Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/13/03

By Richard

After Ramona tracked him down, Ben was angry that she'd lied, saying that her husband knew about their "situation". Fearing the wrath of Ramona's husband, Mitchell, Ben tried to put a stop to their arrangement---going so far as to offer to give back the new car---but Ramona threatened to tell Marina about everything. Seductively, Ramona told a nervous Ben to continue to meet with her at the same place/same time. After she left, Marina found Ben and told him she's found a way for Ben to impress his boss. Telling Ben he's capable of doing much more than just being someone's personal assistant, Marina suggested she and Ben have dinner with Ramona and her husband so that Marina can exalt Ben's virtues, but Ben nixed her idea.

Ed and Ross met at "Olivia's", where Ross told Ed about his idea of buying the Jessop farm and he and Blake living there. Ross admitted that he still hasn't told Blake about his idea yet. Rick joined them at their table and when he heard Ross' idea, he found it quite amusing. Rick then told his dad that he & Mel are going to move out of the garage apartment and back into the main house. Rick went on to say that for quite a while now, he's been paying the house taxes and the other bills and feels he has a right to move into the house. Rick also told his dad that although Ed's been back in town for nearly a year, he STILL hasn't contributed anything towards paying any household bills. Feeling embarrassed for bringing this up in front of Ross, Rick apologizes to him, then leaves the table.

At the Spaulding mansion, as Alexandra was giving orders to movers, Reva dropped in. After learning Alan wasn't home, Reva surprised Alex by accusing her of being the stalker, but Reva ended up being the one surprised when Alex admitted it! Alex revealed that the idea of stalking Reva all began when Reva was going full steam ahead with her in-depth story on the Spaulding's, but that Alex later realized she could use the stalking situation for an even better purpose: to use it to "manage" a family situation. Before she left, Reva vowed that Alex would spend time behind bars for what all she's done and said that Alex's own brother, Alan, would be the one to send her there, but Alex snidely told Reva that Alan has no such plans, adding that if Reva informs the authorities, Alex will simply deny it.

Alan stopped by Gus & Harley's, but after seeing Alan at the door, Gus slammed the door in Alan's face. When Alan persevered, Gus let him in, where Alan thanked him for all his help. Alan then told Gus and Harley that he's decided against having Alexandra charged with stalking Reva and drugging him, that he's going to hold it over Alex's head in order to take back everything he's lost. Harley & Gus were outraged that Alan was planning on letting Alex get away with her crimes, but Alan insisted he's going to make Alex pay AND that he's going to repay Gus for all he did for him, telling Gus that he wants him to run Spaulding Enterprises one day. Alan thanked Gus for saving him at the bridge and for hiding him out at Harley's, when Frank walked in, having heard every word! Frank blasted Gus, and told him that he'd come there to announce that Gus' suspension had been overturned, but now that he's heard how Gus uses his badge in order to further his own agenda and seeing how much of a renegade cop Gus truly is, Frank announces that Gus is suspended---permanently! After Frank left, Alan tried to tell Gus about his plans for Alexandra and the future of Spaulding, but Gus sarcastically thanked Alan for ruining everything and told Alan to leave. Afterwards, Harley tried to console Gus, saying she's sure that Frank will reconsider his latest decision. When Frank went to "Company", he witnessed a close moment between Marina and Ben and interrupted, railing at Ben for buying a car for Marina so he can take advantage of her. When Ben tried to deny it, Frank pulled Marina away from him and warned Ben never to see his daughter again. When Frank went inside, he saw Buzz and told him he's had a stressful day so far, mentioning that he had a run-in with Harley, Gus AND Alan. He then told Buzz that there's something about Ben he doesn't trust. Outside, Marina told Ben that she's sick and tired of people dictating the terms of her life and that when she turns 18 soon, it'll be her very own independence day. After kissing Ben, she told him that she "wants him", then told him to meet her at "The Beacon" on her birthday, adding that she can't stay a virgin forever.....

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