Guiding Light Update Monday 4/21/03

By Naila

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Cassie wakes up and is stunned to see Richard in her room. She pleads with him to stay, telling him she cannot say goodbye to him again. She wants to apologize for the mistakes she made before the accident but Richard says he is the one who hurt her and this is his chance to make up for the pain he caused. He says it is time for her to let him go, time to say goodbye. Cassie can’t do it because without his love she’d have nothing. She didn’t always have to be so strong with him. He saved her, gave her a home, taught her how to share and to love and how to be loved. Richard apologizes for not being honest with her in the end; he was so busy trying to be her prince and not her husband. He should have been a better husband and a better brother. She tells him Edmund does not deserve his regret but Richard tells her he should have been more compassionate. It is easy when you have everything handed to you as he did but Edmund never had that. Cassie tells him Edmund is trying to live up to him. She begs him to stay but he can’t. He wants her to let him be the keeper of their love. That way, they can both be at peace. She needs to make room in her heart now for other things. Richard tells her he’ll always love her then says goodbye and leaves. Cassie wakes up and rushes to the door hoping to stop him. Instead, she finds Edmund. She tells him she had a dream about Richard and she begged him to stay but he didn’t. Edmund wishes he had dreams about Richard; it would give him a chance to work things out. Cassie tells him Richard talked about him and that he wished they had been closer. She admits that she cannot do what Richard wants her to do; she cannot make room in her heart for anyone else. Edmund orders some warm milk for Cassie and apologizes for upsetting her earlier. Cassie thanks him for being brutally honest with her; no one else has done that for her. He asks her if Richard mentioned what he thought he should do. Cassie thinks Edmund is changing and one day, he will have things that belong to him. She appreciates that he is trying to change and tells him he had her full support for the gala. Edmund admits to her that the money he ‘donated’ was not really his; it was “give” to him “rather grudgingly”. He led her to believe it was directly from him so she would agree to come. Cassie is furious that he’d manipulate her like that but he is sure that she won’t do anything negative because she wants him to continue telling the truth. Cassie is amused but this and Edmund comments that this may be the first time he’s ever gotten a smile out of her. She tells him to quit while he is ahead and says goodnight.


Philip and Ross discuss Alan, wondering where he could be. Philip tells him he has everyone out there looking for his father. Ross wishes Philip luck with the company and voices his concerns about Philip taking over. Philip finally had his priorities straight; he was going to put his children first. Ross wonders if that will be possible now. Philip assures him that it is temporary until Alan returns but Ross asks him why he assumes Alan will take back the company when he returns. Philip admits that he has always wondered if he’s be able to run the company his own way and thinks this is the ideal time to try. Ross cannot believe the turnaround and wonders what changed his mind. Olivia interrupts, telling Philip that Holly plans to run a story on Alan. Philip excuses himself so he can take care of it. Ross realizes that Olivia might be the reason behind Philip’s change of heart.

Later, Olivia asks Philip to join her for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. He tells her he wants to stay and run Spaulding the right way. She supports this decision, as long as they are together.


Harley comes home and is surprised to see Alan sitting with Gus, on her sofa. Gus quickly updates her on the boys’ whereabouts and tells her he’ll explain about “A-L-A-N” later. Alan introduces himself to Harley then heads upstairs for a nap. While Gus helps him, Harley receives a call from Frank, informing her of Alan’s disappearance. She lies and tells him she doesn’t know anything about it. When Frank asks to come over Harley tells him ‘no’, claiming that she is not over what he is doing to Gus. Gus returns and tells her that Alan will be spending the night. Gus tells her all about the hearing and how he found Alan on a bridge, ready to jump off; he thinks Alan has lost it. Harley’s concerned for Zach, who is alone with Alan but Gus assures her that Alan would never hurt anyone. Alan is scared to go home. He thinks he gets confused after he eats or drinks something. Gus thinks Alex has done this to him using hallucinogenics and that Philip may be involved too. Harley does not think Philip would be party to such a thing and neither would Alex. She and Alan may fight on a regular basis but they do love each other; she would never drug him and make him think he was insane. Gus reminds her that they Spaulding’s have proven in recent months that they are capable of doing anything. Harley says he needs to get Alan professional help if he really had lost it. Gus tells her about the press conference Philip held and how he never mentioned that he needs help locating his father. If it was his father who was missing, Gus would make that his priority. Harley says if Alex is behind this, maybe she’s doing it to keep Alan from finding out about Gus. Alan comes down and Harley heads up to Zach. Alan tells Gus he remembers that he did not like him much when they first met. Now he knows Gus is not one of the lizard people and he, Alan, can trust him. Alan tells him he wants to thank him so he will buy him a company or a baseball franchise. Gus tells him it is not necessary. When Alan asks Gus about his family, Gus tells him his adopted parents are dead. Alan says one of his sons was adopted too. Alan says Zach reminds him of Philip and Gus says that’s probably because Philip is Zach’s father. He also tells Alan that both he and Philip worked very hard to keep Zach from Harley. Alan can’t imagine why he would do such a horrible thing. Parents and children should always have each other. Harley returns and she and Gus talk. She reminds him that he is suspended and he could get into trouble. Gus just wants to wait until whatever is confusing Alan gets out of his system. Harley cautions him against confusing this Alan with the real Alan.

Later, Alan tells Gus it would be nice to have a son like him. Gus whispers “But you do. I am your son.” Alan then asks him if he’s ever played chess but Gus says he never does, he only plays Checkers. Alan says he should learn and that he will teach him how to play.

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