Guiding Light Update Friday 4/18/03

By Eva

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Outside the Beacon, Harley is wearing a very tight dress that she borrowed from Eden as she gets ready to go inside and meet the man who beat up Ginger. Eden tells Harley that she never thought she (Harley) could look that good in one of her dresses. Harley tells Eden that the dress is so tight that she is afraid it will pop her stitches. Harley reminds Eden that she is doing this for Gus and for Ginger. Harley says she doesn't want Gus to be bothered with this right now especially with internal affairs coming down so hard on him right now. Eden says she can't understand why they suspended Gus. Harley says she doesn't understand it either but the most important thing that Gus can do right now is keep his nose clean until the internal affairs investigation is over.

At Gus and Harley's place, Gus hears a police siren and looks out the window to watch it pass. Alan asks Gus if he likes to sail. Gus says no and Alan tells him its to bad because if he knew how to sail they could sail away from the people who are after them.

Alan say he doesn't have family anymore because they are trying to put him away. Alan starts getting agitated and angry again but Gus calms him down and tells Alan that his family won't get within a mile of him while he (Gus) is around. Alan says but who are you and why are you helping me? Gus says Al if I told you you wouldn't believe me. Gus brings Alan some herbal tea to make him feel better. Alan sees the tea and gets angry again saying he doesn't want any tea. Alan pushes the tea away so hard he knocks it down to the floor. Gus is Puzzled by Alan's reaction.

At the hospital, Michelle arrives to help a nurse who couldn't read Rick's handwriting on a chart. Michelle sees Ed and asks him what he is doing there. Ed says he is checking on a patient of his from the clinic. Michelle tells Ed that Danny is away on a legitimate business trip. Seeing the look of concern on Ed's face she tells him to stop worrying about she and Danny's relationship.

In New York. Mr. Salairno asks Danny to stay and eat dinner with him. Danny politely turns him down saying that he wants to catch the last plane so he can get back home to his wife. Mr. Salairno asks if Danny thinks he is too good to eat with him? Mr. Salairno thinks Danny needs a refresher course in respect.

At Richard's grave, Edmund apologizes to Cassie saying he didn't mean to hurt her feelings. Edmund also says he may have been wrong. Cassie tells Edmund he was right but its not even half the reasons she hates herself.

At the Beacon, Eden and Harley go inside Eden points out her client to Harley and they both walk over to his table. Eden introduces Howard to "Carla. Eden says Carla is new to the business and a little nervous. Howard is very pleased and asks the ladies to sit down. Carla asks Howard if he plans to hit on her and Howard says the thought never crossed his mind.

At Gus and Harley's apartment, Alan tells Gus that the queen of the lizards or her lieutenant used to give him tea and after drinking the tea he would feel sick. Alan says they gave him the tea because they wanted to turn him into a lizard. Alan says that the Lizards look like people but they are really lizards. Alan gets upset and Gus calms him down and tries to get Alan to give him more information about the Lizard people who gave him the tea. Alan gets distracted again and asks Gus for ice cream with Chocolate sprinkles. Seeing that he can't get Alan to focus, Gus goes to get Alan some ice cream telling him he will even throw in a cherry for him.

At Richard's grave, Cassie tells Edmund several more reasons she hates herself. Cassie says she hates that she was angry at Richard for going off into the night. She hates that the whole mess with Reva went to trial. Edmund interjects that it was his fault not hers that Reva went to trial. Cassie says she hasn't forgotten that fact. Cassie says the thing she hates most of all is that Richard took this secret job because he felt he had to be a hero for her. Edmund says that Richard felt he had to be a hero to everyone because he was a prince. Cassie says she hates that Richard didn't trust her like his partner. Cassie also says that Richard thought she was too selfish to put his needs before her needs and that is why he turned to Reva in his darkest hour. Edmund walks closer to Cassie puts his hands on her face and tells her she needs to stop blaming herself because its more then he can bear.

At the hospital, Ed tells asks Michelle how she knows its going to be different this time with Danny. Michelle says this time she isn't blind to Danny's faults or her own. Michele says that Danny gave her and Robbie an incredible gift when he faked his death to protect them but instead of treating it like a gift all she did was whine about it. Ed says she wasn't whining she had legitimate concerns for Robbie's safety. Michelle says that Danny couldn't move forward because she didn't give him her full support. Michelle says that now she will support and trust Danny and be thankful for what they have together.

In New York. Mr. Salairno tells Danny that he is acting like giving him the Santos businesses is a gift. Mr. Salarino reminds Danny that if he wanted the Santos businesses he could have taken them at anytime. Mr. Salarino tells Danny not to act like he is better then him because while he is back home with all his upstanding friends pretending to be a good citizen he should remember who made it all possible for him. Mr. Salarino also reminds Danny that the person who gives a gift can also take it back. Danny tells Mr. Salarino that it goes both ways. Salarino leaves when Danny's phone rings. Michelle calls to tell Danny she loves him and misses him and can't wait for him to get back home.

At Richard's grave, Edmund continues to hold Cassie's face and look in her eyes for a few minutes until he realizes what is happening and apologizes for his closeness and moves away. Edmund asks Cassie if he will ever be able to do anything that is good enough to convince Cassie that he has changed. Cassie tells him no because she is still the same person. Cassie says that all her feelings are still fresh and she wants them to stay that way because her feelings are all she has left of Richard. Edmund says he feels the same way.

In New York, Danny gets ready to leave to go to the airport. Mr. Salarino says he is glad that they reached an understanding. Danny shakes his hand and leaves. Mr. Salarino right hand man thinks that Danny seems confident. Mr.Salairno agrees and says let's give him a surprise.

At the Beacon, Howard wonders why Carla isn't drinking her champagne. Carla says she likes to drink Champagne slowly. Howard says they should continue their dinner upstairs. Carla says that would be okay as long as he understands they will only have dinner. Carla says that whatever he is thinking is never going to happen. Howard says never say never. They argue back and forth for a while until Harley says that nothing will happen because of Ginger the girl he beat up. Howard denies being up Ginger. Harley reveals his identity and tells Howard that if he ever looks at another woman in Springfield Harley will tell his wife his church and his co- workers what happened with Ginger. Howard leaves and Harley admits she is a little shaky and needs to go home. Eden puts an arm around Harley and takes her to the car after thanking her for a job well done.

At Gus and Harley's apartment, Zach comes home with his baby -sitter. When Zach sees Alan he says grandpa and runs to him. Alan plays with Zach for a few minutes and then says he should be in bed. Alan picks up Zach and sings him a lullaby as Gus watches them. After a few minutes Gus tells Zach its time for bed. Gus tell Zach to give Grandpa a hug before he goes upstairs. Gus tells Alan Zach is his grandson but Alan doesn't believe him because his family turns into monsters and lizards. Gus says he thought his family was gone too. Alan says you have family? Gus says yeah its not the family I wanted or planned on but I am beginning to think its better then nothing. Gus says Al I have something to tell you. Gus pays the baby -sitter and gives her a tip for not seeing grandpa Al as Alan eats his ice cream. Gus tries to get Alan to focus and tells him that one of his family members is closer then he thinks. Alan gets upset again and Gus calms him down and apologizes for upsetting him. Gus nervously paces as he wonders what he was thinking bringing Alan into Harley's home. Alan says he is just like him because he likes to pace when he is thinking about something. Gus tells Alan that he is nothing like him and the pacing is just a coincidence. Gus tells Alan that it isn't his fault that the lizard people are after him and he is scared to go home. Gus tries to get Alan to focus and asks Alan if he knows who he Gus) is? Harley arrives home nod is surprised to see Alan.

At the Beacon, Danny arrives home early and surprises Michelle . They kiss a few minutes and go upstairs to make love. Edmund arrives and goes upstairs to talk to Cassie. In Cassie's room, Cassie wakes up because she hears a noise. She asks if there is someone there and calls Edmund's name. Cassie sits up in bed and sees Richard.

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