Guiding Light Update Friday 5/9/03

By Eva

At Philip and Olivia's place, Philip tells Lizzie its too early for the night to be over and says they should all have desert on the terrace. Olivia follows Philip into the kitchen and gives him a kiss. Philip says he is sorry they haven't spent much time together lately. Philip says that he will take Lizzie home after they have desert and then they can spend some time alone. 

At the Beacon, The Mayor introduces Edmund to the new District Attorney Jeffery O'Neil who bears a striking resemblance to Richard. The Mayor says they are thrilled to have him in the job and he will be an asset to Springfield. Edmund stares at him and mutters you look like.. and shakes his hand . Edmund continues to stare intently at Jeffery and Jeffery asks for his hand back since Edmund hasn't let go of it . Jeffery is so unnerved at Edmund staring at him that he assumes Edmund is gay. Cassie asks an employee if he knows where Edmund is. The employee says Edmund is at the bar. Cassie heads towards the bar. 

Gus calls Harley from outside the Spaulding mansion. Gus explains to Harley that she needs to go into the study to look for evidence and she better hurry because Alexandra could be back any minute. Gus tells Harley that he will hand the phone to Alan so he can explain what she is looking for. Gus calls and leaves a message telling Alexandra to pick up the phone because he just saw her enter the house. Alexandra picks up the phone and Gus explains that Lloyd is at the station and Harley is standing right beside him. Gus says he knows everything and unless she wants him to blab she will come to the pier now. 

At the Beacon, Ben kisses Marina on the neck and offers to take her for a ride around the lake in her convertible. Ben and Marina kiss and are about to leave when Marina spots Ramona Hendon and insists that she and Ben say Hello. Ben tries to leave by saying he is not working now and he wants to spend his time with her. Marina keeps insisting and calls Mrs. Hendon over. marina asks how she is enjoying the gala. Mrs. Hendon says she hopes Marina and Ben are having a wonderful evening and tries to leave to look for her husband. Marina says that she would love to meet her husband. Ramona's husband arrives and is introduced to Ben and Marina. Marina is surprised that Mr. Hendon hasn't met Ben because he works for Ramona. Mr. Hendon wants to know what job Ben does for his wife. 

At the Mansion, Gus continues to talk to Alexandra. Gus says he found a blonde wig and some tranquilizers in her closet. Gus demands that she go to the pier now to talk to him. Alexandra tells him that he can come over to the house and they can discuss things like adults. Alan explains to Harley that he remembered that he has Alexandra posing as Beth on a master surveillance DVD. He tells Harley where the DVD is in the study. Alexandra looks out the window and sees Harley's car is still parked there. Alexandra tells Gus she wants to talk to Harley. Gus says Harley doesn't want to talk to her because Harley hates her. Alexandra hangs up on Gus and Goes looking for Harley. 

At the Beacon, Jeffery O'Neil is getting more unnerved by Edmund's staring and Edmund tries to stammer out an explanation that Jeffery is wrong about him. Jeffery doesn't believe him and says he doesn't have time for games because he has an early meeting and leaves. Cassie arrives after Jeffery leaves and notices that Edmund is still distracted and asks him what is wrong. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Harley is taking the DVD player out of the player and still talking to Alan when Alexandra arrives. Harley quickly hangs up the phone leaving Alan screaming into the phone Harley is anything wrong? Harley shows Alexandra the DVD in her hand and explains it is a master DVD of all the surveillance cameras in the house and they show Alexandra pretending to be Beth. Alexandra wonders why Harley hates her so much all she has ever done was try to help Harley. Harley starts listing all the things she has done to her ,Gus, and Alan,. Alexandra says that Harley won't use the DVD against her because if she does she will lose Gus. Alexandra says she knows Harley will give her the DVD because she doesn't want Gus sucked into the Spaulding family. Alexandra says soon Gus will start putting the family before Harley. Alexandra says that Harley has been through this twice with Philip and Alan Michael. Alexandra thinks Harley doesn't have the stomach to go through it again. Harley says that Gus won't get sucked in and he will always be Gus. Harley says Alexandra overestimates the Spaulding charm and underestimates her. 

At the Beacon, Ben stammers trying to come up with a description of his job. Ramona saves him and tells her husband Ben is her personal assistant. Mr. Hendon says he hasn't seen Ben around the house. Ramona says Ben started working for her when her husband was away on a trip that is why he hasn't seen Ben. Mr. Hendon says he wants to get acquainted with Ben. 

The Major arrives at the bar and asks if Jeffery has already left. A still stunned Edmund says yes. The Mayor apologizes to Edmund and says he should have prepared him. Cassie wonders why Edmund should have been prepared. The Mayor says some people have told him Jeffery bares a striking resemblance to Richard. The Mayor confesses he doesn't see a resemblance. After the Mayor leaves. Cassie asks Edmund if the new D.A. looks like Richard. Edmund says he isn't the spitting image of Richard but he does look enough like him he (Edmund) became unnerved. Edmund confesses to Cassie that when he saw the D.A. he realized how much he still misses Richard. Cassie says she misses Richard too and gives Edmund a hug.

At Philip and Olivia's place, Lizzie gets Philip to postponed a planned shopping trip with Olivia so he can have breakfast with her and Beth and talk about possible new schools.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan and Gus arrive. Alan asks Harley if she got the DVD. Harley says of course and hands it to Alan. Harley turns around and tells Alexandra she can choke on it. 

At the Beacon, Ramona explains that her husband does contract work for the government. Ben asks what kind of work and Mr. Hendon says that if he told him he would have to kill him. Mr. Hendon tells Ben he was a marine and was trained to analyze problems and deal with them swiftly. He also tells Ben that he knows a dozen ways to kill a man. Ramona tells her husband she has to leave because she has to call her parents. Before she leaves she whispers to Ben that they will talk later. Ben says thanks allot Ramona. Once outside Mitchell Hendon tells his wife that she is still robbing the cradle. An annoyed Ramona heads for their car. Marina tells Ben that she hopes he wasn't upset that she talked him up to Mr.Hendon. Marina says that she wants Mr. Hendon to like him. A worried looking Ben says me too. 

At Philip and Olivia's, Philip goes to the store to get ice cream. Olivia tells Lizzie that she doesn't like being sandbagged and if she (Lizzie) does it again she will find out that she (Olivia) is much better at it. Lizzie tells Olivia she could tell Philip what happened but Philip will always take her side because she is his daughter. Lizzie says then Olivia and her father will start to argue and Olivia wouldn't want that. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Frank arrives Alan tells him that Gus found him wandering around the Beacon and brought him home. Frank asks if Alan remembers anything about where he has been this past week. Alan tells Frank he doesn't remember anything at all. Gus tells Alan to tell Frank the truth. Alan says when he was at the Beacon he heard Alexandra's voice and suddenly remembered he had a family that loved him. Frank asks Gus if he found Alan and brought him home. Gus is stunned that Alan didn't turn Alexandra in to the police and only nods his head. Frank asks Gus when exactly he was going to tell him he had found Alan. Gus says he and Harley were just going to call him. Frank drops the subject and says that the important thing is Alan is home. Gus and Harley leave. Frank says he is placing Alan under house arrest and leaves.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus puts the key in the door as Harley begs him to say something to her because he hasn't spoken on the whole ride home. Gus turns and tells her after Alan's performance there is nothing left to say. Gus admits that Harley was right Alan was using him. Gus says Alan has no intention of turning Alexandra in because Alan wants Alexandra over a barrel the rest of her life. Gus says Alan never cared about him at all. Harley tells Gus she is sorry. Gus tell her he doesn't need Alan or anyone as long as he's got her. Gus kisses Harley and then gently pushes her down on the couch and they continue kissing. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan does exactly what Gus told Harley he would do. Alan tells Alexandra that for the rest of her days she will answer to him unless she wants him to have a case of total recall.

At Philip and Olivia's place, Philip comes home with ice cream. Lizzie shows Olivia how she can get her father to do whatever she wants him to do. Lizzie tells her father the house is so empty and sad since Alan has been gone. Lizzie tells Philip she is worried about her grandpa. Philip says that her grandpa is a tough smart man and he will be fine. Philip gives her a kiss on the forehead and invites her to spend the night so they can spend some time together. Olivia says they aren't really set up for guests. Philip says he will get the sleeping bag out of the baby's room and Lizzie can sleep on the couch. Philip gives Lizzie another kiss on the forehead and goes to tall Beth. Lizzie smiles as Olivia gives her a dirty look. 

At the Beacon, Cassie says its normal for Edmund to be shaken after seeing someone who looks like Richard. Cassie says she would have reacted the same way. Cassie tells Edmund she cried this afternoon because R.J. asked her to put a picture of Richard by his bed because he was starting to forget what he looks like. Edmund says he is sorry. Cassie says she realized she doesn't ever want her children to forget Richard and they should always think of him. Cassie thanks Edmund for the gala and allowing her and her children to remember and honor Richard. Cassie's foot hurts because of her shoes and Edmund takes her foot and gives her a massage using reflexology and different pressure points to make her feel better. Edmund stares intently at Cassie while she is relaxing for a few minutes with her eyes closed. Cassie opens them and stares at Edmund for a few minutes. Cassie breaks the spell by suddenly jumping up out of her chair and running out of the bar. At the desk Jeffery picks up something he has left then he drops it and bends over to pick it up. Cassie steps over what Jeffery dropped on her way out and says she is sorry. Jeffery says its all right then stands up and watches Cassie go out the door.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alan looks at the DVD of Alexandra and says that he always knew she hated him but he would never knew should would stoop so low. Alan tells Alexandra he knows the truth about Gus. Alan says first he will get rid of an ungrateful Philip so he (Alan) can be on top again. Alan says Gus isn't family. Alan says Gus is my son my son Alexandra. Alexandra says Alan you wouldn't bring Gus into the fold over me and Philip would you? Alan just smiles.

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