Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/29/03

By Richard

At the Lewis home, Josh berated Shayne for missing a weight training session for the baseball team, and warned him that if he keeps missing sessions, his game will suffer. Shayne told his dad that he's been spending time at the old museum lately, and asked Josh if he can move in there, but Josh nixed the idea, saying Shayne's biggest concerns right now should be school and baseball. Shayne sulked off to the museum to bring Marah a textbook as Reva suggested to Josh that maybe Shayne wants to get away from all the pressure that Josh is putting on him. An angry Josh told Reva that he's being tough and vigilant towards Shayne because he thinks Shayne has the potential to be a great baseball player---not because he's trying to live his dreams through his son. Josh then stormed out of the house. Meanwhile, at the museum, Marah tidied up while listening to "Sandy and the Mole" show on the radio, listening as the two bantered about the 5th Street project and the fact that Marah Lewis lives in what used to be the old museum. Shayne showed up with Marah's textbook and told Marah how frustrated he is living under the same roof as their folks and that their dad seems to "have it in" for Shayne ever since Marah's been out of their radar. Shayne then showed scorn towards the fact that Ben was able to buy Marina a brand new car. Marah, who was surprised to hear about this, began to see that Shayne has developed feelings towards Marina. In regards to Marina, Marah told Shayne not to count himself out just yet...

At Harley's house, Alan told Harley that Gus is a con and that he's not sticking around to hear any more preposterous lies. As he was about to leave, Harley pointed out that Alexandra drugged him and made him look like a nutcase for the whole world to see. When Alan persisted on leaving, Harley told him to stay, saying that if it were up to her, she'd gladly let him leave, but knowing that Gus wants Alan to stay, she's supporting that idea. Alan was about to walk out the front door when Harley lifted the phone's receiver and threatened to call the authorities who, as she warned Alan, would probably send him to a mental institution. Meanwhile, Gus tracked down Lucia at the boarding house, where she was in the midst of leaving town. She lamented how Gus has only seen her a couple of times since she came to Springfield, and that she's taking that as a hint. Gus ended up telling Lucia that he has Alan stashed at Harley's house and, also, that Alexandra had been drugging Alan. Gus then informed her that he told Alan he's his son but that Alan didn't buy it---instead, accusing Gus of being an opportunist. Gus pleaded with Lucia to come to Harley's house to convince Alan of the truth. At first, Lucia balked, but after pressure from Gus, she agreed to go.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lloyd warned Alex that the longer Alan goes missing, it's more likely the drugs have worn off and that Alan will realize Alex had been drugging him. Lloyd then pointed out that Alex may be facing Alan's wrath when he DOES eventually return. After Lloyd left the room, Alexandra threw a vase of flowers, smashing it, just as Phillip and Olivia walked in. Alex insisted she's simply frustrated by the lack of progress in the search for Alan. After Olivia went off to the kitchen, Alex told Phillip she's glad he's back at Spaulding and hopes he doesn't change his mind. Phillip tentatively told her he'll wait and see. When Alex asked him if he had the paternity test performed, Phillip told her to mind her own business, saying that no matter what---Olivia's child will be a Spaulding. Alex warned Phillip that Alan won't be as casual towards the matter as Phillip is. Later, when Olivia suggested dinner to Phillip, he told her he has to go to the office. After she walked away, Phillip called someone and arranged to meet them at "Company".

When Gus returned to Harley's house, Alan hurled insults and accusations at him, and then Gus presented Lucia to Alan. Alan looked steadily at Lucia as she reintroduced herself, telling Alan that her name is Lucia, but years ago, she went by the name Regina and that she worked as a nanny in his home in Chicago when Phillip was a little boy. As Alan began to recall who she was, Lucia went on to explain to Alan how he used to come to her room and tell her how he never wanted to end up like his father (Brandon). When Alan accused her of disappearing, Lucia explained that she found out she was pregnant and that she sought help from Alexandra, who convinced her that Brandon would never accept an illegitimate grandchild and helped Lucia relocate. After Alan listened to more of her story, he angrily shouted that he's not gullible and asked who exactly thought of this scheme. He blasted Lucia, telling her he never slept with her and that she used to be this young Italian girl who only had dollar signs in her head, and accused Gus of being a gold-digger as well. Frustrated and angry, Gus gave up any further attempts to convince Alan of the truth and whisked Lucia out of the house. After a lecture from Harley, she stomped out after Lucia and Gus. Later on, when Gus and Harley returned, Alan was nowhere to be found!

At "Company", Phillip met with a lab technician who works at Cedars. As Phillip left their table, he asked the technician how long it would take for the results of the paternity test to come in...

Alexandra called the police station to get a status report on the search for Alan. When she was told no trace of Alan had been found in or near the lake, she agreed with the officer-in-charge that it was a relief. After she hung-up the and walked away, Alan was seen lurking outside the livingroom window!

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