Guiding Light Update Friday 5/2/03

By Eva

At the Lewis house, Reva talks to the specialist in the paranormal and explains that she thought the invitation to participate in his study was a kind one, but she can't participate in it because she has too much going on right now Reva also tells him that she thinks he will love Springfield. Reva's phone conversation is interrupted by a knock at the door. Reva says a quick good-bye to the doctor. Reva goes to answer the phone and finds Edmund carrying a basket of her favorite Swiss chocolates. 

At the Beacon, Cassie sees Danny and they make small t talk about how things are going. Cassie sees an article in the paper about how the crime rate is down on fifth street. Cassie tells Danny she is thinking about writing a letter to the editor saying that she was attacked. Danny compliments her on how she handled the men that attacked her. Danny tells Cassie that there is no need to write a letter to the editor because the situation as been handled. Cassie wonders how the situation has been handled. Danny tells her he took care of things. Cassie gets a concerned look on her face that means are you saying you handled things mob style? Danny notices the look on her face an says don't worry I just called in a few favors so that the mob will stay out of fifth street. 

At t the Museum, Tony gives Marah a new cell phone with added safety features like voice activation and Caller ID which shows you a picture of the person that is calling . Marah wonders if Tony is giving her the new phone because he is worried he may have some more trouble from the mob. Tony tells Marah that when her parents agreed to let her move to fifth street he promised them he would keep her safe and he is just keeping his promise to them. Frank arrives to question Tony about three mob guys that were found beaten up in an alley nearby. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Harley dusts the fireplace mantle and wonders where the ship in a bottle is. Gus explains that he gave it to Alan because it used to calm him down when he was on the drugs Alexandra gave him. Gus apologizes and promises to get her another ship in a bottle. Harley says that Buzz gave that to her as a present. Harley says that it isn't about the ship she is worried that Alan is just using Gus to get revenge against Alexandra. Gus says Alan isn't using him t. Gus thinks he and Alan is starting to bond because Alan called him son. Harley tries to warn him not to get taken in by Alan. There conversation is interrupted by Alan who puts the ship in a bottle on the table and says that he won't be needing it anymore because he is feeling better. Someone knocks at the door Alan goes to hide with Gus. Harley answers the door . Alexandra says she has brought a gift for Zach. Harley takes the gift and says she will give it to Zach. Alexandra asks to come in unless Harley has company. Alexandra walks in despite all of Harley's efforts to stand in front of her. Alexandra says that she came to see Gus because she wanted to find out if he has gotten any strange phone calls from Alan. Harley wonders why Alexandra thinks Alan would call Gus since she (Harley) Alexandra ,, Gus and Lucia are the only ones that know Gus is Alan's son. Alexandra thinks maybe Alan found out somehow and is now angry and seeking revenge. Alexandra explains to Harley about the strange call she got with just heavy breathing and laughing but she is positive it was Alan. Alexandra asks for Harley's help . Harley says she can help her. 

At the Museum, Frank notices the bruises on Tony's knuckles and asks him how he got them. Tony says he was hammering something and the hammer slipped. Frank says home improving can be dangerous and he should be careful. Frank warns Tony and Danny not to think that they can rebuild fifth street using the same violence that made it go down hill. Frank says that would just be painting a horse a different color and they would be wrong. 

At the Beacon, Danny invites Cassie to go with him to check developments on fifth street. Cassie turns him down because she has to go over final plans for the gala with Edmund. Danny says You are planning a gala with Edmund and you are worried about me going back to my old life. Cassie says Edmund has really worked Hard on the gala and he is trying to change. Danny is skeptical that Edmund has changed and wishes Cassie good luck as he leaves. 

At Reva's house, Edmund apologizes to Reva for all the terrible things he has done in the past. Edmund explains he is trying to be more like Richard. Reva doesn't buy Edmund's sudden change. Reva senses Edmund cares allot about what Cassie thinks of him. Edmund tries to persuade Reva to go to the Gala for Cassie's sake. Reva says the reason she isn't going to the gala isn't because she doesn't support Cassie's efforts but because of his part in the gala. Reva says she will go to the gala if Edmund will do something for her. Reva wants Alexandra Spaulding's head on a platter. 

At the museum, Marah defends Tony by saying that Tony should be able to defend his neighborhood. Frank guesses that Marah knows something about what happened to the mob guys. 

Local weather news interruption.

At Gus and Harley's place, Alan comes out of his hiding place after Alexandra has gone. Alan tells Harley he owes her one . Harley says that if he means what he just said he will move out of the house. 

At the Lewis house, Reva wants Edmund to tell her about Alexandra's plan. Edmund says nothing. Reva thinks it will be easer for Edmund to talk if they talk in the hypothetical sense so she hypothetically tells Edmund what happened to Alan Edmund asks Reva if he hypothec ally tells Reva all she wants to know then will she go to the gala. Reva says she will be there with bells on. Edmund says Sorry Reva I can't do that. Edmund explains that he is protecting Alexandra because she has been the first real friend he has ever had. Edmund says that if he does what Reva is asking he will be the duplicitous jerk Reva has always considered him to be. Edmund also says Reva is acting just like his old self by asking him to betray Alexandra's confidence. Edmund says he is sorry she won't be coming to the gala but he hopes she will enjoy the chocolates. Reva calls Cassie and tells her that Edmund just came to see her and for the first time in his life he did the right thing. 

At the museum, Danny explains to Frank that he isn't in the mob again that he just called in some favors to make sure the mob stayed out of fifth street. After Frank leaves. Marah tells t Danny and Tony that they are doing a good thing rebuilding fifth street and Frank should be grateful to them. Marah says she doesn't care what they had to do to get the drug dealers out of fifth street the important thing is they are gone. Marah goes to the kitchen. Danny compliments Tony on having an understanding girlfriend. Tony says that Marah only understands because he promised her he was out of the mob . After checking that Marah isn't nearby Tony asks Danny to be straight with him, is their mob life over? 

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus begs Harley not to make Alan leave. Harley tells Gus that Alan is using him to get revenge on Alexandra. Gus says Alan isn't using him. Gus says Harley is just concerned about their relationship. Harley says they have broken every rule to help Alan further his grudge against Alexandra. Harley says she has a sudden urge to follow the rules. Gus begs Harley not to quit now because they have Alexandra right where they want her. Harley says she isn't quitting. For the first time ever Alan agrees with Harley and starts to leave. Gus stands in front of the door and tells Alan he isn't going anywhere. Gus tells Harley he knows she hates lying but they have no other alternative. Harley says the drugs have worn off and Alan is back to being ruthless. Alan moves toward the door and says he will leave and take his chances on his pit viper family. Alan says he will miss living at her house because he has a grandson who adores him and a son who understands the true meaning of loyalty. Alan thanks Harley for everything. Harley wishes Alan luck at the mansion and says Alexandra won't drug him now that she knows he is on to her. Gus points out that Alexandra doesn't have to drug him because a judge has ordered Alan be institutionalized and if he goes back now he will be put in an institution. 

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At the Beacon, Edmund is surprised that Cassie ordered domestic champagne for the gala. Cassie tells Edmund that Reva called and told her she was mistaken about Edmund's motives. Cassie says Reva also told her he behaved like a prince. Cassie says Reva is coming to the gala and thanks him for persuading her to come. Cassie persuades Edmund to try the champagne. Edmund is surprised that he likes the champagne. Cassie and Edmund toast to Richard and to pleasant surprises. 

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus tells Harley that if Buzz was in trouble he would do anything to help but since his father is Alan Spaulding the goal posts have moved. Harley gives up and lets Alan stay. She explains this is about family and justice she can't let Alan take the blame for the one thing he didn't do. Gus and Harley kiss. Alan says he will take care of things soon and steps outside to give Gus and Harley privacy.

Outside Gus and Harley's place, Alan tells himself I have a feeling Alexandra will be getting what is coming to her very soon. 

At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra tells Nolan that her personal shopper will be sending over some dresses for her to try on so she can wear one to the gala. 

Local weather Bulletin.

At Reva's place, Reva finishes a call with her doctor and eats one of her chocolates.

At the Beacon, Cassie and Edmund continue to drink champagne and bicker about the menu. Cassie is a little tipsy. Edmund hears the San Cristobal Royal orchestra rehearsing and asks Cassie to dance the waltz with him. Edmund asks Cassie if she remembers the first time she danced the waltz with Richard. Cassie says yes and asks Edmund what he thought of her when he saw her dancing the waltz with Richard. Edmund says he thought to himself there is my brother's wife he is the luckiest man in the world. A guest arrives and the desk clerk asks if he has a reservation. The audience sees a man who looks like Richard wearing a baseball cap and a long beard. 

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