Guiding Light Update Wednesday 5/7/03

By Naila


Things are still cold between Reva and Josh. She thinks they need to settle this dispute and discuss the problem at hand. Reva is about to admit to Josh what she is up to with Harley and Gus is interrupted by Shayne, who wants to go to the gala. Josh thinks Shayne should stay home but the young Mr. Lewis assures his dad that he will be well rested for his game tomorrow. After Shayne leaves, Reva decides not to tell Josh about the plan and instead tells Josh she thinks he is pushing Shayne constantly. Josh does not believe that Shayne is applying himself properly and wishes that when he was a kid someone had pushed him a little bit. Maybe his life would have turned out differently. Taken aback, Reva says she did not realize his life was so terrible. Josh says she misunderstood him and all he wants is to give Shayne the benefit of his experience. Reva reminds him that he was not forced to give up baseball… he did it to get away from his father. And everything he has done in life has led him to the life he now lives and she thinks he would be happy with that. Josh acknowledges the decisions he made and takes responsibility for them. However, he wants Shayne to try his best because he could have a future in baseball and does not want Reva to jeopardize it. Reva cannot believe that Josh does not expect her to have some say in this decision at all and he crudely points out that she has vanished from their lives time and time again. Reva walks out, telling him to get dressed for the gala.


Marina is furious with Frank for giving her a ticket and towing her car but Ben tells her that he’ll get the car back and leave it at his place and she can drive it whenever she wants. Marina is not looking forward to going to the gala but Marah convinces her to go. Alone, Tony cuts right to the chase and asks Ben if he’s trying to impress Marina or if he is conning her. Eden arrives and asks for Marah. When Tony leaves to get her, Eden tells Ben she thinks he should skip the gala, as Mrs. Henderson will be there with her husband. Ben tells her he spoke with Ramona and she told him that her husband is perfectly all right “with her having her own life”. Marina interrupts to show off her ‘new’ dress and tells Ben she is looking forward to showing Frank that he cannot stop them from having a good time. Eden tells Marah that her friend Adrian loves the bag she designed and wants to meet her at the Beacon tonight. Eden wouldn’t be surprised if he offered Marah a job. They all take off for the gala. [Apparently, Eden borrowed one of Marah’s dresses too].


Harley comes looking for advise on her wardrobe for the gala and is startled to see Rick with Gus [she thought Gus was talking to Alan]. Rick brought the test results from the blood sample they gave him and tells them traces of a drug were found. The drug is used to treat anxiety and, in high doses, can lead to delusions and even suicide tendencies. He is curious about the person he tested but Gus and Harley remain mum. Rick leaves and Alan reveals himself, furious to learn [for sure] that Alex has been drugging him. There is a knock at the door and Harley answers it, while Gus and Alan hide. Harley is surprised to find Alexandra at the door. Alex tells Harley that Alan was at the house and he is trying to terrorize her. She wants Harley to “talk Alan down” should he come back looking to hurt Alex. Harley asks what she has done that would make Alan want to hurt her and Alex says he’s no longer a rational man. She thinks that if Gus finds him he will reveal that he is Alan’s son and that could bring Harley more trouble than she wants. Harley agrees to assist her but says she is only doing this to protect Gus and keep him from being hurt again. Alex wants Harley by her side at the gala but Harley says she will be fine there because she will be surrounded by people; when she gets home, however, she might have a problem because Alan could be waiting for her. Harley tells Alex to go to the gala and she will search the house and make sure it’s safe and Alan-free. Alex offers to give the staff the night off and leave a key for Harley at the gate. Harley tells her to continue acting as though nothing is wrong but to be sure to stay in touch! Alex leaves and Harley confronts Alan, furious that hr went against their plans and tried to terrorize Alex. If things are not done her way, Harley will not be a part of this plan. Gus says they need to build their case against Alex by searching the house. Alan gives them details about the house and the combination to the safe. Harley calls Reva and asks her to apologize to Cassie for her and also to keep an eye on Alex at the gala. After they leave to search the mansion, Alan prepares to go to the gala, in disguise.


The final touches are put on as The Richard Winslow Memorial Fund Gala gets underway. Cassie has a little trouble with her clasp and Edmund offers her some assistance. They are both nervous about the event but pleased with the way it all turned out and hopes they raise enough money. Edmund presents Cassie with a family heirloom. It belonged to his mother and it was supposed to go to Richard. Edmund often thought of his mother when he played with it and hopes that Tammy will think of Richard when she wears it. Cassie is touched by his gesture. She sees a photograph of Edmund in the paper, captioned “The Unforgiven”. Edmund reads the article, which states that many chose not to attend the gala because he was the host and the night is “destined to be a dismal failure”. Cassie says he needs to focus on what they have accomplished and not let the press run him out. He just needs to focus on the whole point of this evening. Edmund, knowing how much the evening means to Cassie, decides to leave so she can enjoy it. Cassie begins greeting guests on her own but it does not feel right without Edmund so she leaves to find him. When she does, Edmund tells her he does not want to ruin this night for her. She tells him the only way he could ruin it would be by leaving. They started this fundraiser together and they should see it through to the end… together. Edmund agrees and they enter the hotel together.


The guests begin to arrive…

Shayne, Tony, Marah, Ben, Eden and Marina arrive. Everyone admires Marah’s apparently funky bag and Shayne suffers watching Ben and Marina hand all over each other.

Reva and Josh arrive and Marah and Shayne notice immediately that they are not happy. Shayne tells Marah they are fighting because of him.

Richard’s doppelganger arrives… in sneakers.

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