Guiding Light Update Thursday 4/24/03

By Eva

At the Beacon, Edmund asks the desk clerk to order flowers for a beautiful lady. Cassie arrives and thinks he is ordering the flowers for her and tells Edmund there is no need to order her flowers. Edmund says he would be more then happy to add her to his flowers order but the flowers aren't for her. Cassie wonders who they are for and Edmund turns and looks at Beth sitting across the room. Edmund explains that the flowers are a form of apology to Beth for his past mistakes. Edmund says that things have been going so well with her (Cassie) that it has put him in a good mood and he wants to try and be friends with Beth.

At the docks, Frank names Rick the medical examiner of record for the Jed Simmons case. Olivia tells Philip that although she feels sorry for Jed Simon's family she is glad the body wasn't Alan. Philip wonders where Alexandra might be and goes to look for her to tell her the news. A distraught Alexandra admits to Gus that what happened to Alan is her fault. Gus pretends that Alan is dead to try and get information from Alexandra. Gus says he is family and he will do everything he can to help her but she has to tell him everything.

At Gus and Harley's apartment, Alan comes up behind Harley and almost hits her in the head with a fireplace poker. Harley turns just in time to see him and she tries to take the poker away from him but can't do it because he is taller then her and he is holding the poker just out of her reach. Harley tells Alan she can't fight him because he is stronger then her. Alan grabs her arm and pushes her towards the couch. Alan screams I won't let you hurt me.

At the Beacon, Beth calls Philip's cell phone and leaves a message for him to let her know if there is any news about Alan. Cassie advises Edmund to forget about the flowers and the note he was planning to give to Beth and just be honest with her. Cassie also tells Edmund she will try to look for the good that Richard saw in him. Cassie leaves and Edmund walks across the room to talk to Beth. Beth tells him she is trying to find out if there is any information about Alan. Edmund hesitates a bit about talking to Beth because she has other things on her mind. Beth tells him that if he needs to talk to her he can talk to her now. Edmund tells Beth that he wants to talk about their relationship.

At the docks, Alexandra is still crying and she is about to tell Gus everything when Philip arrives and interrupts them to tell Alexandra about the body. When Alexandra sees Philip she regains her composure and tells Gus they will finish their conversation later. Philip wonders what Alexandra and Gus were talking about and Gus tells him he was walking by and noticed Alexandra was upset so he thought he would see why she was upset. Philip says that they should go home now because she is very upset. as they are walking off Gus yells after them that it is a good idea because this situation is taking a toll on Alexandra.

At Gus and Harley's apartment, Harley manages to wrestle Alan to the floor and take the fireplace poker away from him. A confused Alan wonders what happened. Harley tells him he tried to kill her. A confused Alan wonders why he would do such a thing. Then he tells Harley he thought she was trying to kill him. Harley notices the untouched food on the table and figures out Alan is terrified of being poisoned. Harley eats the cottage cheese to show Alan there is nothing wrong with it. Alan thinks that Gus and Harley are keeping him against his will and he asks Harley what she and Gus want with him. Harley explains that she and Gus are the good guys and he can trust them. Alan promises Harley not to pull anymore stunts. Zach calls for his mommy from upstairs so she goes to check on him. The Phone rings and Gus leaves a message for Harley saying that he struck out with Alexandra because their conversation was interrupted by Philip. Gus also says that he hopes Alan is feeling better so he can find some things out from him. Alan tells himself maybe I will learn some things from you too detective Aituro.

At the Beacon, Edmund tries to apologize to Beth but has a hard time finding the right words. Edmund tells Beth he hopes someday they can be friends. Edmund says he knows it will be hard given their history. Seeing the skeptical look on Beth's face he quickly adds that he isn't saying this because he wants to pursue a romantic relationship with her. Beth says she already knew that because he is interested in someone else. Beth looks over at Cassie. Edmund denies any romantic interest in Cassie. Beth tells him she saw them talking and noticed that Edmund was looking at Cassie the same way he used to look at her. (Beth)

At the docks, Frank pulls Rick aside and asks him if he is okay. Rick is shaken by the death of someone he knew but also says he hasn't even told Mel about his job because he thought it was temporary and now the job is permanent. Rick also tells Frank he was right to suspend Gus for what he did but should work things out with Harley. Rick says Frank is going to be backed up with allot of cases if he doesn't ask Harley to help him. Frank heads over to talk to Harley.

At Gus and Harley's apartment, Alan searches for some kind of clue as to why Gus and Harley are keeping him there. Alan hears the key turn in the door and quickly goes to sit down on the couch. Gus arrives and says hi to big Al. Gus tells big Al to say whatever is on his mind. Gus takes away the toy that Alan is holding. Alan asks Gus why he took the toy away. Gus says he took the toy away because it stops Alan from thinking that are eating him up inside. Alan gets upset at the mention of the word eating and tells Gus not to say that word. Gus calms him down and tells Alan he can trust him. (Gus) Harley comes downstairs and tells Gus she needs to speak to him. Harley pulls Gus aside and tells him that Alan tried to kill her with a fireplace poker. Gus says he needs to figure out why Alexandra was keeping Alan doped up. Alan says the will.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra thanks Philip for taking over the company during this crisis. Philip wonders what was going on between Alexandra and Gus at the docks. Alexandra says it was just what Gus said before. Alexandra slips under Philip's questions and says I know there has been bad blood then stops herself. Philip repeats the word blood and says this game is over. Philip says Gus is Alan's son isn't he?

At the Beacon, Frank makes a brief stop before heading to Harley's. Cassie sits down to talk with him. Frank tells Cassie Harley is mad at him for suspending Gus. Frank says he is just trying to protect Harley from a nut. Cassie tells Frank he reminds her of Richard because they would both do anything to protect people they love. Frank tells Cassie he is honored by the compliment. Cassie tells Frank she misses being protected by someone. Frank smiles and says that if she ever needs protecting he is her guy. Cassie smiles and puts her hand on top of his and says that she has an in with the police chief. Frank says that's right you bet you do.

At Gus and Harley's apartment, Gus asks Alan what he meant when he says the will. Alan says he doesn't know what he meant and he doesn't even remember saying it. Harley takes Gus outside to talk. Harley thinks Gus is being to eager. Gus thinks there is a clause in Brandon's will about who takes over if Alan is mentally ill. Gus says that Alexandra would choose Philip over him in a minute and maybe that is why she did this to Alan. Harley tries to persuade Gus to give this case to the police. Gus says we are the police. Harley says no we are not you are suspended and I am on sick leave. Harley pleads with Gus to throw the case to Frank. Gus says no I don't want to throw this case to Frank I will throw something else at Frank. Harley wants to throw Alan out. Harley tells Gus he is doing all this because Gus is trying to save his father. Gus denies it saying he is just trying to help Alan out.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Philip tells Alexandra told him the whole story. Alexandra says some questions are best left unanswered. Philip tells Alexandra that she will stay out of the search for Alan. Philip says the games are over today and the Spaulding family makes a fresh start.

At the Beacon, Cassie asks Edmund how it went with Beth. Edmund says it went well. Cassie wonders why Edmund isn't as happy as he was earlier. Cassie offers to talk to Beth for him. Edmund quickly tells Cassie she doesn't need to ever talk to Beth. The desk clerk tells Cassie that she got a message from Danny saying he needs to see her. Cassie tells the desk clerk if Danny calls again he should tell him she is on her way.

At the hospital, Olivia arrives for her sonogram and amnio sentesis test with Doctor Sedgwick. Olivia tells her she wants to get the appointment over as soon as possible so she can get home in case there is news on Alan. Rick calls Frank and leaves a message saying Jed Simmons was already dead for a long time before he ended up in the lake. Rick says it looks like a homicide.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Alexandra tells Philip that the games in the Spaulding family have been going on for a long time. Alexandra says that Olivia has all the power because she is carrying a Spaulding. Philip knows she is trying to change the subject so he doesn't ask any more questions about Gus. Alexandra says Olivia's child will be used as a pawn unless they find out the paternity of the child because knowledge is power.

Outside Gus and Harley's apartment, Harley again warns Gus to watch out because Alan will change back to normal once the drugs are out of his system. Alan moves toward the door and listens to Gus and Harley's conversation. Harley warns Gus not to make the same mistake twice by trying to tell Alan the truth.

At the Mansion, Alexandra talks to Lloyd on the phone telling him to check the hospitals again. Beth arrives as she hangs up the phone. Beth asks if there is any news on Alan. Alexandra tells Beth that for a while they thought a body they found in the lake was Alan. Beth tells Alexandra that Alan will be found and not to lose hope. Beth offers to move in the house with James. Beth also says that when Alan comes home she will give Alexandra a hand with him until he is better. Beth hugs Alexandra and says she will be therefore as long as she needs her.

At the hospital, Doctor Sedgwick tells Olivia the baby is fine. Philip arrives and looks at the sonogram picture. Olivia asks if there is any news on Alan. Philip says no. Doctor Sedgwick leaves to take the amniocentesis to the lab. Philip tells Olivia he has to call home and check for news on Alan. Philip stops Doctor Sedgwick if the amniocentesis can be used to determine paternity. She says yes and if Olivia wants to use it for that it is her decision. Then the doctor leaves.

Outside Gus and Harley's apartment, Gus tells Harley that this is her house her rules but if Alan goes then he stops himself. Harley says you were going to say If Alan goes I go. Harley has a hurt look on her face as she says How could you say that to me. Harley says Alan has been here less then 48 hours and he is already coming between us. Frank arrives and wonders what is going on.

On fifth street, Cassie calls out Danny and Tony's name and wonders where they could be. Three bad guys come out of the darkness and tell Cassie hey pretty lady where are you going we have what you want.

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