Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/30/03

By Naila



Cassie and Edmund go over the plan for the gala and Tammy sits in on the meeting. Reva drops by and is surprised by the threesome who greets her. Reva asks Edmund what he is really after. Edmund says all he is trying to do is become a better person. Reva does not buy it and is taken aback that Cassie does. Cassie says all she trusts is that Edmund cares about the benefit as much as she does; aside from that, she does not trust him. Reva steps on Edmund’s attempt at an apology and asks Cassie how she could ever forgive Edmund. Cassie responds by saying that she was not making herself any happier by hating him. Besides, she knows how much Edmund meant to Richard. The sisters leave Tammy and Edmund and go have a drink. Cassie tries to make it clear to Reva that the fund-raiser is all that is between her and Edmund. Reva warns her that Edmund will take full advantage once Cassie lets her guard down. Cassie says so far he’s been on his best behaviour and she will watch him. Reva wonders if Richard would want Cassie to form a relationship with Edmund. Cassie knows he wants her to do whatever she can to find peace but Reva does not think he would ever have wanted this. Cassie is sure Richard wants her to help Edmund become a better man. Reva then tells Cassie about her fight with Josh [about Shayne]. She thinks Josh is trying to make up for decisions he made that he has come to regret. Cassie suggests that she try another approach with Josh; give him a chance to come around. Reva leaves.

Meanwhile, Tammy tells her uncle she thinks he is after her mother. Edmund tells Tammy he cares about her whole family and is just looking out for them but she thinks he likes Cassie. She tells him Cassie has been hurt too often and that she is not as tough as she pretends to be. In spite of everything, Tammy likes Edmund but does not want him to go near her mother. Edmund tells Tammy he is not the type of person who tells others what to do. But should she ever need him, he will be there for her. Cassie returns and Tammy heads off to check on her brothers.


Reva arrives home to a seemingly empty house and is shocked to find Alan inside. Alan tells her he is not her stalker and thinks Alex set him up. He tells her if he is incapacitated, control of Spaulding Enterprises will be handed over to Alex. He proposes that he and Reva join forces and teach Alex a lesson she won’t soon forget. He will need her to keep it all a secret, even from Josh, is their plan is to succeed.

Later, Josh comes home and is still upset about their fight. He is surprised by her reaction about Shayne but Reva thinks he is just putting pressure on Shayne for something that he missed out on. Reva thinks he is a bit obsessed about the whole situation. Josh admits that in the past he has been obsessed, particularly about her, but that this is simply concern. He thinks she cannot handle it that she is not the focus of his attention.


Alex continues to make phone calls, searching for Alan and Beth helps her. Olivia is there too and mentions that she had an amnio done earlier. Alex immediately tells her that she should do a paternity test. Olivia is certain that Philip is the daddy and Alex chews her out for her false confidence. Meanwhile, Alan lurks around outside, watching his family. Philip interrupts Alex mid-tirade and Alex tries to cover and says she is only giving Olivia some advice. Philip tells her the baby’s paternity is none of her business and that she should drop it. He warns her not to push him and to leave Olivia alone. Beth shares some of her pregnancy experience with Olivia who thanks her for her advice. Philip offers to take her home and Olivia heads out to the car. Before leaving, Philip thanks Beth for how well she handled things with Olivia and again warns Alex; telling her that he will handle the situation with Olivia. Philip leaves and Alex is hopeful that soon Olivia will be out of Springfield. Beth is dubious; she knows how close Philip and Olivia are. Alex tells Beth she has no intention of letting Philip stay with Olivia. She encourages Beth to hold on because soon enough, Philip will be free [I sure hope they’re not going back to Philip and Beth!!] They hear a noise and both are shocked to find Lizzie out there. Lizzie tells them there was a fire at school and she slipped away during the chaos and hitched a ride to Springfield. She wanted to see her family and is sorry that she ever went away to school. They tell her she does not have to go anywhere. When Lizzie asks for her father and grandfather, Alex lies and tells her they are out of town. Lizzie leaves to take a bath and Beth demands to know why Alex lied to her daughter. Alex thinks they should at least let Lizzie have a good night rest before she finds out what has been going on. As Lizzie settles in, she gives Tammy a call. Tammy lets is slip that something crazy is going on with Alan. When Lizzie asks her what is going on, Tammy quickly hangs up without giving her an explanation. Lizzie is furious that she has been lied to once again.

Later, Alex receives a call from Alan who says nothing; he simply laughs… maniacally.


Philip receives a phone call from the lab technician who tells him the paternity test is underway and he is the only one who will see the results. Philip and Olivia are sharing a romantic moment but he pulls away, reminding her that the doctor told her to take it easy. Olivia wonders if she is still attractive to him and he assures her that he is still very much attracted to her. Olivia asks him if things can ever be the way they were before for them. Philip admits that things did change for them when she slept with Alan but he does care for her and they child. He thinks she’ll be a great mother but he does not think it will be easy for either of them. He does assure her that he is there for her and he is not going anywhere. Beth calls him and tells him Lizzie is home. Philip wants to rush right over but Beth tells him he should stay away. She tells him about Alex’s story and convinces him to stay away until morning. Philip tells Olivia he has to be the one who tells Lizzie about them.

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