Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/6/03

By Suzanne

Olivia supervises preparations for the gala at the Beacon. Paintings and photos are placed around, including one with Richard's name on it. She touches his name and looks sad. Phillip comes up and kisses her, thanking her for offering to take Lizzie shopping later. She cries on his shoulder as he looks puzzled. She says it's hormones and she keeps crying over stupid things. She tells him she's sad about Richard. He sympathizes about first love. She guesses that all good things come to an end, but he assures her that he's not going anywhere and that she's beautiful. She is cheered up but wonders why he never says the one thing she wants to hear. He says he shows her that he loves her all of the time, like when he makes her eggs just the way she likes them, etc. She doesn't buy it. He says it's not about words, but she doesn't understand because she loves him so much and keeps saying it. She wonders if it's because of the uncertain paternity of the baby. He doesn't answer but she says never mind, letting him off the hook. He goes out and phones the lab to see if the DNA test results are in yet.

Lillian visits Beth to catch up on things. The head mistress from Lizzie's school phones so Beth tells them that her daughter will not be returning, but then she's told that Lizzie started the fire. Lizzie arrives and listens in outside the door, looking upset. Beth rants and raves to Lillian, blaming the school for incompetence. Lillian wonders if it's true, saying that she thought she knew Beth when she was a girl, too. Beth says that Lizzie has had a much better life than she had. Lillie disagrees and lists all of the upheaval that Lizzie has had in her life. Beth says that she has always tried to be there, but Lillian says she hasn't been there. They are yelling at each other when Lizzie bursts in and tells them to stop it. She says she wished she had never come home and should've just died in that fire. Beth hugs her and admonishes her never to say that. Lizzie says that when she's not around, everyone's happier. She tells them about two girls who made her life miserable at school. Lillian asks her about the fire. Lizzie claims that those two girls started the fire, that they smoke pot but hate Lizzie because she doesn't. She says she pulled the arm and ran, even though they threatened to blame the fire on her. Beth believes her and says she's going to call the school, perhaps even fly out there. She tells Lizzie not to worry about it and gives her a credit card so she can buy a dress for this evening's gala. Lizzie thanks her and leaves. Lillian looks suspicious. Outside, Lizzie smiles as she passes the mirror and looks at the card.

Lizzie arrives at Olivia's and is surprised to find they're not going to the mall. Olivia has her personal shopper there and she shows them a bunch of gorgeous gowns. Lizzie is impressed at the choices. Olivia tells her that she'd like to be friends again. Lizzie says that she doesn't know because Olivia did a lot of rotten things. Olivia says she's made some mistakes. Lizzie points to the baby and says, "Is that what that was? It is my dad's, right?" Olivia says evenly that they have agreed to raise the baby as their own and it's none of anyone's business otherwise. Lizzie replies that he must really love her. Olivia wants to make him happy, and Lizzie says that she does, too.

Phillip visits Beth, who fills him in on what the school said. He reacts in the same outraged and shocked way. He goes to phone Ross so he can sue the school. Lillian excuses herself as Beth tells him to slow down. He looks shocked when Beth tells him that Lillian thinks Lizzie may have started the fire, and that she blames them. Phillip doesn't think she could do it and says she's a "good kid". Beth tells him Lizzie's story but says she's got doubts now, thanks to Lillian. He assures her that she's not a terrible parent and says they've made some bad choices but never stopped loving their kids. She hugs him, grateful not to be alone. He says they're in this together and the hug lasts for awhile.

Phillip returns to the Beacon and looks at the outfit that Lizzie picked out. She says she has to go get ready. He points out that she has hours so why doesn't she have lunch with him? She says it take hours to get ready for an event like this, and Olivia agrees. She picks out a flower from one of the arrangements that matches Lizzie's dress and gives it to her. Lizzie says thanks and jokingly gives Olivia an "air kiss" as Phillip watches with a smile. Lizzie leaves. Olivia tells him that she thinks she's making progress with Lizzie. Outside, Lizzie thanks the personal shopper, who says that she's a lucky girl, "Olivia is quite wonderful". After she walks off, Lizzie says, "Isn't she, though" in a sarcastic voice and tears up the flower.

Tony drops some tools on the floor of the Santos home so Danny helps him pick them up. When Tony says he's going to over to Danny's house to do some home improvement stuff, Danny knows he's going to see Marah. Danny says he's there because of a water main break. Tony's relieved that it's not something else. Danny assures him that their mob problems are over. Ray comes in and reads them newspaper headlines about a mob war in Springfield. Danny says the paper is wrong; the violence is over. Ray notices that Tony's hand looks injured and hopes they're not taking any shortcuts with the redevelopment project. They assure him that they're not. They talk about setting a date for Danny's wedding to Michelle. Ray wants to know why Danny has stopped going to church. Danny says he's been going to St. Malachi's down the street every week. He says he wanted to support the local parish. Ray is relieved and agrees that is a good idea. He says he'll be honored to marry them, then he leaves. Tony chews Danny out for lying to Ray and wonders if he was lying about the mob violence being over, too. Danny swears he didn't lie about either thing so Tony seems to accept it.

Bill jokes with Marah and Michelle at the house they're fixing up. Marah notes that Bill and Michelle are talking again. Michelle is worried about his involvement with Eden but can't really tell him about it. Bill carries Eden in and says they've got another volunteer. They talk about the gala. Eden flirts with Bill, then notices Marah's handmade tool belt/purse, and suggests that she make a similar purse to match her gown tonight. Michelle agrees so Marah says she will have to leave to get that done in time. Bill leaves to give her a ride. Eden stays, saying she'll fill in for Marah, even though Michelle obviously doesn't want her there. Eden asks Michelle if she hates her because of Bill. Michelle says she has just known Bill for a long time and doesn't want to see him get hurt. Eden says at least she's been honest with him, unlike Michelle. Bill returns and plays the radio for them. These two joking DJ's are on. One says that Danny is a mobster like his mother and talks about how the Santoses beat up some drugdrealers. Michelle is disgusted and tells them what happened. Eden is snarky about Danny's involvement then leaves. Bill tells Michelle to stop pretending everything's okay. They argue about Danny. He says he just doesn't want to see her get hurt. She laughs, saying she just said the same thing to Eden. They agree to trust each other's judgment. They hug and then Danny walks in. They chat about the house, etc. Bill makes an innocent comment but Danny takes it as criticism. Bill apologizes, saying he didn't mean anything. Danny says he's sorry, he is defensive lately. Bill leaves. Danny and Michelle hug. He's down in the dumps about how everyone is acting. He says she's his one true thing. She says before that they were fighting lies, but now things are different. He looks guilty.

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