Guiding Light Update Monday 4/28/03

By Sarah

Alan doesn’t believe Gus when he tells him that Alan is his father. Gus tells him that he was shocked too when he found out, but it’s all Alexandra’s fault since she’s the one that came up with the secret and kept it for all these years.

Frank asks Eden how her card ended up in the pocket of a dead man. She tells him that half the men in town have her business card, so he probably put it there himself. Frank tells her who the dead man is, and again asks her if she knows him. He tells her if he has reason to doubt her answer he’ll have to further investigate her business.

Ben arrives to see Ramona. He tells her that it wasn’t the usual day, and that’s why he couldn’t get there right away. She shows him a red convertible that she bought for him since it reminded her of him. He tells her it’s too much, but she insists.

Shayne comes over to the museum to find Marina there waiting on Ben (of course, does she ever do anything else??). She tells him that she was getting creeped out alone in the house anyway, and that he’s going to have to rescue her again, but this time from boredom. Shayne says he can do that, and Marina tells him it could become a permanent gig because of Ben’s disappearing acts.

Rick finally arrives at Michelle’s place. She cracks some jokes about him smelling like formaldehyde. He tells her that he likes her new place and that it’s huge. Rick asks where Danny is, and she tells him he’s at a redevelopment meeting. He tells her that at least when he was a gangster, he kept regular hours.

Tony asks Danny if they are really getting out of the business. Danny tells him that this is where they turn the page.

Ed and Rick continue to crack jokes about how big Michelle’s house is. They have some nice family time. Ed and Rick go off to tour the west wing, and Michelle goes to answer the door thinking that Danny forgot his keys. It’s Bill at the door though. He asks if Danny is there, and Michelle tells him no. He tells her that will give them time to get some things straight.

Danny asks Tony if he ever gets a song stuck in his head. Danny tells him it’s one of those happy songs that Michelle loves. A man comes up and asks if he can do something for them, and Danny tells him yes. I’m assuming a big fight happens here, but I’m writing this from the transcript, and it doesn’t give details like that.

Shayne tells Marina he’s got to get to practice. She tells him that he’s a natural and that he doesn’t need practice. He tells her that his coach is on his back, and he has to practice if he wants to start next week. Marina tells him that maybe his problem is in his head. He tells her it’s a little lower. Hmmmmm…… ;o) Then he says that his coach says there’s something wrong with his stance. She offers to help with it, but she’ll have to see it first. Then she says she needs to feel it. They get close and she figures out what it wrong with it.

Marah is dropping off Tammy and the boys when she sees Ben and Ramona. Ben introduces Ramona as his boss. Ramona tells Marah that she’s a big fan of Reva’s. Ben asks Marah if everyone is back at the house for the thing. Marah is confused, but picks up quick that he needs her to get him out of “work.” She tells him that she was just getting some food. Ramona says her good-byes. Ben tells Marah that it wasn’t what it looked like. She tells him that’s good because it looked like he was kissing his boss. He tells her that Ramona drinks and gets affectionate, but he can handle her and he really needs this job. She tells him not to hurt Marina. He tells her that he knows that he has a good thing with her, and he’d never do anything to jeopardize that (too late for that…..). Ben asks Marah to cover for him, and Marah says she will. She offers him a ride back to the house, but he says he has his own wheels.

Eden tells Frank that she doesn’t know how she can help with this case. There’s no Jed Simmons on her records. He suggests that people use fake names, and he wants to see her credit card records. She tells him that in her business she’s selling privacy, and him snooping through her business will destroy it. Frank tells her he’ll be getting a court order now. She tells him that he can’t just walk all over her. He asks her if she’s ever seen the man in the picture he’s holding up to her. She says never. Then he tells her she’ll be seeing a lot more of him.

Alan thinks that Gus and Harley set him up, but Gus tells him it was Alexandra. Gus explains that she had to make sure that Phillip was in charge of the company before the truth about Gus’s paternity came out. Since Gus is a blood heir unlike Phillip (I don’t remember Phillip being adopted, but I’m assuming that’s what they meant), he would’ve been next in line, and Alex wouldn’t want someone like Gus anywhere near the company. Alan tells him that he’s no son of his. Harley jumps in and tells him that he’s blown it with his other sons and that he shouldn’t do it again with this one. She explains all that Gus risked to help Alan out, but Alan is still convinced that Gus is after money.

Everything is really awkward between Bill and Michelle, and he came over trying to fix that. He tells her that he has accepted that she’s going to be with Danny, but he misses her and wishes things could just be back to normal with them. She says she misses her best friend too. He suggests that he be the one to fix up their house, and she agrees. Frank comes to the door looking for Rick. There are some more jokes about how big the house is (getting a little old!). Frank lets Rick know that he questioned Eden, but she denied knowing Mr. Simmons. Frank tells Rick that he thinks she’s lying.

Danny and Tony are threw with the fight, and Tony tells Danny they should go because they “got the message.”

Marah comes home to find Shayne and Marina working on his stance, and she asks them if anyone told them that they didn’t live there. Shayne tells her they are just hanging out. She tells them to make themselves useful and help her unload the groceries. Shayne thanks Marina for her help. She tells him he’s a natural, and he doesn’t need her. Ben comes in and promises to make it up to her for being gone so long. She tells him that she was about to give up on him and make plans with Shayne. Ben’s a little jealous that she was with Shayne, and he tells her that maybe she should go with Shayne. She gets defensive, and tells him she will. He tells her there’s one thing she should know first—he was at work picking up something. He asks her to look outside. She says all she sees is an obnoxious red convertible that neither of them could afford. Ben tells her that’s what he wanted to show her. She thinks it just a stupid over-priced status symbol to impress his bosses, and it’s just going to drive him further away from her. He tells her that it’s hers.

Alan still thinks that Gus is after money and made up the story to get it. Gus tells him that he wants nothing material from him. He just wants to know Alan and for Alan to know him. Gus then tries to tell him the story and who his mother is, but Alan thinks he’s lying, and Harley stops Gus before he actually tells Alan who his mother is.

Michelle tells Bill, Rick & Ed that Danny said he’d be home for dessert. Rick says he has to go to the lab. Michelle tells him they have pie and he never turns down pie. Then she figures out that Rick & Ed already had some. Ed & Rick leave to go to work. Michelle and Bill start talking about Eden. Michelle tells him she’s not the right kind of girl for him. Bill tells her to stop it because he doesn’t tell her that Danny isn’t right for her. Fair is fair.

Eden is trying to get in touch with one of her girls. She tells her that it’s about a client of hers, Jed Simmons. Eden tells her that she NEVER met him, NEVER!

Marina is thrilled with the new car and just has to show it to Shayne. Tony comes home, and asks what’s going on. Shayne tells him nothing says “I love you” like a brand new car. Shayne leaves. Marina and Ben take off for a ride. Marah comes out and asks where everyone went. Tony tells her they are gone, and she thinks that’s good because they’ll have to house to themselves. She realizes he’s been in a fight. Then he comes clean to her that it was about the old business, but that was the end of it. Nothing is ever going to come of it again.

Michelle agrees to back off and let Bill see whoever he wishes. Danny comes in. Bill takes off really quick, but tells Michelle to think about what he said. Michelle tells Danny that her and Bill finally worked things out. Danny says that’s good since it’s important to her. She tells him she’ll heat him up some dinner, and he gives her the milk he was supposed to stop and get. She asks how the meeting went, and he tells her it went good, really good. She tells him that she wants Bill to help around the house, and he says that whatever she wants is fine.

Gus tells Harley that he’s not going to stop until Alan acknowledges that Gus is his son. Alan tells him that’s not going to happen. Gus tells him that he’s going to prove it him and takes off.

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