina is surprised Philip has never heard his father sing. Regina says she always thought that he (Philip) would become a writer. Philip tells her he had a novel published once but soon his father pulled him back into the company. Regina says she didn't tell Gus that Alan was his father because he wanted Gus to be his own man and follow his heart. Philip gets up to leave and invites Regina to visit him so she can meet his kids. Before he leaves Regina tells Philip that she always worried that his spirit would be crushed. Regina says now she is worried Gus's spirit will be crushed. Philip gives her a hug and kisses the top of her head. Philip also thanks her for the talk because she helped him understand some things. 

At the Police Station, Frank informs Cassie ,Olivia, and the girls that the D.A. intends to press charges to make an example of the girls. An angry Cassie agrees that the girls should be punished but the D.A. is being an insensitive jerk and demands to see this O'Neil guy. Frank says the D.A. is on his way down to the station. Franks says he intends to charge the girls with grand theft auto. The girls are upset that they will have to spend the night in jail.

Outside Company, Ben waits for Marina. Blake arrives and Ben grabs her thinking she is Marina. Blake asks Ben if he will be at marina's birthday party. Ben says that is not likely because Frank hates him. Ben tells Blake he really cares about Marina because she is the first person in a long time who makes him feel like he isn't alone. Ben asks Blake if she has ever been in a situation where she felt she was doing something good for someone she cared about but then she got in over her head and didn't know how to get out of that situation. Blake offers to listen if he needs to talk. Ben says there is nothing on his mind he is just in a weird mood. Blake advises Ben to stick it out with Marina even if the situation gets tough. 

At the Police Station, Frank tells Marina that he is sorry he never meant for things to go this far. Marina doesn't say anything because she is still angry at her father. After a few minutes Marina tells Frank he finally got his wish she is a criminal. Frank tells marina he will go to company and get bail and have her out of jail soon. Frank tries to hold Marina's hand but she moves it away from him and goes to sit down on the cot. Before he leaves Frank tells Olivia and Cassie the girls will need a good lawyer. Lizzie tells Olivia that Marina and Tammy were the ones who decided to jump the fence and take the car. Lizzie says she would never steal a car. Olivia doesn't believe herald offers Lizzie a deal. Olivia won't tell Philip and Beth she was the instigator of this car theft if Lizzie will stop being a brat and trying to come between her and Philip. Olivia says she can be a better friend then an enemy. Lizzie shakes her head yes and Olivia goes to find a lawyer. Edmund calls the Mayor and says he will meet with him at the Beacon shortly. Cassie tells Edmund she is going to find Jeffery O'Neil and give him a piece of her mind. Edmund follows Cassie as she leaves. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Philip arrives and Gus tells him Zach is asleep. Philip says he isn't there to see Zach is there to talk to him. Philip offers Gus a beer. Gus is speechless. 

At Company, Frank is counting money for Marina's bail. Harley arrives and tells Frank she didn't tell Gus that Alan was responsible for reinstating him. Harley notices Frank counting money and Frank explains he is trying to get bail money for Marina because the D.A. is charging her with grand theft auto. Frank blames himself for Marina's situation. Once Frank is done counting money he and Harley leave for the Police station. 

At the Beacon, Cassie tells Edmund she is going to her room to call a lawyer and get Bail money. Once Cassie is gone Edmund sees the Mayor in the lobby and tells him he has made a mistake with the new D.A. and he should cut his loses and send him back to New York on a rail. On the way to her room a distracted Cassie bumps into Jeffery causing his files to fall to the floor. While an annoyed Jeffery is kneeling on the floor Cassie Apologizes for bumping into him. When Jeffery is done picking up his files he stands up. Cassie stares at him in stunned silence. 

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