Guiding Light Update Wednesday 4/23/03

By Naila


Tony and Marah arrive and tell them about the intruder at the old museum. Danny, sensing that Tony knows more, takes him aside. Tony tells him it was one of Salerno’s men and he left a message for Danny – "Don Salerno sends his regards." Tony asks Danny what is going on. He thought all the other families were out of Springfield when Carmen was brought down. Danny says he thought so too and that it must all be a misunderstanding. Tony does not think it is a good idea for Danny to contact these men because people may think he’s ‘getting his hands dirty’ again. He thinks he should send someone else in but Danny says maybe the guy was working on his own and used Salerno’s name to try and scare them. He is going to call Salerno and asks Tony to keep the girls occupied. He tells Salerno to shut down in Springfield by tomorrow and to stay away from his family and friends. Then he and Tony leave to check the tunnel. Michelle tells Marah she’s worried, she found out that drug dealers used the tunnel. They both know where Tony and Danny come from and how easy it would be for them to fall back into and old pattern. Michelle suggests that she and Marah compare notes, relay conversations so they can tell if they’re missing something. They decide to beat the boys to the museum by driving there and find out if something is going on now.


Michelle and Marah arrive in time to see Tony and Danny talking with their security guy. She tells Danny she wants answers; was the guy who attacked Marina just some stranger or was he a face from the past. Danny tells them the guy works for one of the bosses back east who wanted to send a message to Danny. The NY bosses don’t want to believe that Danny and Tony are out but Danny has made it clear that they are to keep their business out of Springfield. It will take some time to clean up the neighborhood.

Alone with Danny, Michelle tells him she is not surprised. She asks him if he purposefully kept these threats from her when he introduced her to their "newest new life." He admits that he did do that. He didn’t want these possible threats to affect her decision and cause her to pull away from him. Michelle says she knew; she seen him try to break away from his old ties and knows how hard it has always been. She knows he has had bodyguards on her and Robbie; she is not as naive as she once was; she knows it will take time but she is in it for the long haul. She will accept that there are some terrible things they have to g through in order to make sure he breaks free. She will accept that as long as he promises not to keep things from her anymore. She loves him and wants to make their family work and to do so they need to prove that they trust each other.

Tony suggests that Marah move out for a while but she won’t back down. If they leave it’ll just take longer to clean up this neighborhood. Danny says he’s sure the NY bosses will stay away.

In NY, Don Salerno says he does not like ultimatums and wants to see if Danny means what he says.


Frank questions Alex about her source but all Alex can say is someone told her they saw Alan near the water. All she wants is for Alan to be found and brought home safely. Philip enters in time to hear Frank issue and order to drag the lake. Alex tells him Alan has not been himself in recent weeks and Philip is beginning to wonder when things got so bad. Alex, on the defensive, tells him she is not at all happy that Alan is missing. Philip asks what made them decide to drag the lake and Alex tells him about Reva’s visions. Philip is relieved and wonders why she’s even believe that Alan could take his own life. Frank comes in and tells them Alan’s coat was found near the bridge in the lake.


Harley walks in as Gus watches Alan sleep. Gus tells her he told Alan he is his son but he doubts that it even registered. Harley is not as certain. Alan wakes up and tries to eavesdrop but Harley takes Gus outside to finish their conversation [they don’t know that Alan is awake]. Harley questions Gus’ motivations in telling Alan the truth. The drugs are going to eventually wear off and he and he is not going to be happy to find himself in this house. Besides, half the town is out looking for him. Gus intends to keep Alan safe until he can prove it was Alex who did this to him. Frank calls and tells Gus what is going on. Gus asks if Alex is at the lake and Frank says yes and that she is very shaken up. Gus decides to go and offer Auntie Alex some support. Alan freaks out when Gus says he’s leaving but Gus assures him that he will be safe with Harley. Alan gives him the Spaulding crest for good luck. Harley is not too pleased to be left alone with her ex-father-in-law but Gus thinks this is the perfect time to get a confession out of Alex. Gus leaves and Alan tells Harley he is hungry. Harley raids her kitchen and comes across franks and beans, egg rolls and expired cottage cheese. Alan sees her smelling the cheese and paranoia kicks in. She gives it to him and heads up to Zach who is calling her. Alan thinks she gave him poison and wonders why she hates him. Alan grabs the poker from the fireplace and hides it under the couch. Harley and Zach come down. She leaves Zach with grandpa and goes to get him a drink. Alan tells Zach that Harley thinks he is crazy but he is not. He knows Harley and Gus don’t like him and think they want to hurt him. He will stay there until he finds out what they want. Harley walks in and Zach tells her "grandpa’s not crazy." Harley laughs and says she knows that. She takes Zach upstairs to watch a video. Noticing that Alan has not eaten, Harley gives him the cottage cheese and tells him he has to eat. As she checks her mail, her back to Alan, he picks up the poker and takes a swing at Harley.


Frank oversees as divers drag the lake. Philip and Alex go there and are surprised to see Rick. Rick tells them he is there with the coroner’s office [he’s working there temporarily because Jed Simmons, the former medical examiner disappeared]. Philip feels guilty for leaving the family and blames himself for Alan’s downfall but Rick reminds him that Alan is nobody’s victim. Olivia meets Philip on the dock. She is also upset to hear that Alan could be dead. Philip asks her about her doctor’s appointment and she tells him Dr. Sedwick has scheduled an amnio. Philip is glad that they can do the paternity test now. He will be happy if the baby is his but if it is Alan’s it may be all he has left of his father [isn’t Philip tired of this dance yet?] The divers find a body. Frank and Rick examine the body and confirm that it is not Alan. This body has been in the water for a lot longer than a couple of days. There is a wallet on the body. It is Jed Simmons, the medical examiner.

Alex cries over Alan’s coat, apologizing to him. Gus, who is standing behind her, asks her what she is sorry for. Gus tries to scare a confession out of Alex. He tells her he is sure that someone was drugging Alan to make him think he was crazy. Alex bursts into tears and runs off, Gus hot on her heels. He asks her what Alan did that made her think he deserved to be drugged, to think he was going crazy. Alex breaks and admits that she drugged Alan.

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