Guiding Light Update Friday 4/25/03

By Eva

On fifth Street, The three thugs corner Cassie who tries to run but she can't climb over the barbed wire fence. The thugs catch up to her and say that they have a message for Danny. Danny calls Cassie's cell phone and worries when he gets her voice mail. Danny tells Tony that Cassie should have been there by now and that they should have met her at the Beacon because fifth street is not safe for a woman alone at night.

At Michelle and Danny's house, Ed arrives for dinner. Michelle wonders where Rick is and Ed says he is probably running late because he got stuck at the hospital. Ed jokes that Rick never turns down a free meal. Ed tells Michelle that her house is very large. Michelle thinks something is bothering Ed because this is the first time he has visited the house since she and Danny moved in. Michelle urges Ed to say whatever is on his mind.

Outside Gus and Harley's apartment, Gus and Harley remain silent when Frank asks them why they were arguing. Harley tells Frank she is fine just a bit tired. Alan makes a noise inside and Gus tells Frank he is going to check on Zach. Frank wonders what the noise is.

Inside Gus and Harley's apartment, Gus whispers to Al that he has to be quiet because Frank Harley's brother is outside and he just happens to be the chief of Police. Gus sticks his head out the door and tells Frank and Harley Zach is fine. Gus asks Harley if she is coming in to tuck Zach in. Harley tells him she will be inside in a minute. Gus goes back inside the house.

Outside Gus and Harley's apartment, Harley makes it clear to Frank that she isn't mad at him anymore. Frank explains that he has to do everything by the book now that he is chief of Police. Harley says she understands that he can't play favorites because Gus is her boyfriend. Harley thinks Frank wasn't being objective because he wanted to protect her. Harley asks Frank to understand Gus was also trying to protect her. Harley is about to take Frank inside to see the boys but stops when she remembers about Alan. Harley tells Frank he can't go inside. Frank thinks that it is because she is still a little mad at him. Frank says he wants to be a part of her life because he has missed her. They hug and Frank turns Harley around and asks her if he can see the boys. Frank puts Harley's hand on the doorknob and helps her turn the knob.

At Company, Marina tells Buzz she also wants to celebrate Harley's recovery and her dad's promotion at her birthday party. Marina says that even though she is sharing her party everyone is still required to bring her a birthday present. Ben arrives and Marina asks him why they haven't spent any time together. Ben tells her he thinks they should celebrate Marina birthday month and he has been working very hard to save up some money. Marina kisses him and heads for the kitchen. Ben sits down with Buzz.

At the Beacon, Eden calls to check if one of her girls has gotten home from her date yet. Bill suggests that Eden hire a woman to guard the girls on dates. Bill says Harley did such a good job scaring the guy that beat up Ginger she proved that a woman is more then capable of handling those kinds of situations.

At fifth street, As the thugs corner Cassie against the fence, she starts beating them up with some very fancy ti-kwan-do moves. In a matter of minutes all three guys are on the ground. Tony and Danny arrive Cassie lunges at them thinking they are more thugs until Danny tells her its just he and Tony. Danny is impressed and says wow Cassie talk about cleaning up the hood.

At Danny and Michelle's house, Michelle again urges her father to tell her whatever is on his mind. Ed says he is worried that Danny and Michelle are taking on too much to fast. Ed compares Danny to some recovered alcoholics he has seen in AA. Ed says these types of men have to do things big to show of their recovery. Ed says eventual these men fail because they take on two much. Michelle says Danny isn't an alcoholic. Ed says Danny is addicted to the mob lifestyle. Michelle says Danny is the type of person that needs to do things big and have a purpose in life. Michelle says she has accepted Danny.

On fifth street, Danny picks up one of the thugs by the shirt and tells him not to come here again. All three of the thugs run away. Cassie wonders what is going on. Cassie tells Danny the thugs knew who she was and told her they had a message for him. Danny says he will handle this so it won't happen again. Danny tells Tony to take Cassie home. Danny goes to make a phone call. Cassie tells Tony she doesn't need his protection. Tony says he saw that and asks Cassie where she learned to fight like that. Cassie says growing up on the streets you learn never to back down from a fight. Cassie also explains that she has been taking tai kwan do lessons at the gym. Tony says that can be quite a work out. Cassie says yes and it is good for the butt too. They head for Tony's car. Danny calls Mr. Salarino to tell him his time is up.

At Gus and Harley's apartment, Gus is reading the paper when Frank and Harley walk in. Gus puts his paper down and asks if things are okay. Frank asks Gus to understand that he was just doing his job when he ordered Gus's investigation. Frank also says he understands Gus was just trying to protect Harley. Gus tells Frank he loves Harley more then anything in the world and would do anything for her. Frank hears a noise upstairs and starts to head up the stairs to check things out. Harley tells him to wait. Harley brings Zach down so Frank can see him. Zach says hi and gives Frank a hug before Gus and Harley tell him to go back upstairs to bed. Rick calls Frank and tells him to get down to the hospital right away. Frank leaves. Harley tells Gus she hated lying to her brother. Gus apologize for making her lie. Alan comes out from his hiding place and apologizes to Harley.

At Company, Ben thinks Buzz doesn't like him. Buzz tells Ben he reminds him of himself when he was younger and he thinks that is why Frank is scared of Ben dating Marina. Buzz says Ben will eventfully break Marina's heart because he wants something bigger and better. Buzz also says that when Ben has everything and has lost Marina he will realize that all he wants is to hold Marina's hand and look into her eyes. Marina comes out of the kitchen Ben kisses her and says he has to leave. Marina thanks her grandpa for talking to Ben.

At the Beacon, Bill suggest that Harley would be the perfect person to protect Eden's girls. Eden says that Harley wouldn't be interested in the job. Bill and Eden start to kiss but are interrupted by Cassie and Tony. Cassie tells them to get a room. Tony pats Bill on the shoulder and wishes Ben luck with Eden. Cassie tells Tony she feels great and she wants to go work out at the gym. Tony says she is running on adrenaline. Tony leaves to go meet Danny. Someone comes up behind Cassie and she uses her ti kwan do moves to take the person down. When she turns around she realizes it is Edmund who says its nice to see you too.

At the hospital, Rick tells Frank Jed Simmons died somewhere else. Rick says he is still waiting on some test results. Rick gives Frank a business card that he found in Jed's shirt pocket. Rick says it may be hard to read because the ink was smeared by the water. Frank says he will take it to the crime lab.

At the Beacon, Cassie explains to Edmund what happened to her earlier and how she defended herself. A very worried Edmund asks if she is okay and says she should not have done what she did because the man may have been armed and something could have happened to her. Cassie thanks him for his concern but says she is okay. Cassie says she wants to get to the gym before it closes. Cassie heads for the door and stops she cries as the shock wears off and says I did everything I was supposed to do.

At Danny and Michelle's Michelle and Danny talk to Ed about the renovations they are planning to do on the house. Danny gets up to leave and tells Michelle he has another meeting. Michelle walks him out they kiss and Danny asks Michelle if she needs him to pick anything up while he is out. Michelle tells Danny to pick up some milk. Michelle asks Ed if he is hungry. Ed says he is starving and they both wonder where Rick could be. Michelle thinks she should have planned this dinner for another night.

At Gus and Harley's place, Alan tells Harley he is feeling a little better because he doesn't hear the voices in his head anymore. Harley pulls Gus aside and asks him if he has a plan for when Alan is back to his old self. Gus says his plan is to let Alexandra keep thinking Alan is dead. Gus wants to keep Alexandra off balance so she will tell the truth. Harley tries to persuade Gus to let the police handle this. Harley says she has lied to her brother and they could get into really big trouble. Harley says for what? and for who? Alan wants to know why Harley lied to Frank for him and why Gus and Harley are protecting him.

Ed and Michelle eat a salad and talk. Ed thinks he is being a meddlesome father. Michelle says he is not being meddlesome and she likes that he is involved in her life. Ed says he should learn to accept her decisions because she is a grown woman. Ed says he will accept Danny and be happy just as long as she is happy.

Danny gets in Tony's care and they drive off.

At the Beacon, Cassie cries and says she should have thought about her kids and realizes something could have happened. Edmund grabs her arms and tells Cassie she was a strong woman who handled the situation. Cassie goes upstairs as Edmund watches her.

Outside the Beacon, Bill asks Eden about her relationship with Tony. Eden says she worked for him as a bartender. Eden tells Bill she wants them not to carry old baggage into their relationship. Bill agrees, gives Eden a kiss and then leaves to take care of something. Frank arrives and tells Eden they found one of her business cards in Jed Simmons pocket. Frank says they found Jed Simmons at the bottom of the lake. Frank wonders if Eden knows anything about that.

At Gus and Harley's apartment, Alan tells Gus and Harley that he remembers Harley didn't like him very much. Alan says he also remembers he isn't supposed to be in the apartment. Alan pleads with Gus to tell him why they are protecting him. Alan keeps saying please tell me please tell me. Alan says the words so many times Gus can't take it anymore. Gus finally shouts I am your son okay are you happy now you know.

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