Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/8/03

By Eva

At the Spaulding Mansion, Gus and Harley search for evidence to prove Alexandra was Reva's stalker and is also responsible for drugging Alan. Gus and Harley find the bracelet that belonged to Gus's mother. 

At the Beacon, Edmund makes a speech welcoming everyone to the Gala and thanking them for coming. The Richard look alike who is wearing a mask listens to the speech from outside the door as he stares at the framed picture of Richard. Cassie congratulates Edmund on a wonderful speech. Edmund tells her that he was inspired by listening to her and Tammy talk about Richard. Caught up in the Moment Edmund gives Cassie a kiss as the Richard Look alike watches them through his mask. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Gus can't believe that Alexandra had the bracelet all this time. Gus vows to nail Alexandra for keeping the truth from him. 

At the Beacon, Cassie stands in stunned silence for a few minutes staring at Edmund. Tammy arrives to tell her its time to form a receiving line. Cassie and Edmund follow Tammy and take their places in the receiving line. Philip asks Olivia if she wants to leave because he knows this night is hard for her. Olivia says she wants to stay to honor Richard's memory. Olivia feels the baby kick and quickly puts Philip's hand on her stomach so he can feel it too. Olivia says she has felt a few flutters before but now that she felt the baby kick it all seems so real. Olivia smiles and says that is our baby Philip. Philip stands behind her and has a look on his face that says I don't know if it is my baby but I will as soon as that lab technician gives me the DNA results. Cassie thanks Ed and Rick for coming to the gala . Ed and Rick congratulate Edmond on his speech. Ed and Rick get out of the line . Ed tells Rick he looks tired and he may be doing too much. Rick tells his dad he is fine and goes to check his service. Philip congratulates Edmund on his speech but doesn't think Edmund has changed. Edmund says that most people don't share his opinion. Edmund looks over at Cassie. Shayne asks Reva why she and Josh are fighting. Reva says its nothing important. Shayne says it better not be about baseball because that is not worth ruining their relationship. After Shayne leaves Alan makes his presence known to Reva. He comes up behind her and tells her he is on a mission and the only ones who will be effected are his nearest and dearest. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, Harley searches Alexandria's room but is interrupted by a call from Alexandra. Alexandra wonders if Harley has seen or heard Alan wandering around. Harley says no she is checking the bedroom now and will check around the house one more time before she leaves. Gus comes up the stairs to tell Harley what he found unaware that Harley is on the phone with Alexandra. Alexandra hears a man's voice and asks who she is talking to. Harley says she is just watching television. Alexandra tells her to make sure and listen to music on the stereo too and hangs up the phone. Harley says that Alexandra heard his voice. Gus apologizes and says he didn't know she was on the phone. Gus shows Harley that he found a wig resembling Beth's hair color and a bottle of tranquilizers. Harley says they better get out of there now because Alexandra didn't buy her story about watching television. 

At the Beacon, Alexandra tells Lloyd to go over and check the house because she heard a man's voice. Lloyd leaves to follow orders. Blake and Ross ask Philip if he has heard any news about Alan. Philip says no but no news is good news. Philip asks Ross to become legal counsel for Spaulding because he fired the legal counsel for the company. Philip explains that he wants to make serious changes in the company. Blake makes a sarcastic remark to Olivia saying she must be happy that Philip is running the company. Olivia says that she is happy with Philip no matter what he does for a living. Ross tells Philip he is very happy with his law practice and teaching at the university. Philip asks Ross to think about the offer. Ross agrees to think about the offer. The mayor wants to introduce Cassie to the Richard look alike but just as Cassie is about to turn around and meet him Alexandra screams and spills her drink. Olivia and Rick talk about the reasons why they came to the gala and why they feel out of place. Rick tells Olivia he doesn't feel her deserves the heart of a prince who was a perfect man. Olivia tells Rick that Richard wasn't perfect he was a man. Olivia tells Rick that once during a state dinner she couldn't find Richard so she went looking for him and finally found him on the terrace in his bare feet putting them in the water. Olivia tells Rich Richard would be proud he has his heart. Rick thanks Olivia for the talk and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Rick leaves to find Ed. Rick tells Ed he is fine. Rick says as he was listening to Cassie and Tammy talk about Richard he was thinking about how lucky he is to be there because of Richard. Rick says he wants to deserve everything that has been given to him. A worried Ed asks Rick to give up one of his jobs because he needs to avoid stress. Rick says he is enjoying his job as medical examiner and d doesn't want to give up his job at the hospital. Ed apologizes for butting in to his life. Rick says its nice having Ed involved in his life. Rick and Ed get ready to leave.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Harley cleans up the mess she and Gus made in the study. Lloyd catches her and wonders what she is doing. Harley tries to cover by saying that she found the safe open and was about to call security. Lloyd doesn't buy her story. 

At the Beacon, Cassie and Edmund rush to comfort a very nervous Alexandra. Cassie goes to get the staff to clean up the mess. Alexandra tells Edmund that Alan is at the gala. 

At the Mansion, Harley tells Lloyd she was hired by Alexandra to watch the house. Harley tells Lloyd to leave so she can do her job. Lloyd doesn't believe her and refuses to leave. 

At the Beacon, Blake tells Cassie about her possible new job in PR and says if she needs to hire someone to promote the fifth street project she should think of her. Cassie says that she wishes they could afford to hire her but they can't afford it right now. Blake continues talking about why she decided to change jobs. Blake notices that Cassie is distracted and asks her what she is thinking about. Cassie tells Blake Edmund kissed her. Blake thinks Edmund is a jerk who is taking advantage of the situation. Blake offers to have Ross punch Edmund out for her. A nervous Cassie pleads with Blake not to tell anyone about the kiss. Blake thinks Cassie has feelings for Edmund and is about to get the whole story when Ed and Ross arrive. Ed tells Cassie the gala is great but he has to leave now. Blake thinks Cassie and Ed would make a good match. Cassie says she has to go be a hostess now but promises to talk to Blake later. Adrian Eden's designer friend arrives to look at Marah's purse design. Adrian says the purse is interesting and asks to be pointed towards the bar. Marah worries that he didn't like her design but Eden says he loved it . A grateful Marah hugs Eden. Lizzie asks Shayne if he is bothered by seeing Marina with Ben when she notices Shayne staring at the couple. Shayne says he and Marina are just friends. Shayne asks Lizzie if she didn't get in trouble for the fire at her school. Lizzie says she couldn't get in trouble after all the lies her parents told her. Lizzie explains that they lied about her dad shacking up with Olivia and about the baby. Lizzie says that Alexandra and Beth also told her Alan was on a business trip instead of telling her her grandpa was missing. Lizzie says she is worried they won't find her grandpa. Shayne assures her Alan will be found. After Lizzie and Shayne leave to go back inside the Beacon we see that Alan was hiding and listening to their conversation. 

At the Spaulding Mansion, a nervous Lloyd points a gun at Harley and tries to figure out what to do with Harley. Harley tells him he won't shoot her because he likes to throw rocks through windows that is more his style. Lloyd screams at Harley to shut up because he is trying to think of what to do. Gus arrives and stands at the door of the study pointing a gun at Lloyd. Gus says Lloyd is that any way to talk to a lady? Gus orders Lloyd to give Harley the gun and Lloyd follows orders. Lloyd says that everything he did he did on his own and Alexandra did nothing wrong. Gus screams at Lloyd to get out. Harley is about to say how could you let him get away until Gus explains that he has a cop outside ready to take Lloyd to the station. Harley asks how he knew about Lloyd? Gus says he saw Lloyd get out of his car from the window. Gus says that the reason he took so long in getting there to help her was because he was waiting for the cop to get there. Harley compliments Gus for always being one step ahead . Alan calls Gus and tells him he is at the Beacon and has found out some interesting information. Gus tells Alan to get out of there now and meet them back home. Alan tells Gus Philip and Alexandra are trying to take everything. Gus tells Alan to stay out of sight he is on his way to the Beacon to pick him up. Eden apologizes to Marah and Tony for trying to break them up in the past. Tony accepts her apology. Cassie talks to Edmund about the kiss Edmund says the kiss was just a moment. Alan is caught by the man who saw the Richard look alike because Alan and the Richard Look alike are wearing the same mask the employee says you are the man from before and goes to call security. Gus arrives to pick up Alan and is stopped by Eden who wants him to get to know Bill. Gus says he can't talk because he is working. Gus rushes off and Eden wonders why he is acting so strangely. Gus arrives just as the hotel employee is escorting Alan out. Gus says his friend is drunk and he called him for a ride. The employee leaves. Once outside Gus tells Alan they found a blonde wig and some tranquilizers in Alexandra's closet. Gus explains they don't have a case because Lloyd is refusing to admit Alexandra had any part in the scheme and they don't have enough evidence to link Alexandra to the crime. Alan tells Gus they may have a case but they have to get to the mansion before Alexandra does. Cassie spots the mayor and asks who the person was he wanted her to meet? The Mayor says he wanted to introduce her to the district attorney but he left to make a phone call. The mayor says they will be meeting at the bar in a few minutes so she can come and meet him there. Edmund looks for the mayor. A hotel employee says the Mayor will be meeting someone in the bar shortly. Edmund decides to go to the bar and wait for the mayor. When Edmund walks in the bar he says excuse me and when the Richard Look alike turns around Edmund is left stunned and speechless. 

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