Guiding Light Update Monday 5/12/03

By Sarah

Jeffrey (the Richard look-alike) is at the front desk at the Beacon picking up his messages. He asks the desk clerk if Mrs. Winslow will be around this morning. Edmund hears him asking about Cassie, and tells him that she’s not around, but he will get a message to her if Jeffrey would like.

Alexandra is trying to track down Phillip at the loft. Olivia and Lizzie (who they are calling Elizabeth a lot today) are there. Alex tells them that she has to find Phillip to warn him not to near the house today.

Phillip shows up at the mansion because he got a message on his cell phone that there was an important meeting with their attorneys today. Nolan tells him they just left. Alan comes out and tells him they are having a meeting—just the two of them.

Reva shows up at the Beacon to have lunch with Cassie. Cassie suggests they go somewhere else for lunch since she’s always there. Jeffrey is still talking to Edmund. He tells him the mayor wanted him to meet Cassie, but he didn’t get a chance at the gala. Edmund is staring at Jeffrey again, and Jeffrey asks him if he’s going to keep doing that. Jeffrey tells him that he knows Edmund is staring because he looks like Richard and asks if it’s going to be a problem since they will be running into each other from time to time. Edmund says it’s nothing he can’t handle. Reva asks Cassie if she wants to go to her house, and Cassie says that’s great since she could use some distance from this place. Reva asks if she wants distance from the hotel or work, and Cassie interrupts her and says Edmund.

Alex insists that Olivia have Phillip call her as soon as he gets back. Olivia tells her that she’s not leaving without an explanation. They banter back and forth about who is responsible for the demise of the family (could they argue about this anymore???). Alex finally tells Olivia that Alan is back and is seeking vengeance for everything they have done to him. Lizzie is surprised to hear that Alan is back and wants to know what Alex did to him to make him mad.

Phillip is shocked to see Alan. He asks him if he’s all right. Alan tells him he’s fine. Phillip is showing genuine concern for him, but Alan thinks he’s faking it since Alan is convinced that Phillip was in on Alex’s plan all along. Alan hands Phillip his resignation from the company and demands that he sign it.

Edmund asks Jeffrey if he had ever heard of Richard before last night. Jeffrey tells him that he hadn’t. Edmund asks if he’d heard of San Cristobal, and Jeffrey tells him that he heard it was a good vacation spot. Edmund asks him if he was born in the US. Jeffrey tells him Chicago, and that he lived there until he went to school, and then he worked for the DA in NY and had a great apartment and had coffee every morning at Four Brothers Coffee Shop. Edmund is confused. Jeffrey goes on to say that he likes sugar in his coffee, he doesn’t like caviar, he doesn’t like bubbles in his drink unless it’s a cold beer, and the last time he wore a crown was for Halloween when he was 6. Edmund tells him that’s more than he bargained for, and Jeffrey tells him they are done.

Cassie is rambling about everything but Edmund and Reva tells her to get to the point. Cassie tells her that they’ve been spending a lot of time together planning the gala especially this past week. It’s been pretty emotional for her and she seems to have let her guard down when it comes to Edmund. Reva thinks that Edmund has hurt Cassie or taken advantage of her. Cassie tells her that it’s just the opposite. He has been kind and understanding, and she is drawn to him. Reva begs her to tell her that it’s as a friend, but Cassie tells her it’s more.

Lizzie is shocked to find out that Alan is home. Olivia wants to know where he was all this time. Alex tells her that he hasn’t revealed that yet. Lizzie wants to know why Alan wants vengeance on Alex, and Alex tells her that he’s still delusional and that he’s paranoid and convinced that Alex has done many bad things to him. Lizzie tells her that she doesn’t believe her and that she’s taking the car and she’ll send it back for her. Alex asks where “Elizabeth” is going, and she tells her that she’s going to see Alan.

Phillip thinks that Alan is still having delusions, but Alan tells him that he’s fine and that the drugs were causing the hallucinations. Phillip is confused about the drugs. Alan tells him that it was the drugs that Phillip and Alex gave him to make him paranoid, so that Phillip could sweep in and save the day. Alan tells Phillip that it was terribly predictable of him to distance himself from Alex right when the drugging happened. Alan tells Phillip that he’s taking back everything that is his, so he’d better just sign the resignation letter.

Olivia concludes that Alan is made at Alex because she had Phillip step in and take over the company, and Alex readily agrees to that story. She goes on to say that Alan thinks that she’s responsible for incapacitating him from the beginning. Alex tells her that he’s claiming she drugged him. Olivia says that’s so wild that it could possibly be true. Alex is shocked to hear her say that, and Olivia goes on to say that it would explain his behavior. Olivia can’t figure out why Alan is letting her free, but she thinks there could be more—something much worse that Alan is holding over Alex’s head. The look on Alex’s face says it all.

Phillip tells Alan that he doesn’t’ have proof of anything. Phillip tells him that after seeing his behavior today, there’s no way that he’s giving Alan control of the company. Alan tells him that he will do it and soon or Alex will go to prison. Phillip asks what for and then figures that Alan is talking about the drugging. Alan tells him that she’ll go for stalking Reva Lewis too. Phillip tells him that he was the one that did that. Alan says that is what Phillip and Alex want everyone to think. Alan tells Phillip that he’ll never tell anyone as long as he gets his way. Phillip asks him who framed Olivia if Phillip was the one that was the stalker. Alan suggests that Phillip did with Olivia’s full knowledge since they were in it together. Phillip tells him to go to hell if he believes that. Alan tells Phillip that he can go to hell since he has figured out who is loyal to him—his REAL son. He tells Phillip that he’s not talking about Alan Michael either. He’s talking about his eldest son, Gus Aitoro. Alan suggests that Phillip planned this whole scheme so that Gus wouldn’t get control of the company. Phillip is flabbergasted. Alan tells him that he stood by him at the lowest point in his life, and nursed him back to health, and he understands the meaning of family loyalty. Phillip makes a snide comment about the faking of the heart attacks, and then Alan makes a comment about Phillip stealing Olivia. They argue some more and then Alan demands that Phillip sign the resignation. Phillip tells him he’ll need a truckload of lawyers to get him out of the company, and if he thinks he’s kicking him out of the family, he’ll need even more.

Olivia figures that Alan has proof of something else or Alex would be in jail right now. Alex tells her that she took certain measures to help Phillip and protect the company, but there were never any drugs. They do some more fighting about who is responsible for the situation that the family is in right now.

Dax returns to talk to Edmund. He asks if Edmund and Cassie got along well. Edmund tells him they are getting alone just fine. Dax tells Edmund that Richard would be happy to see them not fighting. Dax has a few sites that he has to show Edmund for the location of the library. Dax suggests that Edmund come to the island to see the sites for himself. Edmund thinks that’s a great idea. Then Edmund asks Dax to look up Jeffrey O’neill for him—the usual background check and then deeper. Edmund wants to know everything about this man.

Reva is shocked at what Cassie just told her. Cassie tells her she didn’t plan for this to happen. She says that they’ve just been spending so much time together, and they ended up drinking champagne and dancing. Then she reveals that he gave her a foot massage, and then he kissed her. Reva is shocked. She tells her that this is the same man that locked Cassie in a tower. Cassie tells her that when she’s with him, she feels like she still has part of Richard. Reva reminds her that Richard hated Edmund. Cassie corrects her telling her that Richard hated what Edmund did, but he loved Edmund. She tells Reva that he has changed and accidentally calls him Richard. Reva calls her on it. Cassie tells her that this all must be misplaced feelings for Richard, and not new feelings for Edmund. Cassie is thrilled that she’s not really falling for Edmund, and she thanks Reva for the talk.

Elizabeth tells Alan that she’s so glad he is home. Alan is happy to see her, but then asks why she’s not at school. She tells him that she just saw Alex and she had said some really bad things about him. Alan tells her that there are going to be some really bad things said soon, and he wants her to just block it all out. Lizzie, I mean Elizabeth, asks some more questions, but Alan just tells her not to worry about anything because he’s going to take care of it all.

The desk clerk at the Beacon tells Edmund that there’s a message from Jeffrey for Cassie, and Edmund assures him that he will personally deliver the message to Cassie. Cassie comes up to Edmund and tells him she owes him an apology. She tells him that he was nice enough to help her with the cramp in her foot, but she just ran off without saying thank you. He tells her that she actually said thank you (referring to the kiss) and then ran off. She tells him that the gala has stirred up a lot of emotions for her, and that she’s been crazy, but now she’s back to normal. She tells him she’s dying to see how they did last night. He shows her the numbers and she’s thrilled. Edmund shows her the places that Dax brought him. He tells her that he doesn’t want to have to pick out the place alone. Cassie tells him she’d be honored to help choose the site, and he tells her that he’s going to San Cristobal to see the sites, and he wants her to go with him.

Olivia told Phillip that Alex all but admitted that she drugged Alan. He tells her that whatever Alex did to Alan, he’s determined to make her and Phillip pay for it. Olivia tells him that he didn’t do anything wrong. Phillip tells her that Alan is convinced he did. Then he tells her about Alan bringing Gus into the picture. Phillip is sure that it will blow up in Alan’s face, so he’s not worried about it.

Elizabeth is telling Alan that she had nothing to do with that fire, and now it’s on her school record, and she’s not going to be able to get into a good college. Alan tells her that he’s going to make a few phone calls, so she shouldn’t worry about a thing. Alan tells her he has some things to attend to, so he’ll see her later.

Cassie asks Edmund if he wants her to go to San Cristobal with him. Edmund apologizes and tells her that it’s probably too soon and that people would talk about them arriving together. Cassie tells him that she doesn’t care what people think. He asks her what the problem is then. She says it’s her kids and the hotel. He tells her they could postpone the trip, but she says that she’ll just call Olivia to make sure she can handle the hotel, and she’ll figure everything else out. Edmund is pleased.

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