Guiding Light Update Tuesday 4/22/03

By Eve

Reva and Josh are upset that Shayne has been blowing off baseball. They try to get him to practice some, but he is resistant and heads off to Marah’s. Reva wants to know why Josh is so intent on Shayne practicing, and she figures it’s because he wants to keep an eye on them. Josh confirms that he’s worried with Alan on the loose. Frank comes to the door and tells them that Alan hasn’t been found yet.

Lloyd brings the morning papers to Alex. Alan is on the front page of all of them. Alex is pleased with that since people will be on the look out for him. Lloyd suggests that if he’s disappeared for good, then their goal (Alan out of the picture) was met. Alex tells him that Alan is her brother and he’s not an inconvenience.

Ben gets a call from Ramona making sure he’ll be at their “meeting.” Marina asks him if he’s going to work, and he confirms it. He tells her he’s sorry, but Mrs. Hendon can be demanding. Marina asks if that’s how she got her handkerchief that she gave him.

Michelle and Danny are at the Beacon. They decide that every time he goes out of town, they are going to have a private “welcome home party” when he gets back. Tony and Marah join them. Marah sarcastically says she knows what happened to girl’s night now. Michelle apologizes, but Marah tells her she was just kidding her. Tony finds out that Danny was in NY, and is suspicious of him. Danny tells them all that Cassie had put of feelers and some press on the Fifth Street project, and he went to NY to pitch it to an interested investor. Danny and Michelle ask Tony and Marah to be in their wedding as Best Man and Maid of Honor. They accept.

Ben tells Marina that he did loose the handkerchief at work, and Mrs. H must have found it and thought it was hers. Ben didn’t want to make a big stink about it, so he just left it alone. Marina says that’s ok. Then she tries to talk to him, but he blows her off for work again, and tells her after work, he’ll be all hers.

Blake is at the Beacon, and Buzz arrives. She’s surprised to see him. He tells her she looks nice. She says she’s there for a job interview, and she was going to practice her pitch on Cassie, but she can’t find her. Blake tells Buzz that he’ll do. He asks what she’s pitching, and she tells him to just listen, but not to tell anyone about it—especially Ross.

Lloyd and Alex continue to talk about how Alan must be found. Lloyd tells her that if he isn’t found, they will both be responsible. She tells him that he WILL be found.

Frank tells Reva & Josh that Alan still hasn’t been found. Josh suggests that he’s in hiding planning his next move against them. Reva tells him that she really doesn’t think that he’s capable of something like that. Frank tells them that he has an unmarked patrol car in the neighborhood 24/7, but Josh doesn’t think that’s enough. Reva suggests that she help the search since the police are getting no where. Frank tells her that the best place for her to be is at her house with Josh.

Marah and Michelle get busy on wedding plans while the guys are really bored. Danny and Tony leave, and Tony pressures Danny to tell him the truth about his NY trip.

Marina is looking for “the stuff” when someone approaches her from behind.

Blake tells Buzz how unhappy she is and how she wants to get back into the working world. She thinks it will satisfy her. As Blake leaves to go to the ladies room, Ross comes in. Ross wants to pitch an idea to Buzz to see what he thinks. Ross tells him that he knows that Blake has needed something new to keep her busy, and he wants to buy the Jessup farm from Cassie. He wants to raise goats, ponies, & pigs. Buzz tries to discourage him, but Ross gets more pumped up about it the more he talks about it.

Reva shows up at the Mansion. Alex isn’t thrilled to see her. They banter back and forth about Reva being there to help. Reva asks if something is Alan’s and then she asks if he got it overseas. Alex thinks that Reva knows where Alan is.

Shayne is the one that scared Marina. She’s very shook up, and he asks her what’s wrong. She tells him about the thug telling her to find the “stuff” or everyone will be hurt. He tells her to calm down and picks up the phone to call the police. She tells him not to because the house will be considered unsafe and then everyone will have to move out and it will all be her fault. Shayne tells her she’s weird, but he’ll help her find the stuff. Marina suggests that it’s probably in the tunnel. Shayne tells her they’ll check there last.

Ramona tells Ben that “it’s” not a race, but he’ll learn that will some experience with someone other than high school girls. Ben tells her that he’s not sleeping with Marina. She suggests they go at it again for a “lesson.”

Tony is very upset with Danny, but Danny explains that he just had to tie up loose ends from their old life. He gave the guy in NY all Carmen’s old contacts in exchange for them moving out of the Fifth Street area. They go back to the girls. Michelle wants Marah to design her wedding dress. All of them work to convince her to do it, but she finally agrees. They all go their separate ways.

After round two, Ramona seems happy with herself. She tells Ben he’s a good student. He tells her that this would be the most amazing thing except for Marina. She tells him that he’s not doing anything wrong, since he’ll be able to offer her so much more in every way. She tells him that it’s time he moved up in the world and he needs a new car to do it in. He tells her that when his lease ran out, that his current car was all he could afford. She tells him to go to her husband’s dealership and he will be taken care of. He thanks her.

The thug comes back to get Marina. She tells him that it would go a lot faster if she knew what she was looking for. He tells her they are going into the tunnel and not coming out until they find the stuff. She tells him that her boyfriend is behind him with a baseball bat, but he thinks she’s making it up. Shayne whacks the guy. Marina thanks him for being there and protecting her. He jokingly asks where else her “boyfriend” would be. Just then, Ben walks in looking very confused.

Alex presses Reva to tell her what she “saw”, but Reva holds out on her. Then Reva reveals that she saw rushing water and rocks. Alex is scared of what she has done to her brother.

Michelle suggests that they pick up Robbie and have a picnic. They talk about the wedding, and Michelle tells him that it feels like this is her first wedding since all the old is gone.

Tony and Marah arrive at the museum, and Tony tries to wake up Ernie. They are all shocked that he knows him. He tells them it was from an old life. He tells Ernie to never come back here or even in the neighborhood. Ernie tells him to give Danny Salerno’s regards.

Josh is looking for Reva when she comes back to the house. Frank calls and tells Josh that Reva put the idea into Alex’s head that Alan is in the lake. Frank asks him to keep Reva out of this. Reva tells Josh that she’s not sure if he’s in the lake or not, but whatever is happening to Alan, Alex is responsible.

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