Guiding Light Update Thursday 5/1/03

By Eva

At the Spaulding Mansion, Reva arrives to see Alexandra. Reva asks Alexandra if there is any word on Alan. An obviously nervous and worried Alexandra says no. Reva says that she is sorry if she gave Alexandra the wrong idea about what she saw the other day. Alexandra tells Reva that she told her Alan was in the water what other impression could she get? Reva clarifies to Alexandra that what she actually said was that Alan was that water was that water was around Alan. Reva says that she got a really strong impression this morning that Alan isn't the stalker. Reva offers to help Alexandra find Alan by touching some of his things. Reva says she wants to find Alan so she can prove he isn't the stalker. Reva suddenly stops talking and tells Alexandra that she is getting a feeling that she (Alexandra) is in danger.

At Philip and Olivia's place, Philip tells Olivia that he should have followed his gut instinct and gone over to the mansion to see Lizzie last night. Olivia says that he will see Lizzie today. Philip tells Olivia that Lizzie went away to school to get away from the craziness that was going on in her family. Philip wonders how he will tell Lizzie that things are even more crazy then when she left. Philip wonders how Lizzie will react when she finds out Alan is missing and crazy, Olivia is pregnant with a child that could be his or Alan's, and Philip has moved out of the mansion and is living with Olivia. Olivia assures Philip that Lizzie will be fine as long as she has him and Beth.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie asks Nolan why all her father's mail is piled up on the desk. Nolan says he was collecting it because he was going to take it over to Philip's new address. Lizzie offers to take it over to Philip if he will just call the driver. Lizzie asks Nolan if the driver knows Philip's new address. Nolan says yes and then hesitates for a bit wondering if this is a good idea. Nolan finally says that he guesses it will be okay.

At Company, A professional baseball scout arrives looking for Shayne. When the scout discovers Marina knows Shayne he asks if she could tell him a little about Shayne. Marina sits down and gladly starts gushing about Shayne's talent.

At Gus and Harley's place, A worried Gus tells Harley he has looked everywhere for Alan and he doesn't know were else to look. There is a knock at the door. When Gus opens the door Alan rushes in and says good you made coffee I could use some. Alan picks up the coffee pot and pours himself a cup of coffee. Gus asks where Alan has been. Alan says that he had some things to sort out. Alan tells Gus that he was a little hasty in refusing his help with Alexandra. Alan asks for Gus's help with Alexandra. Gus stops Alan's excited talking to ask him if he is okay. Alan says yes and Gus breathes a sigh of relief.

At Company, Marina sits down and explains to the scout that Shayne has a low ERA and a great Lewis low rider pitch and a 3.5 grade point average. Shayne and Josh arrive and Buzz explains to them that Shayne is talking to a professional baseball scout who is in town to scout him. Josh and Shayne go over and introduce themselves to the scout and sit down to talk.

At Philip and Olivia's place, Philip tells Olivia that Beth moved into the mansion to ease Alexandra's loneliness during this crisis. Philip asks if Olivia is okay with that. Olivia says yes but by her expression the audience sees she is less then thrilled at the idea. There is a knock at the door. Lizzie arrives and is shocked to learn that Philip is living with Olivia. When she sees Olivia is pregnant she is even more shocked.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus asks Alan if he is hungry and wants breakfast. Alan and Harley both wonder why Gus is being so nice to Alan. Gus explains to Alan that even though he said all those nasty mean things to him and he doesn't want to admit that Gus is his son, Alan is still his father and its his (Gus's) duty to help him. Alan says that he has come up with interesting information and has already set a plan in motion to get the truth out of Alexandra.

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